Prishvin: a biography (for children).

Russian writer Mikhail Prishvin - the author of numerous novels and short stories about nature.And, as in the writing of unrivaled Aivazovsky seascapes, it is unique in its literary skill in the art describing nature.Students study his work since the third grade and know who Prishvin.Biography for children can be quite interesting, because he traveled a lot and saw a lot of different amazing nature phenomena.All this he wrote in his diary, then to draw out the original material to create some story or another story.Hence such liveliness and naturalness of the images he describes.It's no wonder Prishvina named singer of Russian nature.

Prishvin.Biography Children Born

future writer Mikhail Prishvin in 1873 in a merchant family in the village of Khrushchev Eletski County Orel province.His father died when he was 7 years old, along with her mother Misha remained in the hands of six more children.At first, the boy graduated from the village school, then studied at the Elets gymnasium, but for disobeyi

ng his teacher was expelled from there.

Then he went to his uncle Tyumen to Ignatov, who at the time was a major industrialist in the harsh Siberian field.There's a young Prishvin graduated from Tyumen real school.In 1893, he entered the Riga Polytechnic in the chemical and agricultural department.Since 1896 young Prishvin starts to get involved in political circles, particularly Marxist, for which he was arrested in 1897 and sent to the settlements in the hometown of Elec.

path to literature

In 1900 Mikhail Prishvin sent to study at the University of Leipzig in Germany at the Agronomy Faculty of Philosophy department.After he returned to Russia and worked as an agronomist in the province of Tula, and followed in the Moscow province of Lugo in the laboratory of Professor D. Pryanishnikov, then in Peter's Agricultural Academy.And then he became secretary of a large St. Petersburg official who helps prepare agricultural literature.And now, just before the revolution he became a reporter such national publications as the "Russian Gazette", "Morning of Russia", "Speech", "Day".

In World Prishvina taken to the front as a medical orderly and war correspondent.After the 1917 revolution, he combines the work of a teacher in Elets gymnasium (because of her he had once fired), and local history work is an agronomist.Prishvin even become members of the museum of the manor life in the town of Dorogobuzh, the former estate of Baryshnikov.

Creativity Prishvina (briefly)

Prishvin Michael began his literary career in 1906 with the story "Sasha".Then he goes on a journey through the Russian North (Karelia), and at the same time seriously interested in local folklore and ethnography.And in 1907 appears his first book titled "In the land not frightened birds."It was a travel notes compiled by the writer from his numerous observations of nature and wild life of northern peoples.This book brought him great fame.The writer was awarded the medal of the Imperial Geographical Society, and even became an honorary member.Since beginning to bear fruit Prishvina creativity.Briefly write about it not so easy to get.

literary talent in his magnificent, workshops stories always harmoniously teaching the inquisitiveness, the poetry of nature and even the philosophy of nature.List Prishvina works throughout his life replenished magnificent works such as "For magic balls» (1908), "Black Arab" (1910) and others. Writer Prishvin occupied a special niche in the literature and has been well received in terms of the famous St. Petersburgwriters such as Alexander Blok, A. Remizov, D. Merezhkovsky.From 1912 to 1914, the light appears first Works MM Prishvina in three volumes.Maxim Gorky himself contributed to the publication of his books.

List works Prishvina continue growing in the years 1920-1930 he published his book "shoes", "Springs Berendey" story "Ginseng" and many other wonderful works.The most interesting thing is that a deep insight into the life of nature made myths and tales as if granted a branch in the writer.Tales Prishvina unusually lyrical and beautiful.They paint a palette of its rich artistic heritage of the writer.Children's stories and fairy tales Prishvina carry timeless wisdom, transforming some of the images in the multi-valued symbols.

Children's stories and fairy tales

travel a lot and is constantly working on his books MMPrishvin.His biography is more like the life of a biologist and geographer, naturalist.But it is in such an interesting and exciting research and born its beautiful history, many of whom were not even invented, but simply masterfully described.And so he could do it only Prishvin.Biography for children interesting is the fact that many of his stories and tales he devotes just did the young reader who during his mental development can draw some useful experience from the book reads.

Mikhail has an amazing outlook.In his work he makes extraordinary literary vigilance.Many children's stories he collects in his book "The Beast-Chip", "Lisichkin bread" (1939).In 1945 there was a "store of sun" - a fairy tale for children, because of their quarrels and insults fallen into the clutches of terrible mshar (wetlands), which saved a hunting dog.


Why was so successful writer MMPrishvin?His biography indicates that the best his assistant began a diary that he kept all his life.Every day, he wrote to all at the time care and inspired writer all his thoughts about the time of the country and of society.

first he shared the idea of ​​the revolution and perceive it as a spiritual and moral purification.But over time, he is aware of the fatal consequences of this path, as Mikhail saw Bolshevism was not far from fascism, that every person on the newly formed totalitarian state under threat of tyranny and violence.

Prishvin, like many other Soviet writers had to make compromises, humiliated and oppressed his morale.There is even an interesting entry in his diary, which he admits: "I buried his personal intellectual and became who I now have."

arguments about culture as the salvation of all mankind

So he reasoned in his diary that a decent life can be maintained only if it is provided with the culture, which means confidence in the other person.According to him, among the cultural society can live like an adult and a child.He also claims that related sympathy and understanding - is not just an ethnic basis, and the great good that has been given to man.

3 January 1920 Prishvin writer describes his feelings of hunger and poverty, to which he brought the power of the Soviets.Of course, you can live the spirit, to be voluntary if the initiator of this, but another thing when you're doing miserable in spite of your will.

singer of Russian nature

Since 1935, once again makes his trip to the North Russian writer Prishvin.Biography for children can be very informative.It introduces them to an incredible journey, as they made a brilliant writer and by boat, and on horseback, and by boat and on foot.At this time, he observes and writes.After this trip saw the light of his new book "Berendeeva thicket."

During World writer was evacuated in the Yaroslavl region.In 1943 he returned to Moscow and writes stories "Forest drops" and "Phacelia".In 1946, he buys a small mansion in the Moscow Dunino, where he lives mostly in the summer.

in the middle of winter 1954 Prishvin Michael dies of stomach cancer.He was buried in Moscow, Vvedensky cemetery.