Summary "Dirk" (Anatoly Rybakov)

In Soviet times, some of the most popular and beloved detective youth art television movies were "Dirk", "Bronze bird" and "The Last Summer of Childhood."They have removed from the books by Anatoly Rybakov - an outstanding Russian writer and novelist.Let us dwell on the story "Dirk", or rather, in its Executive Summary, to once again remember the events that had to go through the simple Arbat Moscow boys who lived in a difficult and troubled post-revolutionary period.


In the first part of the book describes the atmosphere of civil war, the 20-ies.The main character is an ordinary boy Misha Polyakov, who temporarily moved to the provincial town Revsk to stay for a while at his relatives and grandparents.His father died, unable to withstand the heavy work on the royal prison, and his mother from morning to night of hard work in a textile factory.That is why her parents took away the boy Misha periodically to afford to look after him better.

Summary "Dirk" starts its devel

opment since, once went out to the yard in the early morning, Misha Polyakov decided to secretly cut the gum out of an old bicycle inner tube guys seeds to make himself a slingshot, which he long agodreamed.And then a completely random way, he drew attention to the fact that their neighbors, sailor Sergei Polyakov, something very quickly hid in the old doghouse.

plot twist

boy waited, when a neighbor goes to check it out and find a hiding place, what is the value he hid there.Bear put his hand and felt the soft bundle which unfolded, he saw a triangular brilliant officer dirk handle which twine bronze snake.Having carefully considered the thing, he put it back.Then a summary of "Dirk" gets an exciting affair.

In those days Revske wielded thugs of all stripes, and at any moment could break the Whites.Back home for dinner, Bear hears relatives talk about some of Valeria Sigizmundovich Nikita, a former retired white officer who heads the largest gang.

evening Misha met with Field, who told him about the battleship "Empress Maria", on which he once served.The next day, the restless boy wanted to closely examine hidden dirk.He pulled it from its hiding place, when suddenly appeared in the courtyard of the two cutters, and prevented him from putting this cold steel into place.They began to behave very suspicious and somehow interested in the field.Misha had to hide a cutlass at his home, and then he went for a walk around the city with his best friend of Genk.

When after a while he came back home, I saw how people tied Nikita Polevoy and demanded a cutlass.The boy quickly realized he instantly pulled his dirk hidden and passed his field, and he threw himself at the feet of one of the bandits, that saved a neighbor who managed to escape from his pursuers.Summary of the story, "Dirk" more confusing military secrets, and that the boys will have to learn quickly.

history dagger

Actually dirk was linked very interesting and dangerous story.The ship "Empress Maria" Field served with Nikita White Guard.And once he became an unwitting witness to a murder Nikita officer Vladimir, the former owner of a mysterious dagger.Field wanted to detain him, but during the battle ship blew up and the sheath were the killer, and the cutlass from the Field.Summary of the book "Dirk" continues another unexpected event.

Return to Moscow

As a result, Field gives deposited cutlass and Misha tells that this precious thing is some code, and that the keys to it are in a sheath.Having seized the two things at once, you can open a secret compartment.He also recalled that the orderly Nikita Filin may know the truth related to the dagger.

Soon Misha arrives for Mother and takes him back to Moscow.There he is inciting to go and Genk, who wanted to go to his aunt Tikhonovna Agrippina.Bear never for a moment forgot about his secret and with Genka they undertook their own investigation.They soon find out that a neighbor of Mishkin Moscow apartment was zavskladom by the name Owl.


And summary "Dirk" gradually begins to approach the reader to unravel.Soon the boys joined their friend Slavka.After questioning her aunt Agrippina, who also lived in the neighborhood, they found that the owl indeed once served in the Navy.The boys began to follow him and once overheard his conversation with philatelist of trade stalls.The two talked about a cipher.The children also found that the sheath of the shop to his father to deliver a son Borka Filin.And then all rigged so cleverly that they got to steal a bundle with a sheath at this poor guy.


Now the guys have only unravel the mystery.By this case they are connected to the school director Alexei Ivanovich, who guessed the inscription states that the dirk is a mechanical key to plant some hours.They also learn the name of the former owner, he was a man of Vladimir Terentyev.Guys, continuing its investigation, begin to look for his family.Understanding that is a dangerous business, the director shall make known to his friend from the NKVD Sviridov.

their common search lead to the mother of the deceased, Maria Gavrilovna Terentyeva, who lived in the Moscow Pushkin.The children began to watch the house, when I saw that came out of her house was none other than himself, Nikita.He's under an assumed name crept into the confidence of the mother he had killed the officer Terentyev.And a summary of "Dirk" is coming to a head.

Home interchange

guys immediately notify Sviridov, who immediately raided and arrested the gunman, who after many excuses, when the confrontation with Misha, surrendered to authorities.

Mother Terentyev learned dirk son and pointed to the large grandfather clock.After a few turns of the handle, open the cache in hours, in which there is a secret paper with the exact coordinates of sunken ships, which transported the ancient treasures.

himself as Nikita wondered ship Davlet Crimean Khan Giray with gold, sank in the Bay of Balaclava.

As a result, this list was sent to the organization "Sudopodem", which, in fact, he worked as Field.A Bear, Genk and Slavko will soon officially accepted into the Komsomol.

famously twisted writer Anatoly Rybakov "Dirk".Summary can not convey the full colors of the events and action-packed, yet so interesting to read it in the original product.