Nikolai Gogol.

heroic struggle of the enslaved Ukrainian people admire today.We learn about it from numerous Cossack thoughts, songs, historical studies and literary works.One of the best prose work in praise of patriotism and dedication is "Taras Bulba" by Gogol.Comparative characteristics of Ostap and Andrei, the main characters of the book, we will provide our article.

plot story

¬ęTaras Bulba" - a fantastic story, and its fictional characters.Although the plot has been borrowed from the life of Gogol.Ostap and Andriy - brothers who shared the war, but they had their prototypes.With the writer studied Gregory Ilyich Mikluha, a relative of a Yemelyan.He had two brothers, one of whom betrayed their homeland, fell in love with a polka, and the other died trying to bring his father a traitor.Also, the prototype can be considered chieftain Taras and Ivan Gaunt, who, according to legend, killed the two sons of the Polish girl-wife.But the story is fictional, as Ivan was married to a Russian.

The story Taras Bulba P

ostal father who loves his children equally, but duty to the fatherland for him above all else.One can only sympathize with the parent who sees his descendant betrays everything for which he fought, something for which he later burned at the stake.Having lived through their children, it also dies, but without fear and without regret.

Junior Andriy

Before giving comparative characteristics of Ostap and Andriy should tell each character separately.Andrew was the youngest son Taras, his early twenties, he is tall and strong.However, the old Cossack sees that her son was embarrassed, as a child, calls it "mazunchikom."He longs for a battle with the Tartars, quick-tempered, emotional, sensitive.He studied with pleasure, he was slippery and inventive.And he had a gentle, handsome face and longed for love.

should not claim that he had no hesitation to the side of the Commonwealth.He was tormented, wondering what to choose: the woman he loves, who reciprocated, but required to give up his past, or home Sich, brother and father.In the end, youth and passion have taken their toll, Andrey gave his feelings.


Ostap Ostap was radically opposed his brother in the seminary.He also had a powerful body, uncommon physical strength and a healthy person.But he had a strong character, he is a straight, attentive, observant, intelligent, cool-headed, stubborn, honest.I did not want to learn, tried several times to escape from the seminary, and only the threat of the father was not allowed to finish his Sich led institution.Commitment and sustained, above all valued Ostap camaraderie and can not imagine my life without Cossack freemen, the war against the invaders.

Cossacks immediately appreciated the character of Ostap and predicted his good fortune.The writer compares the eldest son Taras lion, which is able to be chieftain of smoking.In the future, we see that Ostap justified the confidence and companions, and his father.

Comparative characteristics of Ostap and Andriy

Inhabitants Sich loved sons Bulba almost immediately.They were young and hot, eager to fight, and did not hide from danger.However, the nature of their fully opened only during the trials.One of them honorably withstood them, and the other did something from him was not expecting anyone.How to behave brothers after the event that changed their lives?Ostap Andrei ratio deteriorated sharply, and Taras himself gave the order to trap and released the son of a bullet in the forehead.

Ostap he was trying to save, is going to buy, but saw only the cruel penalty eldest son, who bravely held under torture.Fighting back the pain of loss, an old Cossack Taras collects hiking and cruel revenge on the Poles.Dying, he does not think of himself, and tells his comrades how to escape.Thus, we see that the eldest son had lived, and died, as a father - in the struggle against the invaders.And the younger dropped all by the beauty of the enemy camp.Instead of an epilogue

Comparative characteristics of Ostap and Andrei helps to look at the story from the other side.After all, feelings and experiences of heroes story took place in my life.Love and betrayal, friendship and loyalty, cowardice and exclusion go hand in hand.Ostap and Andriy - enemies on their own, but on the will of fate, even though they themselves were blacksmiths of his life.

And let the critics reproached Gogol that he too admired the Cossacks, exaggerating his achievements, moving away from the real facts, painted the image of the Polish gentry cruel and greedy Jews, he really admired the power of the mind and body of the Zaporozhye Cossacks.

Tale is really complicated, full of contradictions and philosophies, joy and tragedy.And she literally overflowing successful phrases, witty expressions of folk wisdom.She has written a melodious language, and through the line to read a love for their native land.And all his work, the author is trying to convey to the reader his belief in a happy tomorrow, which will surely come.