The story of "Blood of Others": a summary.

One of the best works of the series "The Don Stories" (by MA Sholokhov) - "Blood of Others" - tells the story of unconditional parental love is an inexhaustible source of goodness on earth.

Kruchina old father

Father Gabriel woke up early.He lit up every morning thinking about one thing - about the missing son in the war.Peter was with them one.When the war began, the old man - a former soldier, a Cossack - celebrated his clothing and held with instructions to fight nice, as was the custom in their family.And since then, as the son mounted his horse, bravo corrected sword and pulled off the birthmark base, has not been seen.On what ground had a chance to lay down his head to Peter?Heavy thoughts for a moment did not let the old Gavrilo.

Soviet power

A month after leaving her son in the village went red.Since then, the soul of his grandfather mature burning hatred for the new government.He deliberately wore trousers with red stripes, and chest adorned received for years of service to the king

medals and crosses.

the Description feelings Gavrilo continued story "Blood of Others."Summary (Sholokhov describes in detail how to come into disrepair once-strong economy), the second chapter is the father comforted himself with the hope of returning son.He prepared for his jacket, coat, boots, fur hat, which lay in the trunk, waiting for the owner.

Slowly running out of time, until one day Gavrila did not report news from Turkey returned colleague Peter.Father immediately went to Prokhorov, but did not find him at home.Throughout the night the old man was not asleep, waiting for news of his son.

bitter news

morning appeared Prokhorov.The conversation began slowly.We discussed life under the Soviet regime, the weather.Father if he were afraid to ask the big question - shows Sholokhov.

«Blood of Others" - a summary of the story you are reading - a work that became a tragedy for the people of the Civil War.Such sentences were made to Gavril Prochor word: to "cut down!... To death ... His eyes saw. "Only son, the breadwinner, for which he worked all his life!At night, the old man came to the threshing floor, and softly called out: "My son!Petro! "Then lay down on the snow and stamp down" hard to shut my eyes »...


grandfather lived by himself, did not know the news.The appearance on Sunday on the porch of a chairman and three rifles surprised him - said Sholokhov."Blood of Others" - summary does not allow to transmit all details of the conversation - to include a description of the terrible Cossacks process of withdrawal of bread.What has been acquired through hard work, now it goes the Soviet regime.I could not save her kindness and Gabriel.

suddenly jumped to the court a few horse Cossacks.Shots rang out, and then placed in front of his sword hacked prodotryadnika Kubanets ... Everything happened quickly.Gabriel watched the scene did not immediately realize that the jump to him Cossack asked oats.But there was a cry: "From the mountain infantry" and the horse left the yard - complete chapter Sholokhov.

Alien blood

Summary description continues unpredictable act grandfather Gavril, soul hates Tips.

shots in the village subsided only in the evening.The old man went outside and saw next to stacks arranged in a number of scantily clad prodotryadnikov.Gabriel bent over the dead.His eyes caught quite young - no more than nineteen years old - boy.Santa unconsciously touched his chest and suddenly felt faint pulse of life.He dragged the wounded man into the house where the blood washed, and then rubbing up tired "disgust-cold 'chest.

four days spent rescued unconscious.Gavrila with the old woman poured milk into his mouth, and the mutton broth.And when the boy began to show signs of life, the old man was sitting in his bed and listened to the rambling speech.Increasingly, he felt, looking at the youngster as a boil in tears and felt unsolicited pity.And when the day came to see him passing by the commander of the regiment, and asked to take care of the wounded, Gabriel said firmly: "Watch out."

without departing from the sick and the old woman, who suffered it all unspent love for the missing son.

Only in the sixteenth day of the first man spoke.The old man, having learned that his name was Nicholas briefly said, "... we are going to click Peter."

content and analysis of the short story "Blood of Others" MA Sholokhov show how in the soul of the old Cossack hatred of the Soviet regime, which overturned his life and pick up his only son, gives way to love a stranger to the Red Army in need of his help andcare.Since the foreground humanistic principle, inherent in every human being.

newfound son

Nicholas walked slowly on the mend: thanks to the care old wounds delayed and he gained strength.Gabriel felt more strong liking to his soul.He even felt a sense of jealousy of his wife, when he went out into the yard, and she remained close to the "Peter".One grandfather told her to get things out of the trunk, which was preparing for his son.

Finally, in the spring, Peter said: "Today, get up, Father!" The last word delivered Gavrila "embarrassed joy" - writes Sholokhov.Another's blood - summary does not include a description of all the experiences that have experienced the old caring for someone else's son - was suddenly home.

Nicholas said that was brought up at the factory, worked there before the war.Upon learning that the guy has no family, Gabriel invited him to stay with them forever.Petyushka replied that he would live until the summer, but we'll see.


Towards autumn Nicholas brought a letter.The old man wheeled his hands immediately felt something was wrong and I was right.Former comrades called them his son called him to the factory.Peter toiled long and finally made a decision, which was so afraid of Le Havre to go to the Urals.

parting was severe: if krovinochku home again accompanied the old man: "Sun smerknetsya clear without you here".He knew that Peter would never gate back.

theme of parental love in the story

Speaking about the fate of the old Gavrilov, Mikhail Sholokhov emphasizes the inhuman and devastating was the Civil War.Worried author another question.For a man it is important to leave behind descendants who will honor his memory and traditions of their ancestors.That is why the death of a son Gavrilo economy is in decline: there is nobody was living.And suddenly, as salvation appears Nicholas, once again give the elderly the joy of parental love.

Have Sholokhov's another story - "wormhole."It is about how not managed to overcome the hatred in his heart for a new power the hero kills his own son, who became member of the Komsomol.It describes a terrible split that occurs in some families and in society as a whole.

war did not spare anyone.But in some it evokes humanity and compassion in others - fueling a growing hatred makes you forget about the moral law.This idea shows a summary of the story "Wormhole" and "Blood of Others."