Writer Sorokin: master of conceptualism

Vladimir Sorokin - a writer whose books cause heated discussions after the publication.And disputes arise not only among warranted to be of the opinion literary critics, but also among ordinary citizens, which may discourage some "Blue Lard" or "Norma".Shocking Sorokin has played a trick on him: "Walking Together" held a rally on the descent of his books into the toilet.All it would be very ironic and innocent, if not one "but": after the rally, some protesters went to the house of the creator and offered him hang on the windows prison bars.

elements biographies

Education Vladimir Sorokin (in 1977 he graduated from the Institute of Oil and Gas) is not associated with literature or the arts.However, the specialty he has never worked, but doing graphics.As a writer Sorokin took place in the 80s, published abroad novel "Queue", which aroused the interest of KGB.He is the author of several novels, a dozen plays, scripts for films.

Sots Art

addition reputation enfant terrible modern writer Sorokin

(deservedly so, by the way), received the title of master of conceptualism, or rather, his most shocking and extravagant branch - Sots Art.This name was suggested in the first half of the 70s by artists Komar and Melamid.

basic idea of ​​social art is liberation from the power of any discourse, which in Soviet times was a particular historical, political significance.So it is no accident the writer Sorokin their books - early and late - built as a parody of genres, demonstrating the aesthetics of socialist realism.


As noted by Catherine Clark, the basis for the so-called "Stalin's novel" put deeply transformed mythological subjects associated with the rite of initiation.The protagonist of the socialist realist novel unconsciously tends to merge with the team.Usually it helps wise friend, which is expressed in a variety of boards, farewell.At the end of the initiation of the subject is given the symbol, confirming the success of the ceremony - membership card or badge.

writer Sorokin in his works often deploys chain story, to recreate the situation "master student committed."A striking example - the story "Sergey A." (1992).The plot is built around the campaign of a teacher and his charges.As the tests students are encouraged to be tested for knowledge of the stars (as the personification of romantic aspirations).But the ritual communion Sorokin performs a scene of eating excrement wards teacher.As you can see, there is a replacement of symbolic code naturalistic, and self-abasement person in such a situation reaches a limit.

variety of styles

Another feature of the poetics of prose Sorokin - a stylistic leap, a sharp transition from socialist realist "smooth" the letter to the disgusting scenes, and even a simple nonsense.Encyclopedia of the reception is the product of that first comes to mind domestic readers, to hear a combination of "Vladimir Sorokin.Roman. "This refers to the "norm", written in 1983.The novel begins during Andropov's KGB when scouring the apartment dissident discovers two manuscripts.One of them is a work of Solzhenitsyn ("The Gulag Archipelago"), the other - a novel called "Norma".It describes the lives of ordinary "homo Sovieticus" who were forced to eat the norm - compacted feces.Failure to obey this requirement was fraught with serious consequences for the rebel.

exposing the conformity of Soviet society, Sorokin carries deconstructing the socialist-realist mythology, and then the whole of Russian life, along with the literature.The writer plays various styles, including parody manner characteristic of critical realism.


«Blue Lard" (1999) continues the tradition of all the previous works of Sorokin, but this time is subject to the deconstruction of modernism.In the novel, there are clones of famous writers, among them - A. Platonov and Vladimir Nabokov, subcutaneous deposits of fat which are blue, a valuable substance.The latter falls into the hands of Stalin and Hitler, who lived happily in an alternate 1954.

By the way, really no discredit, or even "catch" Modernism Sorokin failed.The most successful should recognize Tolstoy stylized figures are very far from the trends of the twentieth century.Tolstoy's theme of human harmony with the surrounding world in a new sound, looks refreshingly unusual on the background of what is happening in the novel.Everything else looks like unfunny parody (in the case of Platonov), or do not understand what (this refers to the imitation of Nabokov).The reason for this failure is clear: as a writer Sorokin is very close to modernism that is so tries to debunk.In fact, the most powerful blow, he does not Oska (ie Mandelstam) or an ugly old woman AAA (in a manner that criticism with indignation beheld Anna Akhmatova), but by itself, in aesthetic conceptualism that can be considered "Blue Lard" as the firstconceptualist self-parody.