How to define the genre of the work, "The Captain's Daughter"

value contribution ASPushkin in Russian culture is difficult to overestimate.It is for this reason his work is devoted to the study of numerous articles and monographs.

As is known, the outstanding Russian writer worked in various genres.He is the author of novels, stories, poems.

genre works "The Captain's Daughter" can not be determined unambiguously.This, as we shall see later, there are reasons.Some researchers argue that a story, others define it as a novel.So, try to understand what the genre of the work, "The Captain's Daughter."

Why is it necessary to define the genre of this work

most popular judgments about the genre of the books contradict each other.This applies equally to the definition of the main genres (the novella or novel) and its features.Simply said, if you still characterize this work as a novel, it is necessary to understand what it is: a historical, family, love.

So, try to analyze in this book combines the features of various genres.Also, we will try to reach a conclus

ion that will make you feel more aware, if someone suddenly asks you: "Choose a genre work" The Captain's Daughter. "

Understanding "The Captain's Daughter" as a novel

So, we need to understand what genre works "The Captain's Daughter."We will try to understand, it is a novel or a story.Researchers who hold the first opinion, based on the fact that this product is small in volume, covers a short period.The first supporter of this point of view is considered to be VGBelinsky, who finds Grinyova and his entourage mediocre and colorless.

definition of "Captain's Daughter" as a Bildungsroman

«Captain's Daughter" can be considered a kind of novel education.The main character is very much changed in a relatively short period of time.Constantly faced with the dangers of Greene learns to overcome them.According to the literary tradition, the presence of adventure at the beginning of the work and the motive of the road (a symbol of life's journey) are characteristic of novel educational nature.If you re-review the work, make sure that most of the time the protagonist is on the move.

So, genre works, "The Captain's Daughter" Pushkin ASIt can truly be defined as a Bildungsroman.Features

love story in "The Captain's Daughter»

It should be noted that in the novel there is a love affair.In addition, this work has a constant feature of this genre - a love triangle.

However, the theme of love in the work is not the lead, even though, of course, it shows the emergence of a sense of Peter and Masha, the duel for the beloved, separation, the connection Grinyova and Mary at the end of the book.Nevertheless, the love theme in the book, rather, is the second plan.It is not the main one.

So, genre works, "The Captain's Daughter" can not be described as a love story, but the theme of love is present in the product.

historical novel "The Captain's Daughter»

significant part of literary critics define this work as a "historical novel."Indeed, it is dedicated to specific historical events, namely the revolt Emelyan Pugachev.The work contains historical characters: Catherine the Great and Emelyan Pugachev.When writing the novel Pushkin addressed to the documents, and talked with eyewitnesses of the time.The author, of course, managed to capture the atmosphere of this historical period.

For this reason, if there is a task "Choose genre works" The Captain's Daughter "," it is possible to answer that it is a historical novel.However, the creation of Pushkin has a number of features from other works of this type.

According B.Tomashevsky, a researcher of the writer, Pushkin wrote his novel under the influence of the events of the time trying to see and pass on what unites the two epochs.

worth noting another feature of this product.Pushkin wrote "The Captain's Daughter" in the form of a memoir.The main reason why he decided to keep the story on behalf Grinyova, most researchers believe the desire to circumvent censorship.

VILavretsky notes that this form of presentation helped the author to hide his attitude to the uprising Pugacheva.There is also a view that Pushkin, using the method of presentation memoir, sought to show the contradictory position Grinyova.This has allowed the writer to reveal the complexity of the image of Pugachev and emphasize not only its ruthlessness, and nobility of soul.

The third reason why the author chooses the form of memoirs, as pointed Lotman - a desire to show the writer's historical characters in everyday life.For example, he depicts the empress lady "in the night-cap."Pugachev is also shown by the author in a relaxed atmosphere.

genre works "The Captain's Daughter" may not be the story.It is a novel, because it displayed Grinyova Peter personal development, which is an important background for the Russian historical events.

Thus, the product combines the features of a novel educational properties of a novel about love, a historical novel.Memoir shape gives this product home flavor.