Alexander Pushkin "The Captain's Daughter."

In the story "The Captain's Daughter" Pushkin affects very important for him and his compatriots problem aristocratic honor.Featuring the gradual formation of the person of Peter Grinyova, the protagonist of the work, the author outlines the Russian national character, which is characterized by such qualities as kindness, generosity, honesty, loyalty to the given word and the sovereign.Only after passing through difficult trials of life, a young nobleman becomes the way we see it in the final.

Life in the father's house

text story is a memoir written on behalf of the hero, which gives credibility to the events described, no one can tell about a person better than himself.

Petrushka received a traditional education for the children of the nobility.To it was attached a good guy Savelich who accompanied the young man and after he left the service.She taught him French hairdresser Beaupre, who could not give a thorough education.The boy lived ignoramus, carelessly and without thinking about the fut


Even before the birth of a son in his father wrote Semenov regiment.But when Peter Grinyov reached the age of sixteen, he decided to send them to St. Petersburg, and in Orenburg, under the supervision of an old friend.Thus it was sealed the fate of the young nobleman.

entry into independent life

Main farewell which gave the father seeing his son: "Take care ... honor in his youth."This principle will follow Peter lifetime.In the meantime, it looks more like a spoiled barchonka.For the first time gets drunk and loses unfamiliar Zurin hundred rubles, then it requires Savelyitch certainly repay a debt.He insists on the immediate departure to Fort Belogorsk, where he was identified in Orenburg, and gets into a strong storm.But now begins the personality of Peter Grinyova.He suffers, knowing his guilt before the faithful uncle, and asked for his forgiveness - the ability to admit mistakes.Endows counselor who helped them get out of the storm, sheepskin - thanks for the help.

Test love

Belogorsk fortress life brings Peter Grinyova the glorious family of Captain Mironov and cowardly Shvabrin.The actions of the latter in the more noble traits interspersed with the main character.Both fall in love with Masha Mironov, but if Shvabrin falls to baseness, having been refused Greene ready with their lives to defend the honor of his girlfriend.So is the case with the duel, the hero among his more experienced opponent, to speak out against the offensive of Masha.And at a time when the fortress includes Pugachev.

Shvabrin not only goes to their side, but also keeps deception defenseless girl locked up, and then announces that she is the daughter of the commandant executed.Quite different in this situation is characteristic of Peter Grinyova.He will have to make difficult choices between duty officer obliged him to go to the part, and a desire to protect his beloved.As long as a hero is sure that Masha was safe, he went to Orenburg, but also her first call, do not get support and understanding from the command is returned to the fortress.Keep silent hero on the court when the charge of treason on the denunciation of the same Shvabrin could cost him his life.After all, to tell you the purpose for which he went to the castle to Pugachev, meant to involve in trouble daughter of the commandant.And only Masha's meeting with the Empress will help to restore justice and to justify the hero.

Thus, the next stage, when there is the personality of Peter Grinyova is his love, sincere and selfless.She turned yesterday's bully in a noble man capable to take responsibility for another person.

acquaintance with Pugachev

During the capture of Fort Belogorsk Grinyov shows strength of character, loyalty oath and Empress courage.Of course, a role that he was not executed with the others, played a rabbit sheepskin, presented by Peter counselor still on the road to the castle.But the young officer refused to kiss the hand of the impostor and swearing allegiance to him.It is this moral fortitude and the willingness to die for their beliefs to determine the ratio of Pugachev Grinyov.And the ability to always tell the truth, sincerity in everything and the feeling of complete inner freedom.This may be a characteristic of Peter Grinyova chapters, which describes his meeting with the impostor.Indeed, not every last invited at your table, let go on all four sides after refusing to go to his service, he gave a blessing to the marriage with the daughter of the commandant of the military fortress.

Grinyova image of Peter in the story "The Captain's Daughter": conclusions

Thus, in the course of these events, the nature of the main character is changing.And it is important in this process are a few points.Firstly, a reasonable solution of his father, sent his son not to St. Petersburg, where he was expected idle life and entertainment, and in the dead of the fortress, in fact, has become a place where he pulled the strap and smelled gunpowder.Secondly, the period itself and an important historical event - the uprising led by Pugachev.Only in difficult situations, usually manifest the true character traits.In this case, a carefree boy has turned into a real man.

defining the conceptual idea of ​​Pushkin, it may be noted that the gradual formation of the person of Peter Grinyova was a hero to reveal those features which should have every Russian nobleman.And chief among them - "two wonderful qualities": kindness and generosity.It is their Grinyov Peter would like to see their children.It is the wish of the author's memoirs, is completing a draft of the novel, was excluded at the last edition of "The Captain's Daughter."