The image of the Barbarians in the play "Thunderstorm".

Barbara Kabanova is one of several of the main characters in the famous drama by Alexander Ostrovsky "The Storm".In the story, lives in the town of Varvara Kalinowo, she did not like a lot of orders in this city, but it does not seek to deal with them, she learned how to live on their own, just adjusting to someone else's rules.The image of the Barbarians in the play "Thunderstorm" very quickly attracted the attention of the reader.This girl has a strong and persistent character, and despite the fact that she is not trying to confront her mother, she is not going to indulge.

What is it - Barbara?

Varya is a realistic man, she realizes that her fate depends only on itself.This image of the Barbarians in the play "Thunderstorm" is significantly different from the image of a dreamy Catherine.Barbara understands that life that people live in her city, is no longer relevant, so she is not afraid to criticize the words of his mother.This emphasizes her mind and character.

later in the play before the

reader even more clearly reveal character traits such Vari, as thinking and insight.It is easy to guess that a married Catherine longs for a strange man.And while that is not yet fully deal with their desires as Varya had understood everything and began to make plans.

Varvara quite pragmatic woman.She understands that it is not necessary to expect from the surrounding no pity, no compassion, and even more so unquestioningly carry out other people's orders.But at the same time it manages to not enter into open conflict with others, creating the appearance of propriety.

Realistic Barbara

image of Barbara in the play "Thunderstorm" attracts attention with its realism.Cooking does not take to heart the words of others, seeing in them the hypocrisy and deceit.It is well manifested in the moment before Varya and Katherine appears some crazy lady who prophesies girls God's punishment for their sins.While Catherine overcomes fear and anxiety after hearing incomprehensible, Barbara was not worrying about it.Maybe that's why it is much easier to live in the world.

But above all, on the Vare can not say that it is a man "with a heart of stone."Cooking capable of pity, compassion and understanding.She genuinely cares about her sister-in Katherine, wanting only the best for her and understanding her feelings.

can say that Cooking is well-versed in what's happening in the surrounding people.She can not understand just dreamy Catherine, which, in its view, so different from the rest.

Catherine and Barbara

Catherine and Barbara in the drama AN Ostrovsky's "Thunderstorm" is significantly different from each other not only for its looks but also character and worldview.Catherine speaks of principle, sincere and honest character.This character can not cheat and is incapable of falsehood.It takes everything at face value, so it is very difficult to live not only in the family Kabanov, but also in the city Kalinowo.Katerina - a person who will not change their rules, will not go against its principles, will not live long in captivity.

quite another matter - Varvara.She was not superstitious, afraid of nothing.Cooking is not only able to live by someone else's rules, but also to break them, without causing a single conflict.Barbara - a man who has learned to live in a world that has emerged around.

Two opposites

Barbara is full of determination, unlike her sister-Catherine.She really appreciates unworthy character of his brother and sees nothing wrong in the fact that Katherine is unfaithful.Whether Varya in her place, she would have no one and do not recognize this change, but Katherine is not able to keep quiet, she tells her husband.Can we assume Varia vile or cynical?You can not say anything, because it is of such a nature to help her cope with the conditions in which she grew up.

This is the comparative characteristic images.Catherine and Barbara in the drama "Thunderstorm" are like opposite worlds that intersect.With these two girls the author tried to show the different characters of people, their behavior, strengths and weaknesses.

Pros and cons of the character Barbara

lot of different qualities combines the image of Barbara.In the play "Thunderstorm" it appears very realistic woman, even too much.Good or bad - the reader to judge.Cooking is also a straight line, but at the same time cunning girl.It collected quite a number of wonderful traits, but the atmosphere of falsehood and deceit in the family home, has left its mark on her character."You can do anything to anyone not know" - this is the lifestyle of the heroine.

up image of Barbara from the play "Thunderstorm" carries not only her character traits, but its outlook, its behavior in different situations, its mistakes.

Varvara much smarter and more experienced than Katherine.Though the latter - a married woman.Cooking is much better versed in life.