The image of Tikhon in the play "Thunderstorm".

One of the main characters in the play "Thunderstorm" acts Tikhon Ivanovich Kabanov.He is the son Kabanihi while the husband of Catherine.It is an example of the character most accurately shows the destructive and crippling the power of "the dark kingdom", turns a man into a shadow of itself.


can say that the image of Tikhon in the play "Thunderstorm" is full of contradictions.On the one hand, he was so obedient and respectful son, which was completely dissolved in the person of his mother, and the other - a man with his thoughts, opinions and desires.

Tikhon like and love his wife Katerina, but at the same time can not quite understand it, is not able to do for her something to protect it from bad thoughts can not give her emotional support.

This hero is already used to living in the "dark kingdom", but he is very happy when he get a chance to leave their homes for.He is glad that at least for a while will be able to take a break from the tyranny of the mother.

What Tikhon husband

consider from this point of view, the image of Tikhon.Based on the play "Thunderstorm" You can judge, it can not match the role of the husband in the family, where there is a patriarchal way.Being a ruler, protector and support in the family - it's not part of it.Tikhon - a weak man, he is gentle and good-natured.All that he is capable of - a rush between parent requirements and compassion for his wife.He used to be in subjection, accustomed that they lead.

Tikhon loves his wife, but not as much as they love a man with a strong character, a quiet and apathetic.His love does not bring Katherine emotions.And this leads to the fact that she is interested in another man.Tikhon does not cause love Catherine, it is a pity what she admits Barbara.

Joy Tikhon

But when a man breaking free from his mother's care, the reader opens a whole new way of Tikhon.In the play "Thunderstorm" Tikhon author showed mild and good-natured, but drinkers.We see that as soon as Tikhon get the chance to leave the house for a while, he immediately takes this opportunity, and his short vacation goes by without alcohol.The only way he is able to score a void within themselves and the severity of the soul.Only alcohol helps him forget all the suffering caused to him by his mother.Humiliated after maternal reproof and instruction, the main character can take it out on his wife.Only his sister Barbara is able to calm the situation in the house, secretly holding his brother on a visit, where he will be able to drink.

ratio Tikhon to the betrayal of his wife

Leaving on time from home, Tikhon says goodbye to his wife and mother.Katherine wants to give her husband goodbye to the oath of allegiance.What he reacts negatively.And Tikhon, and his mother, saying the ritual mandate, say Katherine, so that she does not look at other people's guys, but our hero says this phrase at random, not knowing that his wife is able to commit adultery.

But that gentle nature Tikhon is a drawback in the eyes of Catherine.And she falls in love with Boris.Later, Catherine told herself her husband and in-laws of his treason, as no longer able to keep this secret to myself.Tikhon perceives the news aggressively.He objected to his mother when she gives him advice execute Katerina, burying her alive in the ground.He loves his wife and can not show aggression toward her.

Katerina not immediately return a new feeling, she had tried hard to stick with her husband, to return her love for him, to find the feelings that used to unite them.At this point, the image of Tikhon in the play "Thunderstorm" is even more characterless.He still had a chance to change everything, but because of its weakness, he was unable to fully understand his wife to protect her from torture-in-law.He could be innocent, but he could not become that stone wall, behind which a woman needs to feel safe.

Only when Catherine herself puts his own hand, Tikhon, standing over her corpse rises up against her mother.He publicly accuses her of the death of his wife, thereby causing Kabaniha terrible blow.

This is characteristic of all the hero.Tikhon ("Thunderstorm" Ostrovsky AN) - an image with which the author showed the kindness of men, but at the same time, men's infirmity.As you can see, this can sometimes lead to disastrous consequences.

Feature Tikhon in Ostrovsky's play "Thunderstorm┬╗

Very briefly we can say that the main character is a man weak and dependent and it is simple and very kindly but very flabby.But in extreme circumstances, this man is capable of a public rebellion, albeit short-lived.

play ends tragically and ambiguous.In the final, wins good, but not triumphant and evil.The collapse of the family allows the external conflict, but an internal conflict arising from an emotional struggle, in the heart of the main character remains forever.This emotional situation is reminiscent of the terrible consequence of the storm that brings death and destruction.

image Tikhon in the play "Thunderstorm" is able to attract the reader with their kindness, but at the same time alienating his inactivity and lack of character, which is why it can be called controversial.