Schumacher's condition today.

legendary racer "Formula 1", 46-year-old German Michael Schumacher just over two years ago, announced the completion of an international career.A year later a seven-time world champion suffered an accident nearly deprived of his life.

Details tragedy

At the end of December 2013 the star of "Formula-1" resting in the mountain resort of Meribel in the Alps with his son and friends.December 29 Michael down the piste, but surprisingly did not cope with the speed and drove through the check boxes on the unprepared slope.He tried to slow down, but did not.Stumbled on a stone, Schumacher flew at full speed in the rock ledge.The blow fell on the right side of the head.The collision was so strong that the helmet was split apart and skiing breaks.

Within minutes, the driver was taken to a rescue helicopter to a local hospital, where he was urgently transported to the hospital in Grenoble.Schumacher's condition was critical, though the first time he was conscious.At the end of transporting the legend of "Form

ula-1" was bad, so I had to resort to using the respirator (ventilator).

Upon arrival at the hospital Michael made two consecutive complicated operations, and then the former athlete entered in an artificial coma.At that time, Schumacher's condition has deteriorated significantly, the doctors did not dare to make predictions.One could say for sure: if not a helmet, the German driver has died on a place.During the proceedings, the gendarmerie prosecutor Patrick Quincy confirmed that the tragedy was caused by an accident.Earlier there were rumors that Michael crashed because he was trying to save someone from falling from the slope.According to the prosecutor confirmed race driver and son Mick.This investigation was completed.

6 days after the accident in the hospital of Grenoble were all relatives and friends of the world.In late January, the first stage of removing the victim from the artificial coma.The whole cycle of reducing sedation was supposed to take about a month.

long-awaited way out of a coma

February 24 from manager Michael received information that the withdrawal of artificial sleep is delayed.Being an athlete in a coma was confirmed in mid-March.Thus, the main question was in the air: "When Michael Schumacher wake up?"Health status it has long been unsatisfactory, but stable.

first news of the withdrawal of world champion came out of the coma in mid-June.Manager of racer confirmed that Michael is in a satisfactory condition.June 16, he left the clinic and went to a rehabilitation center in the long course of physical recovery.In September of the same year, Michael Schumacher returned to normal condition, and the doctors allowed him to return home.Nevertheless, the seven-time winner of the World Cup remained in a wheelchair.He could not speak and often forgot to close people.Traumatic Brain Injury could not disappear without a trace.However, along with doctors and family Michael gradually managed to cope with the effects of trauma.Each month titled athlete undergoing rehabilitation in Switzerland.

The home of Schumacher watched a team of doctors.Their salaries and the maintenance of special equipment in a month was spent half a million euros.Dr. Francois Payen noted that a full recovery will take up to 3 years.

first improvements

At the beginning of 2015 the state Schumacher stabilized.Despite the ban on family racer medical staff to give any comments on the treatment of the legend of "Formula 1" in the media leaked information that Michael rapidly on the mend.Meanwhile, near the house of 46-year-old German was deployed a tent with a request to stop the illegal shooting paparatstsi.V January became known some details of the rehabilitation of the athlete.One of the paparazzi managed to steal the medical history of the former pilots of "Mercedes".According to the information received, it became clear that caring for Schumacher 15 doctors led by Professor Francois Payen.At that time, Michael could only limited react to others.From stolen by history is also known that the athlete is still unable to walk and even talk.

health status on March 2015

Relatives and friends kept in every way to protect Michael from the press and prying fans.Information about what is currently the state Schumacher, a long time has been reported.Numerous rumors remain unconfirmed.

Nevertheless, in early March, one of the doctors looking after the athlete who wished to remain anonymous, admitted that recovery is delayed.Initially doctors had forecast more optimistic results, but in fact, recovery is much slower and heavier.Over the past couple of months, Michael has learned to sit, move your arms stiffly, remembering a conversation, recognize friends.On the other hand, it still can not speak.The reason is the paralysis of the muscles litsa.Po preliminary estimates of experts, the athlete will be able to restore health, but soon this should be expected.

condition Schumacher today

Currently, the mansion of former racer turned a rehabilitation center.Behind him continue to observe a dozen doctors and his relatives.Schumacher's condition today is stable satisfactory.

Doctors note that the primary role in the recovery of the legend of "Formula-1" plays his family.Children and spouse are constantly talking with him, support, surrounded by love.This is the best therapy you can imagine.From the latest treatment advances can be identified that an athlete may have for a long time to sit on their own, raise their hands, move your feet.With the help of others takes a few steps.The psychological state of Michael returned to normal.Memory problems there, but he still can not speak.

Family Schumacher

Currently, Michael remains one of the most renowned pilots "Formula 1".In his credit seven World Cups, 5 medals of the highest category and 5 different records on the track.

His wife Corinne Betch recently turned 46 years old.This year will mark the couple's wedding china.

Schumacher also has a son, Mick, who in March was 16 years old, and the eldest daughter of the double name of Jean-Marie (18 years old).