Bazarov and Kirsanov: disputes between fathers and children

In his work "Fathers and Sons" ISTurgenev showed for the most part not a conflict of generations, and the opposition Liberals and Democrats.Each of these movements sought to improve society.Bazarov and Kirsanov, a dispute which runs through the entire novel, embody these two directions.Author very clearly shows the confrontation between the representatives of two different cultures.

author of the novel "Fathers and SonsĀ»

Turgenev himself on the novel "Fathers and Sons" says that it is directed against the representatives of the nobility, the aristocracy.

Bazarov and Kirsanov, a dispute which unfolds in the pages of works - characters with different views from each other.These are people of different origins.

main reason for confrontation between the two characters - the exact opposite judgments on all vital issues: the moral, political and spiritual.

artistic means used by the author

To emphasize the contrast of their heroes, the author uses techniques that show their quite different from eac

h other.He achieves this by describing the external appearance of the characters, manners of dress, behavior characteristics.We can easily imagine Bazarov: impulsive, sharp, fast, rough, red arms wearing a hoodie.He always says what he thinks.

Pavel Petrovich, in contrast, elegant, slender, "thoroughbred".Gestures Kirsanova full of nobility, it competently and shaped.His hands were beautiful, with pink nails.

A description of the appearance and manners writer prepares us for the fact that disputes Bazarov and Pavel Kirsanov are bound to take place.

ratio of characters to the aristocracy

Thus, the ratio of the two characters in different moments of life fundamentally different from each other.

Bazarov and Kirsanov, disputes which are an essential part of the novel, of course, have different attitudes to the nobility.

Pavel Petrovich defines aristocracy as the main force that promotes the development of society.As an action to facilitate the transformation of life, Kirsanov chooses liberal reforms.

Yevgeny Bazarov sees the inability of the aristocracy to the activity.In his eyes, the nobles can not bring any benefit to social development.

Disputes heroes of nihilism

dispute between Bazarov and Kirsanov, of course, about the topic of nihilism.Heroes have a different vision of its role in society.For Paul Petrovich nihilists - it is impudent and unscrupulous cynics who do not respect the social norms and values.Bazarov - nihilist present.For him, it is only important that the benefits it considers necessary revolutionary changes.There are no guidelines for Eugene does not exist.

Disputes about simple people

Bazarov and Kirsanov, disputes that permeates the entire novel, a different perception of the position of people in society.

Pavel Petrovich, who is being lives a simple farmer, moved by his patriarchy.Bazaar are people ignorant, ill-informed about their rights.For Kirsanova life of the peasants, which runs on the same order that they were installed ancestors, quite natural and right.Bazarov sees darkness and ignorance of the common people.

such a different view of life of the peasants of the heroes had the ulterior motive.Eugene in origin - raznochinets, a hard worker, he is well aware of the common people.Pavel Petrovich - comes from a noble family, it is far from peasant life.People's faith, which is so admired Kirsanov Bazarov defines as superstition.

impossibility of characters to find a compromise, constant controversy led to the fact that the duel between them.

disputes about art and nature

Bazarov and Kirsanov, disputes that do not pass by even the art, define its place in human life in different ways.Bazarov sees no point in reading fiction, nature for him - life.Kirsanov, on the contrary, appreciate art, nature perceives as its original component.

Origin Disputes Bazarov and Kirsanov

Bazarov and Kirsanov, disputes which are an integral part of the immortal works of Turgenev, have a certain nature.Eugene said Pavel Petrovich worthless man, leading a useless life.Ambition Kirsanova hurt this attitude, because he always considered himself a noble human activity.For this Pavel Petrovich Bazarov hates.Most likely, it is due to this strong sense of the characters argue over the entire piece.That awareness of the meaninglessness of his own existence makes Kirsanova enter into dialogue with Eugene.

Disputes between Bazarov and Kirsanov were conducted on a variety of issues and education are concerned, and the public debt, and religion.Bazarov - the enemy outdated foundations and culture.He advocates the destruction of the old ideals of the active revolutionary action.Kirsanov adheres for a long time they learned "Principe".

These two characters are completely opposite to each other.When defending their ideas, they go to extremes.

Bazarov and Kirsanov argue, but forget about the truth, which can be opened, if a little listen to his opponent.The point of dispute for them - in the dispute.Symbolically, the market - the embodiment of materialism, dies at the end of the novel.Kirsanov during illness reviewing their own outlook on life.