Kataev, "Tsvetik-semitsvetik": summary for the reader's diary

In 1940, there was a well-known fairy tale V. Kataev "Tsvetik-semitsvetik" summary for the reader is invited to read the diary.It's about how an ordinary girl wife had to make a difficult choice: to wish for something for yourself or to help another person.

Harmful dog

Somehow my mother sent Eugene to shop for bagels.The girl returned with the purchase and all stared around.She came to herself only when she felt that the bagels have become too easy.As it turned out, for someone else Eugene stuck right dog.Now she was finishing the last steering wheel.Girl angry and decided to catch vermin.However, she ran so long that suddenly appeared among the small houses.Girl and the dog lost her, and she lost.So begins the tale "Tsvetik-semitsvetik."

Summary conversation with the old lady

Eugene cried with fear and frustration.Suddenly an old woman came up to her and began to calm.She took the girl in his garden and showed an amazing flower.It was seven transparent petals and all different - said the Cat.T

svetik-semitsvetik (short description of its content resembles a rainbow) old ripped and stretched wife with the words: "You are a good girl, just like yawning around.And this Tsvetik-semitsvetik help you. "She explained that it is not easy, as it can fulfill any wish.Then he said the girl cherished words to say, tearing off the tab.

first desire

Thanked Eugene old woman and left the garden.Then she remembered that she was lost.I would like to ask the old lady to show her the way, but not a garden, nor his mistress was not there.And the girl decided to check Tsvetik-semitsvetik.Summary of what she did next, is quite understandable.Eugene tore the first lobe ... and then it turned home with donuts."This is really a wonderful flower", - concluded the girl.

five petals is gone

Zhenya decided that for this mother's favorite flower is suitable vase.But when she got out of her top shelf again distracted.And now vase fell to the floor and broke into many pieces.Eugene heard from the next room my mother's voice, and hastily tore the second tab.A moment - and the vase was standing in its usual place, and the girl went for a walk in the yard.Here she thoughtlessly used four petal-adorned wonderful Tsvetik semitsvetik.Summary of her desires such.

first Zhenya wanted to play with the boys in the North Pole.But they denied her, and she thanks to the flower, in fact, ended up near the polar bears.Frightened and froze, the girl hurried home.So lost two petals.

Then Jack ran to the girls, who have had different beautiful toys.Envy is the desire to receive them and have led to the fact that even one petal fell Tsvetik-semitsvetik.Summary of what happened next: from across the country to his wife became flied toys, stop moving around the city.To hide or get rid of them it was impossible, so the wife had to use the penultimate petal.Suddenly the wife got the idea, "spent six petals, and no fun."She decided that the last request should be treated more carefully.And she began to think, what would such an unusual book (continued Kataev "Tsvetik-semitsvetik").Summary thoughts visited heroine at this point is: candy and other sweets, bike, tickets to the circus or a movie, anklets.But nothing seemed to her really helpful.Sweets quickly run, bike boys taken away.And from the movie with anklets good enough.

unexpected acquaintance

And at that moment I saw Jack on the bench boy with a cheerful, but docile eyes.The girl invited him to play tag, but Victor said that he was lame.Indeed, the shoe on his foot was a fairly thick soles."What a pity", - said the heroine.The boy said that is for life and can not change anything."Oh, what nonsense!" - Said Eugene and took his Tsvetik-semitsvetik.

Summary tale ends with the heroine carefully tore the seventh petal, happy voice said cherished words and added: "Veli to Vitya was healthy!" At the same time children have fun playing tag, and the boy ran so wellthat Jack, no matter how trying, could not catch up with him.