Slavic mythology: a bird with a human face

In the mythology of different peoples found a bird with a human face.This is a fabulous creature can be both good and evil, help people or, on the contrary, interfere with them to achieve this goal.We all know about the Odyssey, the ancient Greek hero of the Trojan War.He was on his way home sailed past the island of the Sirens, poluzhenschina-poluptitsy.Only the cunning and wit helped him save the ship and comrades from death.But our ancestors-Slavs were mythical bird.

Birds Slavs

bird with a human face or the head, and was among the Slavs, and not alone.These creatures differed color plumage, habitat, and other features.But feathered mythology was assigned a special role: it is a duck (duck), according to legend, took part in the creation of the world.They are born from the foam of the ocean, or hatched from heaven oak acorns, dived into the depths of the sea and got the land.According to one version, they are sealed with mud branches and leaves, thus building a nest, and on the other - a magic st

one-alatyr was raised to the surface, where he began to grow and become a solid earth.Guise of birds often took the souls of dead duck, for example, strongly associated with the goddess Mokos.

Magic bird

bird with a human face - is a special character.But besides them, a world inhabited by other birds.This Phoenix or Finist, Firebird, and a host of other creatures with strange names: Mogul, Griffin, Skopje, Kuva, Drebezda, boil, foot ... Let us dwell on the most famous of them.

Phoenix.No, it's not a bird with a human face, but, nevertheless, the character is quite interesting and symbolic, however, as all of our fairy tales and legends.It represents immortality, eternal happiness and youth.Its plumage is bright-red, golden, it is fast, like lightning, like a ray of light.Finist symbolizes renewal and rebirth - of nature, man, everything.According to legend, the Phoenix bird day takes form, the night appears as a beautiful prince.Sometimes he falls asleep and wakes up with tears just love women.Finist - a warrior, a fighter, protector, guardian of justice and traditions, messenger of the gods and their assistants.Old, he burns himself to be reborn and become even more beautiful, even younger.

Firebird - another character of Slavic fairy tales.Lives she Irie Heaven is golden feathers, which sparkles in the whole district, and crystal eyes.Radiance is blind, but does not burn.This bird sings beautifully, sometimes speaks with a human voice, sometimes turns into a girl-beauty.Being can conjure human eyes or voice, but in captivity are rarely happy people with their singing, may fulfill a desire, and her pen brings happiness.Firebird guards in the Garden of Eden tree with golden apples, which also feeds.

Broadcasting Gamayun

This is a fantastic bird with a human face.She is the messenger of the gods, messenger of heaven, that is, it brings to people's supreme will.Humayun was born together with our planet, so he knows everything and could presage the future.To her people go for advice, but it must be able to ask, and the answer you need to understand.A inhabits this fantastic bird with a human face near the sea, near the island of Buyan.When she flies across the sky, the earth rising storm.Creek as it promises happiness to every man.

Bird Alkonost

This is another bird of paradise with a human face.Please note: it is certainly bright!It has the head of a beautiful woman and iridescent plumage.It symbolizes joy and happiness, good to people, help, warns of misfortunes.She sings so melodiously that the listener forget about all the troubles in the world.Alkonost - fabulous bird of paradise with a human face - Irie winters in heaven, and in the spring returns to earth with exotic flowers.Happiness will find someone who will see it, but it's very fast and quickly flies away.


This dark bird with a human face in Slavic mythology symbolizes grief, sorrow, it is the messenger of the king of the underworld.If a man meets her, it means that in the future he could face trouble.His head Syrian women, her face is fine, but the body - a bird.Her song is a consolation in sorrow, because it causes drowsiness can tell fortunes.However, the singing of the Syrian dangerous to humans, although very melodic.This bird looks like Alkonost, and together they travel frequently.

strata or Strafil

known another bird with a human face in the Slavic mythology - Strata or Strafil.This kind of mythical ancestor of all birds.It is a huge and very mysterious, living on the sea and the whole world may obscure its right wing.When she waves his wings, the waves cover the water surface, and the cry of a bird causes a storm.Flight Strafili causes terrible flood, the flood, which is dangerous not only for vehicles but also for the city.Instead of an epilogue

We have considered only the most famous wonder-birds, who believed in Russia.As you can see from the article, the meeting with each person promised change.And they were good or not, have depended on the fate and the ingenuity of the traveler.If managed properly understand the song - was saved, if not - well, that is his destiny.

Many birds of paradise are familiar to us from fairy tales, epics, legends.But there are some characters that are mentioned in the annals.They flew to the city, they sat on the temples or huts, sang their seductive song.They came in the dreams of the rulers warned about changes in the state.Maybe someone from the readers will be able to hear the sweet singing of one of them.Just be careful not to scare away a fabulous creature!