What is a tick?

play "The Lower Depths" was written by Maxim Gorky in 1902.And she certainly did not go unnoticed nor the audience nor the government agencies, because not received a clear perception and caused a lot of discussions and gossip.The original name it had many "Doss house", "bottom", "Without the sun," "At the bottom of life."As a result, it was called that, in general, and the story itself has ordained.The play tells the story of the poor and the unfortunate inhabitants of cheap rooming house, like a dirty and abandoned barracks.Before the theme "tick" on the bottom ", the characteristics of" a little bit about the history of the creation of the play itself.

production of "The Lower Depths»

Theatre production was only permitted at the Moscow Art Theater.Her successful debut under the direction of Stanislavsky took place December 18, 1902.He played one of the central characters - Satin.In 1904, the play "The Lower Depths" won the award Griboyedov.

the imperial stage production of the play was banne

d, but in 1903, in a nobleman's house and meeting NP Karabchevsky St. Petersburg actors took part in two readings "in the people."Until 1905 only with the consent of the local authorities were allowed to put the play, but only with the big amended.The plot - two opposing ideologies: the brutal truth and "sublime lie."

characteristics of heroes: Mite ("The Lower Depths." M. Gorky).The inhabitants of a doss house

in shelters belonging Kostylev, live people who can only be described as the dregs of society: drunks, card tricksters, thieves of all stripes, prostitutes and even murderers.Some of them still live in hope for the best, while others completely discouraged and unwilling to fight for their place under the sun and live by the laws of the wolf.Therefore there and there are constant squabbles and fights.

One, Vaska Pepel - thief in love with Natasha, sister, wife Kostyleva Vasilisa, Satin - Card sharpie and follower of truth, who believes that a person should be respected and not to feel sorry for the old man Luca - a kind stranger who everyone sympathizesand finds the right words to comfort, even if it is forced to lie.Baron - an impoverished nobleman, squandered his fortune, and ticks - Unemployed worker mechanic and his wife Anna.That's it then, in fact, will be discussed.

mite."At the bottom".Feature

mite is in a rooming house not one, his wife, absolutely exhausted, lying in bed and was about to die of consumption.It almost does not rise, and much suffering, choking cough.

The theme of "tick" on the bottom ", the characteristics of" I should add that this character is very reserved and unsociable, krovushki from his wife, he drank enough, he is his inattention and constant beatings and brought it to such a terrible state.He has absolutely no sense of compassion and pity for her.However, for myself mite wants to return to a normal life and constantly wears away any metal parts in the hope that they will buy.But soon he begins to realize that his work is absolutely useless and no one needs.

Characteristics of ticks from the play "The Lower Depths" Gorky said that he was very angry man hates people, especially because of this damn flophouse.This hero proudly opposes others and believes that all his problems are temporary, and soon he is sure to find a job.Tick ​​constantly quarrels with all the requests and the wife does not scream it meets nervous remark: "ache!".And when Anna pants and asks to take her into the hall, he denies it, because he is afraid to catch a cold in the cold.It was not long, and Anna, of course, is dead, and also compassionate Luke, poor thing, and there was no one to regret.

Conclusion What can I say in conclusion, on the theme "tick."At the bottom": characteristic of a hero? "Without mite resisted his unenviable circumstances, as a result nevertheless abandoned their dreams of a good job and a life, too, I began to sit back and get drunk with the rest of tramps doss house.