Who pushed the gate in the match Russia - the United States at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014

I guess most people would agree that one of the most spectacular sports and gambling games is hockey.Who does not love to cheer for the national team of our great country of Russia, taking into account the fact that our players are playing very well.Probably all watched our game with the US team at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.Will there at least one person who is not disturbed by the fact that our goal was not counted ?!So who pushed the gate in the match Russia - the United States?


After the match was over, the question of who pushed the gate has been the most discussed.There was much speculation who and what it did.However, immediately after the game, Pavel Datsyuk said that the gates were pushed back even before there was a goal, therefore, their own goalkeeper pushed the American team.The problem is that the referee should have seen such a breach and stop the game in order to bring the necessary props in good condition.However, this was not done.We can only guess it was an acciden

t or intentional actions.


Until now, the official answer to the question of who pushed the gate in the match Russia - the United States, and was not.However, many athletes have already expressed their assumptions about who did it and why.For example, Alexander Ovechkin said that, of course, the gates were pushed back by the goalkeeper before the goal was scored, because thanks to this point each nezaschitanny US team was able to take a victory over our children.Also here there are clear violations, because the referee really had to stop the game and return the gate to its original position.And he just decided not to take into account the goal scored.And indeed the mere fact that the match Russia - US judge referee American, is already talking about some kind of deliberate injustice.

All ahead

However, you can argue long and hard about who pushed the gate in the match Russia - the United States, but the result, unfortunately, is one: our team was not able to enter the fight for the top places.However, let this trick will be on the conscience of the man who did it.In addition, we must remember that the winner - not the one who tricked all, as it seems, but the one who took the defeat with dignity and walked away to the future to be ready for anything and to show themselves even better next time.Well, we are going to look forward to the next World Hockey Championship again to cheer for our team.Already we know that the Russian team - the best!