Birthplace Bun.

One of the first stories with which readers get to know a little of our country - a "Gingerbread."Its meaning can independently determine the child about three years: be careful, do not boast in vain.However, please call the birthplace Bun certainly cause many puzzling.So, try to find an answer to this question.

Birthplace Bun text

Many of those who ask this question, trying to remember a story and say that the "homeland" of the protagonist - a furnace.The situation changes when there is a text in front of his eyes.What are the birthplace of Bun in this case.It makes take the question seriously, and more or less attentive reader will certainly say that Gingerbread was born in the barn or the bottom of the barrel.

Tale "Gingerbread Man", the text of which is known to everyone, often reminiscent of the place of birth of the hero song that he performs the Hare, Wolf, Bear, Fox.It should be noted that the current version of the publication of this tale are different from each other.In particular, the

Foxes in different copies Gingerbread song takes one, two or three times.

Geography fairytale characters

In 2011, the country launched a project to create a geographic map that marked the birthplace of the heroes of Russian fairy tales.With this project, it became known that Alyosha Popovich and Frog Princess native of Rostov region and the Snow Maiden - from Kostroma.Homeland favorite fairy-tale character of all children, Santa Claus, considered the Great Ustyug, Moscow, Vologda region.

Birthplace Bun

Research local historian Sergei Petrov helped establish the birthplace of Bun - Ulyanovsk region.Now there appeared manor hero.Going to Ulyanovsk, you can buy as a souvenir wooden kolebyatki (balls).

Sergey Petrov has been analyzed a lot of information about Kolobok.As it became known, balls - being heterosexual: kolebyatka - individual female, kolebyatko - male.

Tale "Gingerbread Man", the text of which can recite every child does not contain information that the birthplace of Bun - Middle Volga.Apparently, in those parts grandmother, obedience to her husband, it is baked food products.

So, the birthplace of Bun from a fairy tale, if you rely on these research - Ulyanovsk region.

Gingerbread Man as a dish

Gingerbread Man - traditional Russian dish that came out of use around the 17th century.This fact confirms once again the origin of our hero.Birthplace Bun - a vastness of our country.

dishes in the form of koloboks popular today.They are stuffed with meat, cheese, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Literally, according to data obtained by Sergei Petrov, bun - is "the last test of kneading troughs."We must assume that few of today's residents understand what it is.Especially hard to imagine that someone bakes them on a traditional recipe.

deeper understanding of the meaning tales

attempts to determine the meaning of this tale is still going on.For preschoolers it is obvious, but the older people start to think and understand the value of this simple narrative is much deeper than it may seem at first glance.There is, for example, the assumption that Bun of this tale can still be called a "fool."However, this does not bring us closer to understanding where he was born Gingerbread.

attempts to interpret this story led researchers to a very unusual conclusions.They do not tally with the traditional understanding of the work.It is believed that the tale about Kolobok - a kind of analogy is that our wise ancestors in ancient times, who lived in a civilization different from our own, created a likeness of the solar system.After leaving their creators, this system has chosen a particular path of development, but was the victim of trickery and deceit, to pay for the pride of his death.This understanding leads to think deeply.It turns out that the Gingerbread Man - is the center of the system, and the place of his birth - the entire universe.However, this understanding can be simplified to the point that Gingerbread - no semblance of the solar system, and civilization.In this case, the meaning tale becomes simpler.That's right: any, even the perfect civilization inevitably dies.

Now let's turn to the sacred meaning of the fairy tale "The Gingerbread Man."The old man and an old woman - is the personification of masculine and feminine energy, from which all living things.The expression "on the bottom of the barrel to scratch" has a very interesting sense.Ancient legends say that the body is recreated out of the dust and goes back to dust.Flour - a dust, and the "Put-scratched" - a creation.The word "Kolo" is translated from Old Slavonic means "circle" - the symbol of infinity, eternity, soul.This understanding completely breaks all the traditional repose of the birthplace of the Gingerbread Man.This point of view has a deep philosophical meaning.

Summarizing, we can say that to understand clearly where all the same was born Gingerbread Man, you can not.However, if you read this article until the end, when you hear the request: "Give the birthplace of a Bun", be sure to be able to give some interesting answers.