Why loved Onegin Tatyana Larina?

Roman A.Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin" can rightly be considered one of the best literary works of the nineteenth century.On its pages, the author introduces us to the main characters - Eugene Onegin and Tatyana Larina.Both characters are certainly worthy of attention.To answer the question of why Onegin loved Tatiana, let's first understand what a Eugene.

image Onegin at the beginning of the novel

features of the hero, his feelings, thoughts and character revealed to us gradually.

Eugene Onegin - a typical aristocrat of his time, a nobleman.He was "a little, something" was trained by French teachers and tutors, which gave him the opportunity to talk about all the surface with a "connoisseur."

In light of Eugene enjoyed success with the ladies.At first he was pleased that he was able to impress on members of high society, but gradually he was overcome by indifference, he was attacked by the spleen.

hero tries to find in life something interesting.He begins to write, but as it turned out, does not li

ke to "work harder".Reading too little interest in it.

in the village to the sick uncle he arrives, angry at the whole world.Here and Onegin meets the Larin family.To him empathize eldest daughter of the family, my dear lady provincial.To understand why Onegin Tatiana loved, try to learn more about this character.

image of Tatyana Larina.Why she chose

Onegin Pushkin loves his character.Tatyana Larina - sensitive and sentimental girl, brought up on novels.This highly spiritual person with a rich inner world.

Tatiana Pushkin allocates among other actors, calling it
¬ępretty ideal."The author appreciates the ability to feel sincere.Russian Tatiana loves nature, sees her extraordinary beauty.Since childhood, she seeks solitude reading French books about love.

Why Onegin Tatiana loved, easy to understand.He - metropolitan dandy, able to impress knows how to touch the heart of ladies.

continue our work.Why Tatiana fell in love with Onegin?At first glance, everything is clear: "The soul waited ... someone ... and wait."However, the girl's feelings are deep, "Tatiana loves not joking."

What is common between Onegin and Tatiana

Two characters, Onegin and Tatiana, seemingly quite different: he believes in himself, it is - shy;He knows the light, it is - a modest provincial girl.However, the nature of the character has traits that are inherent in Onegin.

Firstly, both heroes differ originality of character.Secondly, unsociable Onegin, like Tatiana, feels alone in the world, whereas it - a stranger among his relatives.Third, they are nostalgic because of dissatisfaction with their surroundings.Fourth, the characters realize the emptiness and banality of provincial and metropolitan communities.These features and construction work.

Why Tatiana loved Onegin?She made the hero of his novel Eugene purpose.She found in him a kindred spirit.However, we are looking for the answer to a question about why Onegin Tatiana loved.As we know, in response to the recognition of women Evgeny advised her to learn how to "govern themselves".So, we read a novel on.

second meeting

After the duel with Lensky, as we know, Onegin leaves the village.He goes to travel.Taking place two years before our hero again meets with Tatyana Larina.Onegin finds her in Moscow, it is - a society lady, the princess, which is the happiness of her husband behaved very decently, not allowing himself to "those little antics," "claims of success."All around admired her, including our hero.He writes to her confession, to which Tatiana says that in spite of the love of Eugene, it is given to another.

Why Onegin is now loved Tatiana

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally.On the one hand, the Tatiana suggests that she is now like Eugene because certain position in high society.It is now "caresses the yard."Shame Tatiana could observe all that would bring Onegin "seductive honor."

Nevertheless, it is likely to say resentment, because she admits that she loves Eugene.

So why Onegin Tatiana loved?Perhaps it is simply caused his interest as a young woman of the world, which is much more attractive than the provincial ladies.In addition, the forbidden fruit is always sweet, because Tatiana became the wife of all the distinguished general.It is a beautiful and inaccessible.We can conclude that Eugene did not love her.

However, it is worth remembering how the first meeting he told Lena that would pick Tatiana, Olga and not, if I were a poet.This confirms that Onegin saw in her a deep personality to bring out the true feelings to which the hero at the time was not ready, for fear of losing "hateful freedom."Nevertheless, one can assume that his words Onegin tried to divert the attention of the young poet from Olga.

likely Onegin Tatiana really liked, because it seems so sincere his letter to Larina.