The poem Tvardovsky "By law the memory."

One of the famous Russian writer, Aleksandr Tvardovsky, is considered to be a talented poet and journalist.He is one of the few gifted people who have managed to publish in the Soviet era.However, not all the works were approved by the criticism of Twardowski and approved for publication.Among the banned texts was the poem "On the Law of Memory".Summary it will be discussed in this article.


Poem "right memory", a summary of which will be discussed below, written in the 60s.But because of the ban, it was published only in 1987.The work was originally conceived as part of the poem "For distant - the distance" as Twardowski considered it unfinished, it was some kind of innuendo, "unsaid.How Can I leave ... »

Later, however, an additional chapter was formed as a separate poem.And this work reflected the writer's dissatisfaction with political and social changes of the 60s: the attempts to glorify Stalin again, hiding from the people making the Congress party totalitarianism sprawling, harsh

censorship, custom denunciations, false letters on behalf of "the workers".All of these changes were reflected in the fate of the whole nation and of Twardowski.All this is genuinely concerned about the writer, it can not stand aside and acts poem prosecutor power and its witness against cruel, inhumane actions.

Genre originality

In terms of genre poem can be called lyrical and philosophical meditations.Although the poet calls it "travel diary".The protagonists of the work: Soviet country, the people who inhabit it, as well as their deeds and accomplishments.

interesting genre originality of the works "right memory", a summary of which indicates the presence of fairy tales and magical characters:

  • protagonist returns home;
  • hero Assistant - tractor;
  • anti-hero - a thief;
  • savior - Stalin.

also the predominance of fairy beginning says the abundance of sayings, sayings, proverbs in folk style.Thus, Twardowski depicts reality in mythological form, so many episodes have a deep symbolic meaning.


main theme of the poem "On the Law of Memory" (summary confirms this idea) - the theme of memory.But this problem is transformed into another, more dangerous - responsibility before the descendents for failing to deal with what happened in the past, "Who hides the past ... that is hardly in harmony with the future."Twardowski thought that nobody has the right to forget the past, because it concerns all and affects the future of the country, its development and well-being of the people.

poem built as expressive lyrical monologue, a troubled succession loss and destruction of communication between the generations.

Poem "right memory": summary

The product consists of three parts.The first part is devoted to the youthful recollections of the writer, it sounds warm, ironic, full of plans and dreams: "And where, one of us will have to hear ... my youth."

Dream young so high and pure, his main desire - to work for the country.And if necessary, he is ready to die for their country and life.Writer with anguish and sorrow recalls his youthful naivete and ignorance of all the adversity that has prepared the fate of the "Loving homeland-mother, / That for her fire and water."

second chapter works "right memory", the contents of which we are considering, it is called the "Son of the Father is not responding."This is the most tragic part is not only in the poem, but in life Twardowski.The fact that the writer's family was dispossessed and exiled to Siberia, he stayed Tvardovsky in Smolensk only because at that time separated from their families.To help close the poet could do nothing, and it tormented him all his life.In addition, the stigma stuck him "son of fist", which does not make life easier for the Soviet Union.It is these experiences are reflected in his poem: "Give thanks to the father of the people, that he forgave you father."

third part of the poem sounds affirmative monologue, where the writer defends the right to memory.Only until descendants remember the case of their ancestors, they are alive.Memory - the great gift of the person, and he should not abandon it.


Poem "right memory" many critics was named Twardowski repentance.In it the poet tries to atone for mistakes of youth, his grief and sorrow poured into fine line work of genius.

In the first chapter, along with youthful memories can be seen and presentiment of historical changes that turn into a tragedy and the hero of the conflict not only with the surrounding reality, but also with himself.That internal conflict will be a key in the second chapter of the work.Poet different angles looks at Stalin's phrase "Son of the Father is not responding."These words were a kind of lifeline for those who did not want to share the fate of their parents.However, the lyrical "I" of the poet rejects this help, he does not want to betray his father.Moreover, he stands up for the expelled parent.Twardowski ready to answer for it, to defend the right to human attitude to an enemy of the people, thereby attempting to atone for his betrayal of youthful family.

But gradually the idea of ​​parental responsibility for the case turns into a liability for fulfillment of the whole country.That happened in the days of Stalin, guilty of all those who silently looked at repression.


poem Tvardovsky "By law memory" reflected all the trials that fell to the poet in life.This Stalinist repression and the Great Patriotic War, and heavy post-war period, and the thaw.His work was banned confession, a cry of the soul, which is no longer able to remain silent about their experiences.