Russian writers of fairy tales.

literary fairy tale author - probably one of the most popular genres of today.Interest in such works is inexhaustible, and among children and among their parents, and Russian writers of fairy tales made a worthy contribution to the common creative work.It should be recalled that the literary fairy tale differs from the folklore of several parameters.First of all the fact that it has a particular author.There are also differences in the way the transfer of material and clear the author's position, using stories and images that allow us to say that this genre has the right to full independence.

Poetic tale Pushkin

If you make a list of tales of Russian writers, it takes more than one sheet of paper.And not only the creation were written in prose and in verse.It can serve as a vivid example of Pushkin, was not originally planning to write children's books.But after a time poetic creation "of Tsar Saltan", "About the priest and his worker Balda", "On the Dead Princess and Seven Knights", "The Golden C

ockerel" added to the list of tales of Russian writers.Simple and shaped presentation, memorable images, vivid stories - all this is characteristic of the great poet.But these works are still included in the treasury of children's literature.

Continued list

literary tales of the period under review can be attributed to some other, less well-known.Russian writers of fairy tales: Zhukovsky ("War of mice and frogs"), Ershov ("humpbacked little horse"), Aksakov ("The Scarlet Flower") - have made a worthy contribution to the development of the genre.A great collector of folklore and interpreter of Russian Language Dahl also wrote a certain number of fantastic works.Among them: "The Crow," "Girl Snow Maiden", "On the woodpecker" and others.You can recall and other tales of famous Russian writers: "The wind and the sun," "blind horse", "The Fox and the Goat" Ushinskogo "Black chicken, or Living Underground" Pogorelsky, "frog-traveler", "The Tale of the toad and the rose"Garshina, "wild landlord", "Wise minnow" Saltykov-Shchedrin.Of course, this is not a complete list.

Russian writers of fairy tales

wrote fictional stories and Leo Tolstoy and Paustovsky and Mamin-Siberian, and bitter, and many others.Among the most outstanding works may be noted "Golden Key" by Alexei Tolstoy.The work was planned as a free paraphrase of "Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi.But here is a case where modifications exceeded the original - so many Russian-speaking critically evaluated work of the writer.Anyone familiar with the wooden boy Pinocchio childhood long won the hearts of young readers and their parents of their immediacy and a brave heart.We all remember and friends of Pinocchio: Malvina, Artemon, Pierrot.And his enemies: the evil Carabas and contrary Duremara, cat Basilio and fox Alice.Vivid images of the characters are so distinctive and original, recognizable that time reading Tolstoy's work, remember them the rest of his life.

revolutionary tales

These include the creation of a safe Yuri Olesha "Three Fat Men."In this tale, the author reveals the theme of the class struggle on the background of eternal values ​​such as friendship, mutual assistance;the characters are distinguished courage and revolutionary enthusiasm.A product of Arkady Gaidar "Malchish-Kibalchish" tells the story of the difficult period for the formation of the Soviet state - civil war.Malchish - vivid, memorable symbol of the era of the struggle for the revolutionary ideals.It is no coincidence these images were used later by other authors, for example, in the work of children's poet-sixties Joseph Kurlat that a fairy tale-poem "Song of Malchish-Kibalchish" revived the bright image of the hero.

Russian storytellers Soviet era

Data can be attributed to the authors and Eugene Schwartz, who had given such tales, literature, plays as "The Naked King", "The Shadow" - based on the works of Andersen.And his original creation "Dragon" and "Ordinary Miracle" (first prohibited productions) ever entered the treasury of Soviet literature.

By genre of poetry and tales include Corneille Chukovsky: "Boldly Buzzing Fly", "Moidodyr", "Barmaley" "Oh How It Hurts", "Cockroach".They still are the most popular in the Russian poetic tales for children of all ages.Instructive and bold, brave and terrible images of the characters and works of Chukovsky recognizable from the first row.A poem Marshak and delightful creativity Harms?A Zakhoder, Moritz and Kurlat?All impossible to list in this fairly short article.

modern evolution of the genre

can say that the genre of literary fairy tale evolved from folklore, in a sense, by exploiting his subjects and images of characters.So now many Russian writers of fairy tales evolve into science fiction writers, giving rise to good works in the fashion fantasy.These authors, probably can be attributed Emtsa, Gromyko, Lukyanenko, Fry's, Aldi and many others.It is a worthy replacement for previous generations of authors of literary tales.