"The snake and fish" (Armenian Tale).

Armenian people for its five thousand years of history has created many tales.Among them are funny and sad.However, Armenian folk tales instructive.They teach the listener or reader to goodness and justice.It is not surprising.After all, every nation has invested in its own folk wisdom accumulated for centuries.For example, "The Serpent and the fish" - the Armenian fairy tale that every patient can result.

Many of these stories are unlikely to be understood by children as resemble fables.In addition, for the most part this is not the usual oriental tales, since Christian morality and tragic history imposed on them its imprint.However, for children in the bank Armenian folklore there are many interesting things.And many tales for kids at the time were the basis for gay cartoons in Russian.

"Barikendan" ("Carnival")

lived were husband and wife.Both were, as they say, without a king in his head, but still constantly quarreled.

One day my husband brought home a bag of rice and a pot of oil.His wif

e protested, why he brought so many expensive products, but my husband said it was for Barikendana (Shrovetide).The wife in a rage did not understand what we are talking about the holiday and decided that products belong to a man with the same name.It took several weeks.And then one day to the house of the couple knocked traveler.Without waiting, he says, why he had come, quarrelsome woman became indignant: "What are you, brother Barikendan so long? We owe something, your rice and oil in their store?"Here passer have realized with whom he was dealing, and apologized, saying that he was detained by the case, and now it has come to pick up their products.

Once the traveler left, taking with them rice and oil, the husband returned to fool.Upon learning that she had given a stranger supplies purchased for Shrovetide, he chased a fraud on horseback.

Sly passerby saw the chase, hid hurdzhiny (carry-bags) with products for stone, and sat down beside the road.Husband silly woman asked him about the traveler with hurdzhinami, but the fraudster said he does not catch up with the top order as the horse runs on four feet, and the man just two.Then the fool gave him a horse, and he ran on his way to his two.

Late in the evening the husband came home without hurdzhinov and horse, until his death, and his wife blamed each other.

"Snake and fish" (Armenian Tale)

once fraternized snake and fish.Snake asked his new sister to ride it on the sea, and she agreed.She crawled back to the fish, and she began to carry her across the sea.Suddenly a serpent bit sister.Fish was surprised, but she said she did so unintentionally.A few minutes later the same thing happened, and the question bitten by a viper's sister said that the sun is clouded her mind.When a third felt the bite of the fish, she was outraged by such behavior girlfriend, but the serpent said: "Such is my custom!"Nothing said the fish, it just went under the water, where he drowned the evil viper.

"Talking Fish"

This Armenian in Russian fairy tale known to many as it is removed by an interesting musical cartoon.It teaches that you should always pay for the good deed.In a sense, it is the opposite of the story, which tells of the "Snake and fish" (Armenian Tale), because fry released by a poor fisherman, laborer, who is punished for the owner, pays him handsomely and helps get rid of the monster.

"Arev and Krug" ("The Sun and Fire")

long time ago, long before the Flood, when the earth was dark and cold, in a cave on Mount Ararat First Nations people lived.Strong men badly treated children and the elderly, since they could not hunt and gave them only the bones of dead animals.And among them rose Krag and Arev.One young man on the hunt to protect her from the tiger, and when she looked at him with grateful eyes, Krag face glowed like fire.Its reflection of light and Arev, shine so that the earth is finally lit up, and the darkness retreated.When the young men returned to the cave, she burst into light comes from them, and all reveal the truth.However, it seemed much too terrible.So, women looked at each other and young girls, and in their hearts envy of infancy and old chief saw around him young hunters and stronger, with a grin, looked on him, is not as powerful as a young man, torso.It was decided to kill Arev and Krag, but the elders of the tribe knew that hunt better when the light and heat emanating from Krag will protect them from the cold in the winter cold.Then they threw from the top of Mount Ararat Arev at the sky, and it was the sun, and the unfortunate Krag shackled and transferred with him from cave to cave, he warmed to their homes.

Tales in the treatment of Hovhannes Tumanyan

Many Armenian fairy tales, such as "Barikendan", reached us in the literary treatment.Its author was one of the most famous Armenian poets of the 19th century Hovhannes Tumanyan.He not only made available to our understanding of children oriental tales, such as "shoes Abu Hassan", but also to adapt to our Western European language.

Now you know that the "Snake and fish" - the Armenian tale of patience, which is the limit, as well as familiar with the wonderful story of the unfortunate Arev and leggings that brought people the truth, be unnecessary.