"Taras Bulba": history of Gogol

One of the most famous stories is Nikolai Gogol "Taras Bulba".The work describes the life of the Cossacks against the backdrop of the beautiful landscapes of Ukraine.Like any other creature Gogol story of the creation of "Taras Bulba" is no less interesting.

He gave the story more than nine years of life, going back to her for refinements and improvements.There are several editions of works, each of which has its own characteristics.History of "Taras Bulba" by Gogol no less exciting than the plot of the story.

work on the story of Gogol

His work began with a study of a writer of historical sources.From them he learned the details of the actual historical events described era.However, in time, which is listed on the subject, there are certain contradictions.The author pointed out that the main character was born in the early 15th century.He smoked a pipe, which could appear in the Cossack lands not earlier than the 17th century.

Prose "Taras Bulba", which deals with the history of creation, the

author himself is presented as a fantastic product.The image of his protagonist collective.However, it has its predecessors.

One of them is Okhrim Makuha smoking Ataman troops Zaporizhzhya.He was an associate of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and lived in the 17th century.He had three sons.One of them, Nazar, the Cossacks moved from the side of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, because he was in love with a Polish Pannochku.The second son, Homa died, wanting to bring his father's brother, a traitor.The third son, Omelko, was the ancestor of the famous traveler Nicholas Maclay.Descendant Omelko studied with Nikolai Gogol.He gave the writer a tradition of his family.The sons clearly traced images traitor Andria and faithful Cossack Ostap partnership.

Another prototype Taras Bulba says Ivan Gonta.He mistakenly attributed the killing of two sons from his wife-polka.But there is no evidence of such an act.

list of sources used to create the novel "Taras Bulba»

History works by Gogol is impossible without consideration of historical sources, which studied Gogol:

  • «Description of Ukraine" Guillaume de Boplana;
  • «History of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks» Seeds Myshetskaya;
  • product (handwritten) Velichko, Samovydets and others.

great importance to study the life of the Cossacks had a Ukrainian folk songs and ballads that Gogol was also studied for a long time.Some of them have taken their place in the story.For example, the dramatic narrative of Mosiah Schiele, who was captured by the Turks and saved from the enemy captivity comrades, inspired by folk thought about Samiylo intestine.

Why there are several editions of the novel

history of the novel "Taras Bulba" is quite complicated.The first work was published in 1835 in "Mirgorod".Seven years later, in 1842, the writer published a novel in the second volume of "Collected Works."The second edition has been revised and supplemented.

Gogol in writing had a remarkable trait that was the fact that even the published work, he never considered finished.He continued to improve it even after publication.The writer often expressed the idea that the work is "quite artistically complete" only after the eighth correspondence with his own hand.

main differences in the 1835 and 1842 editions

's already been mentioned that the prose "Taras Bulba", the story of the creation of which is shown, it has two main editors.They differ from each other.First of all, they differ in volume.Thus, in 1835 the story was composed of nine chapters, and for 1842 - twelve.This has allowed to appear new characters, descriptions of nature, conflicts situations.

The second edition greatly enriched home and the historical background of the story, there were details of the type Host, extended battle scenes, a new scene is represented by the election Cossack.History of "Taras Bulba" by Gogol is not limited to these additions.

image of the protagonist in the latest edition of a prescribed.So, Taras Bulba becomes the protector of the oppressed people, although "Mirgorod" version of Gogol described it as a great "hunter to raids and riots."

image Andria became more complex.Gogol has improved it by making the inner world of the hero more capacious.His love for the Polish girl got in the story more vivid emotional coloring.

However, this is not the main differences between editions.The main advantage of the novel 1842 is brighter and full disclosure of the theme of the national liberation movement against the Polish self-will.The story has become a popular-heroic epic.

popular saying "Taras Bulba»

popular works is often measured by how deeply it could enter into the minds of ordinary people.The story "Taras Bulba", which presents the history of creation, is known for its expressions that have become winged:

  • «Endure Cossack - Ataman will".
  • «I gave birth to you, I'll kill you."
  • «There is life in the old dog."