A. Gaidar, "Huck and Chuck."

Among the most popular children's stories A. Gaidar is "Chuck and Huck," a summary of which we propose to read.Ride the two brothers into the forest, where he lived and worked for their father, became an adventure for them.And for the youngest readers - the opportunity to plunge into the exciting world of peers.


Chuck and Huck lived in Moscow with his mother, and their father was on an expedition in the taiga.For the past year he has not seen his family, and when winter came, got permission to invite his wife and children to her house and immediately sent them a letter.

When the postman rang the bell, the boys once again came to blows.Chuck and Huck (summary does not allow to talk about their pranks) afraid that my mother came.She bred them to punish the rooms by as much as two hours.Therefore, they are immediately wiped away tears and rushed to the door together.

boys immediately realized that a letter from the Pope.Chuck and Huck decided that he would come home with joy and fell onto th

e couch and feet nailed on the wall.Because of the noise and shouting children are not heard his mother came.She began to read the letter, her face saddened at first, and then a smile lit up.Mom explained that the pope can not come home, but he is calling them to himself.This is the beginning of the story, "Chuck and Huck," a summary of which you are reading.

lost telegram

preparations for departure took a week and have been almost completed.My mother went to the station to buy tickets, and her sons quarreled again.If they only knew where it leads! ..

Chuk are practical.He had a metal box and a piece of cardboard from his shoes, which were kept in various gizmos.Huck was thrifty, like a brother, but knew how to sing well.And in that moment when Chuck got the box to take with you, the phone rang.The postman brought a telegram boy hid in a box.Entering the room, Chuck saw a brother fighting homemade spear with his cardboard.A fight broke out, and Huck threw the box in the window with a telegram.Chuck shouting "Telegram!" Rushed into the street, followed by hurried Huck.But they did not find the box.The brothers decided to tell all only if the mother herself will ask about the telegram.That was the day, and its summary.Chuk and Gek - Gaidar AP uses this act to create intrigue - silent.And my mother did not know that the postman came, so the next evening the whole family went on a long journey.

path into the forest

first traveled by train.Outside the window flashed the snow-covered fields, the woods, the station.There were passing by trains.Huck night went on the car and got lost, got into someone else's compartment.And Chuck are all familiar with passengers and get a lot of interesting things.

finally got off at a small station.But the sledge was not for them.Upset mother agreed with the coachman that he was a hundred rubles to take them to the place.A snack in the cafeteria, went further along the path of the night in a small hut.Only the following evening they reached the station, where he lived dad.

This was the journey that made Chuck and Huck (summary only includes its main points).

Nobody expects

But along with the three little houses there were no people, no trace.My mother was frightened, and the driver spent all of the guard in the hut, and, adding that the latter should be back in the evening (warm oven and the soup is not put to cold), going way back.He suggested that the mother to return with him, but she refused.

night watchman appeared.He explained that the head of the party Seregin sent a telegram in which he asked his wife to move in the coming two weeks, as all geologists have ten days left in the taiga.Mother looked sternly at the children, and they roared in unison, and then spoke about the telegram.It remained to await the return of the expedition.

left alone

caretaker for two days had gone to check the traps, and the mother was left alone with the children.This continues the story "Huck and Chuck."Arkady Gaidar describes how they stripped killed a hare, went to fetch water, stoked the stove.Especially at night it was terrible.

fourth day has come, and the guard did not return.Huck very sad, and his mother thought he zatemperaturil.She left his house, and she went to fetch water Chukom.On the way back the sleigh overturned, and again had to go back to the spring.When we reached the hut already dusk.However, the room had no Huck nor his fur coat with a cap.Worried mother left guard grabbed his gun and went in search.Pressing the trigger, she heard gunshots.This watchman hurried to the hut.It turned out that bored Huck decided to scare my mom and my brother and I, taking clothes, hidden in a large chest.He lay there for so long that fell asleep and did not hear any commotion arose.

A watchman was delayed because it went to the geologists.He brought the keys to my father's room, and a letter.The next morning, the family moved to a new cabin.

most beautiful New Year

Mom turned the home into order.The guard brought out of the woods fluffy tree, and they all began to make toys.Finally, on the eve of the New Year, returned to the party.Chuck and Huck, seeing the approaching dog team, rushed to the bearded man, ran ahead.

evening all together celebrated the New Year.Thus ends the narration, and with it, a summary of the book "Huck and Chuck."