Minaev Sergey - the writer, presenter and businessman

Minaev Sergey - the writer, radio broadcaster, businessman, broadcaster and publicist.The author of the acclaimed novel "Duhless."Winner of the award "Radiomania" for 2010.

Childhood and adolescence

When born Minaev Sergey?The writer was born in 1975 in Moscow.On the maternal line of the journalist have Jewish roots.After graduation, he entered the University of Humanities, to learn to be a historian.In 1998, he successfully graduated from it.


Specialty Minaev never worked.At first, he took a loader, then there was a guide to the functions of an interpreter, and in 1999 it took the brand manager at JSC "MBG".After some time Sergey became co-owner of the wine company.

literary activity

After three years of successful work Minaev felt called to the journalistic and literary activities.In collaboration with Eduard Bagirov, he opened the site "Litprom.ru" and it began to publish their works under the name Amigo.This allows you to quickly gain popularity in RuNet.In 2006, his novel "Du

hless" who effortlessly wrote Sergei Minaev.Photo writer loved to hand out at the presentation of the book.Publicist then gave a lot of autographs.At the end of the year, "Duhless" became the best-selling new books.Five years later, this book was removed a feature film.

In 2007 published the second novel of the writer «Media Sapiens».These two books have received antipremiyu "Full paragraph" for a large number of grammatical, factual and punctuation errors.However, this did not prevent publicist released in the following years several novels.

What other books known Minaev Sergey?The writer recognized for the following works: «The Heifers" (2008), "slave" (2009), "visual equipment" (2010) and "Moscow - I do not love you" (2012).


Since the beginning of 2009 and until mid-2012 led publicist program on the channel "NTV", entitled "Honest Monday".In its creation participated management of legal broadcasting known programs such as "Anatomy of a protest" and "state of emergency".Since mid-2011 the writer leads his own show "Mine Life."When in late 2012 Eugene Chirikov ran for mayor of Khimki, opposition leader Alexei Navalny called the show Sergey "Zashkvar TV", refused to give an interview and accused Minaeva in the administration of the Kremlin.This led the writer to the idea of ​​creating the channel Kontr TV, which launched along with Sergei Artak Gasparyan and Anton Krasovsky.Internet channel broadcasts several hours a day in the evening.Budget channel amounted to several million dollars.

for airing Kontr TV used online comments, IP-telephony and a shocking reception as profanity.One of the main topics for discussion - this is politics.The channel out programs such as "Rabies Masha", "sofa" and "Mine Life."In various interviews the founders of the Internet channel opposed themselves to television channel "Rain".

December 11, 2012 in the newspaper "Kommersant" published an article that, according to confirmations of tax services, one hundred percent founder Kontr TV - it's pro-Kremlin Foundation ISEP.This organization was formed at the initiative of the Russian presidential administration.

After that Sergei Minaev made a statement that appealed to the fund on their own initiative because of lack of funds.The negotiations were not one month, and in the contract there is a clause of non-interference in the editorial policy of the fund channel.Later, Anton Krasovsky gave an interview to the project "Snob", which said that Kontr TV - is a project of the Kremlin, whose main objective is the promotion.In January 2013, Anton was fired.It is rumored that this decision was taken by Ming.Two months later, he left channel and the writer himself.The reason for this reform was Kontr TV.The ISEP decided that they will use the Internet site to attract talented young journalists and politicians.Their set will be carried out by conducting competitions in the leading institutions of the country.


Few know how many times marriage was Minaev Sergey.The writer, whose wife recently gave him a son, was married twice.With his first wife he divorced in 2006.Sergei daughter stayed with her mother.The second wife of the writer - editor of "Mine Life" Menshchikova Elizabeth, who became famous in 2010, filming in an alternative calendar for Vladimir Putin.At the end of 2012, she gave birth to a son Minaev.The boy was named after his father.

Additional facts

What else is known Minaev Sergey?Writer with Maxim Vitorganom starred in the video for the song "Letter of Happiness", whose author is Vasya Oblomov.In 2012, along with other celebrities, journalist took part in the filming of the video for the song "composed dreams" artist Vlady.

Sergei Minaev - writer whose biography is not perfect.So, in early 2012, together with Eduard Bagirov he beat Andrew Ryvkina (political commentator GQ).The reason was that the latter is subjected to harsh criticism of literary site.Rivkin did not write statements to the police and promised not to do them any comments in the future.