"Harry Potter": how many parts in the epic?

world was shocked novels about a boy who spent his short life suffered from the attacks of the evil in the person's relatives Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, and later learned that he could blow them up with only one wave of a magic wand.Books English writer George. Rowling enjoyed by immature teenagers and important lawyers, and old women in retirement.

It is hardly necessary to tell the true fans of the novel "Harry Potter", how many parts of the fantasy epic.But those who infatuation his rusty or just decides to plunge into the magical world of JK Rowling, said: There are seven parts of "Harry Potter."


tale story "Harry Potter" begins in a relatively distant 1990, when during a trip from Manchester to London, Joan suddenly realized: she has to write a book on the green-eyed boy with unruly hair and wizard robes.Then she started to create the book.Thus is born "Harry Potter."How many pieces will be in her work, and she did not know the writer;in that fateful night she had "navayal" only a

few pages, which subsequently will be much different from the final version.

Seven years after graduation Joan considered herself a terrible loser: I've already had a woman a divorce.She even came to mind thoughts of suicide.Nevertheless, she continued to write, and in 1995 completed the first volume of "Harry Potter."However, the light of day he was destined to only two years.Joan warned that a lot of children's literature, it does not work ... These people do not know what to talk with the future owner of the title "Britain's richest woman," whose income is three times higher than the savings of the Queen of England!

first years at Hogwarts

So, as the story "Harry Potter"?Part 1 begins with the meeting of two teachers of the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall.They gathered in front of the threshold of normal family Dursley, that instruct them to raise the little wizard, after surviving a spell Voldemort.Subsequently, the boy learns that a magician, he is supposed to get hold of a magic wand and have a magical education at Hogwarts.And in the first year of study the young magician showed remarkable ability to magic, enrolling at the prestigious Faculty of Gryffindor Quidditch becoming catcher and at the same time and having to save the Philosopher's Stone from the clutches of resurrecting Voldemort.Then the boy has got two friends - Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who remain loyal to him to the end.On the stage, parting with them and finished "Harry Potter 1".

In 1998 came the second part of the magical saga, describing the return to Hogwarts, Harry and his encounter with a mysterious heir of Slytherin, one of the founders of the school of magic.Heir (they turned out to be Tom Riddle, the future Lord Voldemort) using the dreaded creature - a basilisk - attacked the half-blooded wizards, that is, those who have one of the parents was not a magician.But Harry sent back to hell enemy and successfully saves the sister of Ron, Ginny.

third part of "Harry Potter" was released in 1999, and the period of its writing was a writer for the most comfortable: the success of the sales of the first two books will forget about the financial difficulties.The next year in the main character at Hogwarts turns disturbing paint: a prison Azkaban Sirius Black escaped, the fault which allegedly killed Harry's father and mother.But it is more complicated than expected ...

Harry Potter and the Triwizard Tournament

fourth year of training Harry coincides with a landmark for the whole wizarding world event - the Triwizard Tournament.Fourteen magician and could not conceive of it as the cup mysteriously does not define another Potter, the fourth member of the tournament.Under the influence of someone from the adult wizards ... One thing is certain: unknown "assistant" is clearly not a friend of Harry, because now he has to go through a very difficult test.

Having learned that the Dark Lord is risen, and barely survived a fight with him, in the fifth book, Harry is faced with the "Order of the Phoenix", organized once Albus Dumbledore to combat the main antagonist.That the members of this group come to the aid of Harry and his friends when they fall into the trap set by Voldemort.

final battle

penultimate part of the saga "Harry Potter" (how many pieces you already know) reveals the mystery of the Lord: being a teenager, he learned how to separate his soul into pieces and put them into objects (let the magic language, createkrestazhi).The process of separation of the soul must be preceded by a crime, especially heinous and treacherous.But the magician will receive a reward of immortality: it is impossible to kill without destroying all krestazhi.This is the purpose inseparable trinity, left alone with a terrible enemy.However, the good, as usual, won, and "Harry Potter" (part 7 in particular) is crowned with a happy ending.

Life after fantasy

finished work on the epic fantasy, J. K. Rowling has started to books, which had a completely different target audience than "Harry Potter."She wrote the novel "casual vacancy" and Detective "The Call of the Cuckoo."But the magic of the world of their favorite Rowling did not want to leave and writing a couple of books that somehow relate to the story of its main product.

A writer once mentioned that he was going to write about the adult life of his hero.So the phrase "Harry Potter: 9 of the" someday, you see, and it will be possible.Reassured fans expect from the writer of new surprises ... In the meantime, the question of the book "Harry Potter" how many parts to consider the decision.