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Aleksandr Tvardovsky - known Soviet writer, journalist and poet.The image of Basil Terkina created them in the most difficult years for our country, familiar to everyone since childhood.Brave, resilient, and resourceful soldiers and today retains its appeal.Therefore, it is a poem Twardowski and her protagonist were the subject of this article.

Bob Terkin and "book about the warrior»

hero named Bob Terkin was established before World War II the staff of journalists, one of whom was Twardowski.The character was invincible fighter, successful and strong, something reminiscent of the epic hero.

to Finnish war journalist, who is the Twardowski, the image of Basil Terkina evokes the idea of ​​a full-fledged works in verse.When he returned, the writer begins to work and expects to complete the book in 1941 and called it "The book is about a soldier."However, a new war mixed plans Twardowski sent to the front.In the difficult first months he had no time to think about work, together with the army, he

steps back, out of the encirclement.

Creating an image of the protagonist

In 1942, the writer returns to the poem conceived.But now it is not the hero is fighting to the last, but in the present war.Also changing the very image of Basil Terkina poem.Prior to that, he was a joker Bob, now it's a completely different person.From it depend on the fate of others, the outcome of the war.June 22, 1942 Twardowski announces the new name of the future of the poem - "Vasily Terkin".

The work was written during the war, almost in parallel with it.The poet managed to quickly reflect the changes and keep the front-line and artistic beauty of the language.Heads of poems published in the newspaper, and the soldiers were looking forward to the new release.The success of the product due to the fact that Basil Terkin - the image of the Russian soldier, that is collective, and thus close to each fighter.Therefore, this character so inspired and encouraged, gave strength to fight.

theme poem

main theme of the poem Tvardovsky - lives at the front.How to have fun and provocatively, with humor and irony, the writer nor described the events and heroes, he at the same time did not allow to forget about that war - and tragic ordeal.And the image of Basil Terkina helps to reveal this idea.

poet describes as the joy of victory and the bitterness of the retreat, a soldier's life, death, fear, all that befell the people.And these people were tested for the sake of "Mortal combat is not for the glory, for the sake of life on earth!»

But Twardowski pronimaet problems not only of World War II, he speaks about the war in general.Raises philosophical questions about life and death, peace and battles.Through the prism of the principal human values, the writer looks at war.

Symbols in the name of the protagonist

remarkable in terms of the symbolism of the image of Basil Terkina.Composition dedicated to this hero, you can start just with this, and then go to the detailed characterization of the hero, which will be presented in detail below.Thus, as noted above, the hero Twardowski dramatically changed, it is not the same joker Bob.His place is a real fighter, a Russian soldier with his biography.He participated in the Finnish campaign, and then returned to the army in 1941, departed, got into the environment after with the whole army goes on the offensive, and ends the way in Germany.

image of Basil Terkina multifaceted symbolic, embodying the people, Russian type of person.It is no accident in the poem there is no mention of his family, personal relationships.He is described as a man civilian, who was forced to become a soldier.Before the war, Vasily lived on the farm.So he sees war as an ordinary civilian: for him it is unimaginable grief is akin to a natural disaster.He's living the dream of a peaceful life.That is Twardowski creates Terkin type normal villager.

The hero speaking name - Terkin, ie grated life, experienced man in the poem about him says, "Life shredded."

image of Basil Terkina

often becomes the subject of creative works Terkina image of Basil.Writing about this character is a little help to supplement the creation of the poem.

composition of disparate works into one combines the protagonist, a participant of the described events - Vasily Terkin.He is from Smolensk peasants.Good-natured, easy to communicate, trying to maintain morale, which often tells soldiers funny stories from his military life.

Terkin from the first day at the front was wounded.But his fate, the fate of the common man, who was able to endure all the hardships of war, represents the strength of the Russian people, the will of its spirit and thirst for life.The most important thing in the image Terkina - that it does not stand it any smarter or stronger or more talented than others, it is all "just a guy he is / He is an ordinary ... A guy like that / In every company there is always".

However, the ordinary man is endowed with qualities such as bravery, courage, simplicity, sense of humor.This Twardowski stresses that all these qualities are inherent in all Russian people.And this is the reason for our victory over the ruthless enemy.

But Terkin not only a seasoned soldier, he is a craftsman, a handyman.Despite the severity of the war, he repairs clocks, sharpen the saw, and in the intervals between battles playing the accordion.

To emphasize the collective image, Twardowski suggests the hero of himself in the plural.

Terkina remarkable conversation with Death.A soldier lies wounded, ends his life, and it is a bony.But the hero agree with her to leave only if she would give him a reprieve for one day so that he could "hear the victory salute."Then Death surprised this dedication and retreats.


Thus, the image of Basil Terkina - a collective image, designed to emphasize the heroism and courage of the Russian people.However, in the present character and personality traits: agility, cleverness, wit, ability to not give up even in the face of death.