Russian detectives: list.

as a reference point Russian detectives, the list of which is presented in this article, take the 90-ies of the last century, when on the shelves of bookstores gushing inexhaustible flow detective products from abroad.This prompted local writers take up the pen (as an option - a ballpoint pen, computer keyboard) and start to compose stories, fascinating plot twists average reader.

Boris Akunin

list of the best Russian detectives begin the book Grigory Chkhartishvili (Boris Akunin that is).In Russia, one can hardly find a person more or less interested in modern literature, who would not have heard of "The Adventures of Erast Fandorin."Called cycle consists of a number of books, the combined main protagonist.Erast, as well as accompanying the action of detectives XIX century, is an example of true nobility.Fandorin appears in the first novel cycle "Azazel", which exposes the activities of powerful groups.And more than a modest clerk position that no obstacle.Then followed other novels, and some of

them have begun to live a second life on television ("Turkish Gambit", "State Councillor").Closing the book is the "Black City", action which takes place in 1914, before the war.

Fandorin cycle Akunin seems to want to clarify for myself and readers, what is the Russian detective.List all possible modifications of this genre (some of which have been specially devised by the author) is amazing.Akunin gives examples of political, spyware, detective adventure, these include the above product.And after there are such specific branches of the genre as ethnographic ("The Diamond Chariot"), theater ("The whole world - theater") ... and even idiotic detective.Another postmodern game, nothing more.

cycle dedicated to Fandorin, Akunin's not the only work in the detective genre.He also owns a trilogy about the nun Pelagia, who lived in the fictional province Zavolzhskaya reveals crimes.For this purpose it is necessary to show the maximum all his qualities, including the ability to become a brilliant socialite when you want to visit the event, it is not relevant to its kind of activity.

Darya Dontsova

But not only the product is Russian detectives Akunin.The list goes on novels Dontsova, enjoys an enviable popularity among domestic readers.Write them Daria start after it set in 1998, a terrible diagnosis - breast cancer.Apparently, the disease has opened some creative resources of the writer, and write it out of the hospital, having navayal 5 books.The first of them - "Steep naslednichki" - introduces the heroine Dasha Vasilyeva, has much in common with the author himself.She loves animals, the professional activities of a woman related to language, and then ... and crimes that she has the ability to attract, like a magnet.Total of Dasha Vasilyeva currently created 46 novels (some of them - "For all the hares," "The wife of my husband" and others - were filmed) and a few small pieces of genre forms.

Then Doncova decided to supplement the list of Russian detective books, which involve certain characters - Evlampiya Romanova ("Manicure for the dead," "Dinner at the cannibal" and many others), Viola ("fillet of goldrooster "," Three bags of tricks ").Of particular interest is the only male detective created Dontsova - Ivan Podushkin.His image in many ways reflects the understanding of the female ideal man: he is gallant, noble, and never tired of taking care of his mother, a very eccentric woman.At the moment, about 19 detectives Podushkin created, some of which have been filmed.


Auditorium beginning of this century, probably remembers Nastya Kamensky - Ash blonde who drinks a lot of coffee, I do not like to cook, not painted.But knows several languages ​​and just loves to catch criminals.His creation of this colorful character shall Marinina, another honorary member of the club "Russian writer detectives."List of novels, which operates Kamensky, is quite extensive - enough for 6 seasons of the TV series!Anastasia appears in the novel "The confluence of circumstances" in order to then operate successfully in other detectives ("Playing in a foreign field", "Death for death," "posthumous image" ...).

Tatyana Ustinova Ustinova

one of the first Russian began writing detective stories.List it works, but not limited to the detective novels ("The Storm of the sea" - a sample of this genre in her work).The writer manages to combine the bloody crime scene with melodramatic background, the decision of the heroes of their own love of collisions.This violates one of the 20 commandments given to Stephen Van Dine - so be it.

Andrei Konstantinov

Again, an example of a movie.The audience began to "zero" must remember the grim saga "Gangster Petersburg" on the elusive antibiotics and brave journalist who played Domogarov.Its creator was Andrei Konstantinov, a journalist and translator.Click to enlarge the list of Russian detectives his creations he decides in the mid-90s, he published a novel, "lawyer" and "journalist", and then followed by other detectives.It should also be noted art project "Agency" Golden Bullet ", carried out by the writer.

Natalia Solntseva

Mystical plot twists also includes Russian detective. List of works by authors who have tried to combine in his books the process of solving the crime with unreal events, crowned by NataliaSolntseva. As stated by the author, she wrote the first novel ("golden thread") in 2000, and before that almost did not write. Her works - this is no ordinary Russian detectives. List of the main actors of her creations make artifacts provider supernatural influencethe fate of their respective owners. What could be a similar effect - that it wants to explain Natalia in his novels ("What blood dream", "gown with golden bees", "Etruscan mirror" and others).