Each of us in my childhood reading or watching a fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse", but what do we know about its author, which is PP Ershov?The biography of this man little known.Moreover, some believe this fairy tale folk.Tom, who was in which he lived the author of famous works devoted to this article.


Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov was born in the village of Bezrukovo Tobolsk Province.His father was a minor official, and his mother - the daughter of a wealthy merchant.The future writer was born very weak and was sick a lot.But as time passed, the boy crepe, and the family moved frequently because of his father.However, in 1827 it became clear that it is time to give the children to school, and Peter and Nicholas arrived in Tobolsk gymnasium.

Gymnasium at the time headed by Ivan Mendeleev, father of the famous chemist, he takes over the patronage of Peter.Largely thanks to this teacher in 1831 graduated from high school with honors PP Ershov.

biography of the writer is also interest

ing because he himself Ershov was a versatile person.Already in his early years he was able to play the flute and harpsichord, as well as engaged in collecting local stories and legends, which are recorded and stored.

Adolescent Years

In the same 1831 Pavel Yershov gets his transfer to St. Petersburg.Thanks to the patronage of the governor of Siberia Ershov family is in North Palmyra.

huge impressed architectural splendor of St. Petersburg for young Yershov.In addition, the city that gave him a lot of acquaintances, who later played an important role in the life of the writer.

Upon arrival Ershov submit documents to the Imperial University in the History and Philology.But because of poor knowledge of European languages, it is taken only on the philosophical and legal.In college, he was no different and diligence rather negligent attitude to school - so he claimed PP Ershov.

biography of the writer - it's also numerous losses.So, in 1833 his father died, and soon the elder brother.Peter P. is a sick mother.Family financial situation much worse.

At the same time a student writes the first part of the famous "Humpbacked Horse."The tale was published in 1834 in the journal "Library for Reading".In the same year she got a separate publication, including all three parts.PP Ershov (biography which became the subject of our article) was then nineteen boys.

years at the St. Petersburg writer seriously interested in theater and opera.The reason for this - his love of music, learned from childhood.

Flushed with success, Ershov continued to write and publish.So, from his pen out two plays ("Thomas Smith" and "Suvorov and stationmaster"), as well as a number of poems.

Because of the deplorable financial situation in 1836 Ershov petitions to the position of teacher and went to Tobolsk.

Return to Tobolsk

So, back to work in their home school Ershov Petr Pavlovich, whose biography is not so brilliantly, as the fate of his famous tales.He teaches Latin, literature and philosophy.The then director of the EM Kachurin strongly plagued celebrities who came from St. Petersburg.

In 1839 Ershov marries a widow with four children, Seraphim Alexandrovna Leshcheva.Young teacher for a long time waiting for her consent to the marriage.From that moment, the main thing in the writer's life becomes to earn money to feed a large family.

Not happy was the fate of Ershov, he lost many loved ones.Having lost his father at an early age, his brother and mother, in his mature years he buried two wives and 15 of his children survived to adulthood just four.

However, all fell to his share of suffering humbly accepted Ershov P. Brief biography of this man could be represented by a transfer of losses.As a true Christian, the poet did not complain and do not despair.Moreover, he managed to create.So, the world saw the poem "Suzge" profit "Siberian Cossack" stories "Autumn Evening" and a few poems.

last years of his life passed in relative peace.Peter P. died in 1869 and was buried in the cemetery of Tobolsk in the logjam.

Interesting facts

Many amazing events experienced Ershov Petr Pavlovich, whose biography without mentioning at least the most interesting of them would be incomplete.

As noted above, as a child very sick writer.And one day, when the child's condition deteriorated very, desperate parents dare to spend a magical rite.He looked as follows: the child sold for a penny to a beggar, who, according to legends, and took away all illnesses and sorrows.On this occasion Ershov in adulthood joked that he knew for certain its price - a penny.

While living in Siberia was a patron Ershov Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev, the famous scientist.Since the boy's father died when the child was only 13 years old, needed a mentor Dmitri.And do Mendeleev in St. Petersburg Pedagogical University helped it Ershov.

biography for children of this writer could be collected only from the amazing and notable cases, which was a lot in his life.

fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked HorseĀ»

history of this product is very unusual.One of the professors at the University of Yershov was Pletnev, a great friend of Pushkin.Once he instructed students to write a work of folk art.Writing young writer shocked Pletnev, and he even read a passage in a lecture.This manuscript was the first part of "Humpbacked Horse."The tale has been shown Pushkin, who spoke about it with great enthusiasm.

connoisseur of the national language and folklore proved Ershov P., whose biography has greatly contributed to this.It was collected in his youth spent in Siberia, legends and stories formed the basis for the work.

Tale was written in verse, and talked about the youngest of three sons, who were instructed to guard the fields at night by an unknown thief.


hard, but interesting and eventful life lived PP Ershov, whose biography was discussed in the article.Unfortunately, except for the fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse", no work of the writer was not a success with the public.And the complete works Ershov came only in 2005.