The poem "Requiem" (Anna Akhmatova).

Anna Akhmatova - one of the greatest poets of the 20th century.The woman, whose perseverance and dedication in Russia admired.The Soviet government took from her first husband, and then her son, her poems were forbidden, and the press suited her persecution.But no sorrows failed to break her spirit.A test that fell to her share, embodied in his works Akhmatova."Requiem", the story of creation and analysis which will be discussed in this article, was the swan song of the poet.

idea poem

In the preface to the poem Akhmatova wrote that the idea of ​​such a product she arose during the "Yezhov terror", which she spent in prison queues, seeking a meeting with her son.Once it learned, and one of the women asked whether Akhmatova to describe what was happening around.The poet replied: "I can."From that moment the idea to the poem, according to Akhmatova herself.

«Requiem», the history of creation of which is associated with very severe over the years for the Russian people, he had suffered a writer.In 1

935 he was arrested for anti-Soviet activities of the son of Akhmatova and Nikolai Gumilev - Lev Gumilyov.Then Akhmatova was able to quickly release the son, writing a letter to Stalin personally.But in 1938, followed by a second arrest, then Gumilev Jr. was sentenced to 10 years.And in 1949, he was promoted last arrest, after which he was sentenced to death, commuted later reference.A few years later Lev Gumilyov was fully rehabilitated and the charges to be unfounded.

poem Akhmatova's "Requiem" embodied all of those sorrows that made these terrible years of the poet.But not only the family tragedy was reflected in the work.It expressed sorrow of all the people affected by that terrible time.

first line

outline appeared in 1934.But it was the lyrical cycle, the creation of which was originally planned, and Akhmatova."Requiem" (history of creation which is our topic) became a poem later, in 1938-40 years.Completed the work was already in the 50s.

In the 60s of the 20th century poem, published in samizdat, was very popular and passed from hand to hand.This is due to the fact that the product was banned.Many suffered to keep his poem, Akhmatova.

«Requiem»: the history of creation - the first publication

In 1963, the text of the poem gets abroad.Here in Munich, the first time the product is officially published.Russian emigrants appreciate the poem, the publication of these poems endorsed the view of poetic talent Akhmatova.However, the full text of the "Requiem" was published only in 1987, when it was published in the journal "October".


theme of the poem Akhmatova's "Requiem" - the suffering of the relatives of a man whose life weighs in the balance.The work consists of poems written in different years.But they are all united sad and mournful sound that is made in the name of the poem.Requiem - a piece of music intended for the memorial service.

in prose preface Akhmatova says that the work is written by someone else's request.It proved to be the traditions established by Pushkin and Nekrasov.That is, the execution of the order of the common man, embodying the will of the people, says civic orientation of the whole work.Therefore, the characters of the poem - all the people that were with her at "red blind wall."The poet writes not only her grief, but also the suffering of all the people.Therefore, its lyric "I" is transformed into a large-scale and all-encompassing "we".

many-voiced and many-sided "Requiem" (Akhmatova), the content of the poem, and identified these features.Thanks mnogogeroynosti reader hears the cries and feels the grief of not one person, and all the victims.

first part of the poem, written trehstopnym anapaest suggests folklore its orientation.And images (dawn, dark upper room, arrest, like the removal of the body) create an atmosphere of historical authenticity and gone back centuries: "I, as a Royal little wife."Thus, suffering lyrical conceptualized as a timeless, familiar to women even in the years of Peter.

second part of the work, written chetyrehstopnym chorus in the style of a lullaby.The heroine is no longer distressed and crying, she was calm and restraint.However, this imaginary humility, inside insanity grows moment by experienced grief.At the end of the second part in my thoughts all the mingled lyrical madness seizes it completely.

culmination of the work was the head of "death."Here the main character is ready to die in any way: the hands of bandits, diseases, "shell."But no mother's disposal, and it is literally petrified with grief.


poem Akhmatova's "Requiem" bears the pain and suffering of the Russian people.And not only experienced in the 20th century, but also for all the centuries.Akhmatova poses no documentary precision with his life, she said Russia's past, its present and future.