Interesting facts from the life of Yesenin.

Unfortunately, the way of life of Sergei Yesenin was short.But the great man in the allotted time, he managed to make a really great deal.His poems are considered to be a symbol of the era, and the themes that it has opened, remain relevant to this day.Although the genre Esenina called novokrestyanskoy poetry, nothing to do with the village tales and ethnic motives, he has not.Next, let's talk about this in more detail and will discover one of the most talented literary figures of the 20th century.

family drama

One of the most talented poets of the world born September 21 (new style October 3) in 1895.Homeland him - Konstantinovo village, which was part of the Ryazan province.Family

author has experienced many hardships and disappointments.Interesting facts about Yesenin found historians.They say that the name of the poet was well known in his native village.Grandfather on the father is very respected, because he was literate.The older son, Alexander (father of the poet), Nikita Osipovich gave to

Moscow to study the case of meat.He stayed there.

Later, a man took his wife odnoselchanka Tatiana Titova.The couple went to live with her husband, but after the wedding, Alexander Yesenin Konstantinovo left for work in Moscow.

By misunderstanding young quarreled, and the daughter left the house.So three years Sergei was under the wing of the mother's parents.An interesting fact about Yesenin - it grandfather, Fyodor, pushed it to high art.

Five years of abandonment

the words of the poet, the old Titov has an extraordinary character, he had a good memory and was an extraordinary personality.Daughter Tatyana he sent to Ryazan.Every month a woman sent home for three rubles for the maintenance of his son.

Fyodor was strict with her grandson.From the age of five the child has learned to read.Primer served as spiritual literature.Father instilled in him a love of the book, became his guide in the world of poetry.Natalia Evteevna, grandmother, spoiled tales and amazing stories.

Interesting facts from the life of Yesenin and his family do not end there.Young parents lived apart for more than five years, but in 1904 again came together.Tatiana took her son to her.Forced separation made her gentle and caring mother.Song talent and wit captivated the soul of the young lyrics.

Years behind a desk

Sergei was lucky to attend school.Konstantinovsky School, he graduated with honors.According to his teacher, the boy was violent and energetic, science was given to him easily, with particular zeal he read.

little-known and interesting facts about Yesenin - Man called an atheist.Strange nickname stuck for good reason.Paternal grandfather was once intended to devote his life to God, but changed his mind and called him a monk.After that, all of a kind Esenina so anoint.When he was twelve, he stopped wearing the cross, for which he received a name.

But atheism is not prevented to complete training in the church school.Parents in 1909 sent him to the Savior Klepikovsky school.In the first week, Sergei ran home, but he was brought back.In 1912, the boy successfully passed all the exams.

Another interesting fact about Yesenin - to compose poems guy started eight years.For the party the ability to improve.So, as a teenager out of his hands came the poem "The Tale of Evpati Kolovrat."

start in the capital

Sergey visited his father in Moscow.After graduation, he began working with him in the butcher shop.But the constant disputes and different visions of the future prevented friendship among native people.Despite the great respect for Alexander Nikitich Yesenin Jr. did not agree that it is necessary to continue their studies.Father, in turn, did not believe that you can earn decent rhyming.

Young novokrestyanskoy poetry representative felt that it is waiting for a different future.Having worked in the shop less than half a year, Sergei leaving work.It is worth noting that he clearly knew his destiny.This is confirmed by the facts of the biography Esenina.One of them: in 1914, the first literary fee (three rubles), the poet gave his father.So to prove their case.

career starts in the printing Sytina.There's fate brings him to Anna Izryadnova.Lyric works with leading journals and publications.

Conquest cultural center

In 1914, the world saw the poem "Birch".Published line magazine for children "Small World".An interesting fact about Yesenin: then the man signed as Ariston, but subsequently did not use the nickname.

Later, he became close in Moscow.March 9, 1915 the poet arrived in Petrograd.The aim of the move was to break into the circle of writers.

first hours in the city, and Yesenin did it.Independently I found the apartment of Alexander Blok, whom he regarded as the most talented of his contemporaries, and without hesitation knocked on his door.Handed a folder with the famous poet and his poems are not lost.Block was delighted skill of a stranger, and wrote a letter of recommendation.Then there was familiarity with the other actors of the book, such as A. White, V. Mayakovsky, P. Murashev, S. Gorodetsky.Interesting facts from the life of Yesenin told his friends.Thus, it became known that the early stages of the conquest of St. Petersburg man had nothing to buy food, no place to sleep.The trouble helping comrades.

top of the popularity

fame has come with lightning speed.I had to get used to the virtuoso role of a soldier.In 1915 he was drafted into the army in his native Ryazan.But then he got a reprieve.A year passed before the master of words put on an army uniform.Sergey served as a medical orderly, often he staged concerts, which feature has its own poetry.

Interesting facts about Yesenin dictates of his artistic career.So, along with dozens of wonderful rhyming work in 1916, he distinguished himself as a writer.The magazine "northern notes" placed on its pages the story "Yar".

From 1918 until 1920 was part of the Imagist group, whose main weapon was a metaphor.

with one of his passions, Isadora Duncan, Yesenin has traveled all over Europe and has been for some time in America.Since 1924 he lived in the Caucasus.Map of the world - a biography Esenina.Life facts show that the poet wanted to visit Italy.

Cardiac searches

separate section is to provide his amorous life.

first love was Anna Izryadnova, representative of progressive youth.Fascinated by the poet Anna for life.Even after their separation he remained a loyal friend and supported all ideas.From civil marriage a son, Yuri.

In 1917, captivated the soul of actress Zinaida Reich.There was a wedding soon, followed by a short married life.In marriage two children were born.The initiator of the divorce was Sergei Yesenin.Biography, interesting facts, that Zinaida was the only true love, which yearned for Sergei.

Next time poet lived Galina Benislavskoy, which was his literary secretary.

In 1921 he started a relationship with a foreign dancer Isadora Duncan.On the path of love did not even a language barrier.Two years later, the actress chose Augustine Miklashevsky.But, according to the woman, the novel was platonic.

while also loved colleague Nadezhda Volpin.From it went to Sophia Tolstoy, the granddaughter of the famous poet.But the alliance did not last long.

In the words of the poet, his life was more than three thousand women.

mysterious death

December 28, 1925 Yesenin was found dead in a hotel room.According to the investigation, it was suicide (hanging).But in the circle of his friends, and the subsequent investigation, this information is subject to criticism.Facts Esenina death is still not known for certain.

There is information that a suicide note was written six months before the fateful event.The body was frozen in an unusual condition for hanging.On the skin traces of beating.The room clutter that may be perceived as a fight before and resistance.

Murder anarchist offender regime was beneficial to the apex of power.That is why other versions, except for suicide, not even considered.The poet himself had a lot of strength and a lot of creative plans for the future.Say goodbye to the life he was not going to!