Analysis "And bored and sad" Lermontov.

At the end of his life Mikhail Lermontov thought a lot about the meaning of life, its values ​​and priorities.He is like a premonition of his death and wrote a quick truly unique product, which as it sums up his life span.And here it is impossible not to draw attention to his beautiful lyric poem "And bored and sad", where life seems to him quite bleak, does not meet his hopes and dreams.

Lermontov longing

self-criticism, psychopathic and arrogant Lermontov was perfect in his literary skill.He soon realized that his dreams will not come true.But he wanted to become a great military leader and writer.However, the commander, he did not, and occupy a special niche in the literature of his contemporaries, too, failed.

literally idolized Pushkin, Lermontov, to imitate him and really wanted to be like his idol.But in the end he admitted that Pushkin's second of it will come.Moreover, Lermontov gained notoriety because of his sharp, critical, denouncing, and freedom-loving literary creations.From him

- a hereditary nobleman turned all influential members of high society of St. Petersburg and Moscow.Authorities believe that he is making his creativity into society discord and confusion.

analysis "And bored and sad" Lermontov says that in the last years of the poet is in serious doldrums.Therefore, not only foresaw his own death, but also subconsciously wanted it.

And the only thing at the moment it really bothered these are questions of a philosophical nature: the meaning of his life, which he in this world, why his life is so bleak and useless.It was during this difficult period of reflection Lermontov was born in the head is well-known poem entitled "And boring and sad."In it, he brings an end to the kind of creativity and its failure is not complicated life.

Lermontov "And bored and sad."Analysis of the poem according to plan

Briefly analyze the poem according to plan, we can note a few basic points: creation date, era, genre, theme, motive, means of expression.By bringing all these elements together, we can learn a lot about the author.

For example, if we talk about the creation of this work, it was written in 1840, just a year before the fateful duel poet.And in July 1941, Lermontov left the dull and ugly world, that does not justify his hopes.

This famous work was written in verse in the genre of elegy.Rich epithets, it belongs to the masterpieces of Russian literature of the XIX century.The theme of sadness and loneliness chosen is no accident, his depressed state completely coincides with his spiritual world, the lumen in which it is no longer seen.And the vitality it had been on the wane.

analysis "And bored and sad" Lermontov reveals to us the mystery of loneliness of the poet, who in desperation runs into a terrible depression and recognized this in his touching lines: "And no one's hand submit to the minute spiritual adversity."

At this time, Lermontov was only just 27 years old, but the poet has said that in his heart he did not have any desire.This is indicated by the line: "What good is vain and always ask for?".The poet seems anticipates his destiny, and that nothing good is not destined to come true.

theme of love women had weakened, and also does not represent any interest for him.Lermontov says that he has no one to love, he realizes that this feeling again, only for a while, and as he himself says, "forever love is impossible."

Lermontov "And bored and sad."Analysis of the poem

The following lines of the poem can be traced a shame that in the past were the valor and courage of his idols, which he considered the Decembrists and Pushkin.He writes that "there is no trace of the past."

Besides analysis "And bored and sad" Lermontov says even that is now the author wants to be a slave to the passions and vices, which are disease disappear "by the light of reason."What is life for him seems "empty and stupid joke," in which no goals and desires, and no sense of joy.

Confessions of a Russian genius

The style of this piece looks like a kind of rhymed confession of a great genius, summed up all his ideas about life.Analysis "And bored and sad" Lermontov says that the poet is very tired of the mortal being.However, he's still so young.From his head came from thoughts about the meaninglessness of their existence?Probably all because it is thin, sensitive and vulnerable nature does not remain indifferent to all that was happening around him and Russia.

It really shook the treacherous death of Pushkin.And if fate gave him a chance to be born a little earlier, he probably would have been, or in the Senate Square, or in the military ranks of the military Suvorov and Kutuzov.

fact, turned out to be the hero of Lermontov not his time.Analyzing the subject of the school curriculum "Lermontov" And bored and sad. "Analysis of the poem, "I want to note that a very good reason why so lightly and scornfully treated the writer's and his poetic talent.After all, he even could not imagine that in a few decades of his masterpieces will shine on a par with the famous works of his mentor - Alexander Pushkin.

Great Lermontov

Now it impossible to predict what would happen if Lermontov knew in advance that would be a great classic of Russian literature.With its unusually lyrical and beautiful pieces will conquer and delight curious minds of the younger generation.

pity, of course, aware that at the critical moment beside him was not a single true friend who would be able to support, encourage and persuade the poet that everything he did, was not in vain and pointless, and thatits biased attitude to his creativity is absolutely foolish and groundless.Maybe then the fate of the poet would have turned out differently.And then there would be an absurd tragic death of a great man like Lermontov."Boring and sad," analysis lends itself very easily, everything is simple and clear.But somehow, I read it with great attention, once it becomes somehow sadly and sick at heart.It is in this that lies the great huge poetic talent Lermontov, which we so appreciate and love.