The main characters of the play, AN

play "Thunderstorm" - the most famous creation of Alexander Ostrovsky.Each character of the work - a unique personality, takes its place in the system of characters.Notable in this regard is the characteristic of Tikhon."Thunderstorm", the play, the main conflict is built on the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition, is interesting for its oppressed heroes, they include and our character.

play "Thunderstorm»

The play was written in 1859.Location - the fictional town of Kalinov, who stands on the banks of the Volga.Time of action - the summer, all the product covers 12 days.

In its genre "Thunderstorm" refers to the social and domestic drama.Ostrovsky paid much attention to the description of structure of everyday life of the city, the characters are the product come into conflict with the established order, for a long time myself izzhivshimi and despotism of the older generation.Of course, the main protest expresses Caterina (the main character), but not the last in a riot takes place and her

husband, which confirms the characteristics of Tikhon.

«The Storm" - the product, telling about human freedom, the desire to break free from the shackles of outdated dogmas, religious authoritarianism.And all of this is depicted in the background of a failed love protagonist.

system images

system images in the play is based on the opposition of petty tyrants, all accustomed to command (Kabaniha, Savage), and young people willing to finally gain freedom and live your mind.The head of the second camp Katerina, only she have the courage to open confrontation.However, other young characters eager to get rid of the yoke of obsolete and meaningless rules.But there are those who are humble, and not the least among them stands the husband of Catherine (below is a detailed description of Tikhon).

«Storm" depicts the world of "the dark kingdom", only the heroes can destroy it or die as Katerina, misunderstood and rejected.It turns out that seized power petty tyrants and their laws are too strong, any rebellion against them leads to tragedy.

Tikhon characteristic

«The Storm" - the product where there are no strong male characters (with the exception of the Wild).So, Tikhon Kabanov appears only limp, weak and frightened man his mother, unable to protect the woman he loves.Feature Tikhon from the play "Thunderstorm" shows that this character - a victim of the "dark kingdom", he lacks the determination to live his mind.Whatever he was doing, and wherever you went - everything happens by the will of the mother.

Even as a child Tikhon used to follow orders Kabanihi, and this habit has remained with him and in his mature years.And so this ingrained need to obey that even the thought of disobedience throws it in horror.Here's what he says about it: "Yes I am, mama, I do not want his will to live."

Feature Tikhon ("Thunderstorm") says about the character as a man, ready to bear all the taunts and rudeness of his mother.And the only thing he dares - the desire to escape from the house to carousing.It is only available to him the freedom and liberation.

Katerina and Tikhon characteristic

«Storm" - a play where one of the storylines is love, but how close it is to our hero?Yes, Tikhon loves his wife, but in his own way, not as willing to Kabaniha.He was kind to her, does not want to rule over her, intimidate her.But Tikhon does not understand Katherine and her emotional suffering.Its softness and a detrimental effect on the character.Whether Tikhon bit braver and possess at least some will and ability to fight, Catherine did not need to look for it all on the side - in Boris.

Feature Tikhon from the play "Thunderstorm" puts him in a very bad light.Despite the fact that he reacted calmly to the betrayal of his wife, he can not defend it either from the mother or from other members of the "dark kingdom".He leaves Katerina one, despite his love for her.Non-interference of this character in many ways was the final cause of the tragedy.Just realizing that the lost lover, Tikhon dares to open revolt against their mother.He blames her for the death of the girl, no longer fearing the tyranny and its power over him.

Images Tikhon and Boris

Comparative characteristics of Boris and Tikhon ("Thunderstorm") leads to the conclusion that they are similar in many ways, some literary critics even called them heroes-doubles.So, what do they have in common and what they are different?

not find the necessary support and understanding from Tikhon, Catherine turns to Boris.What it has attracted so character?In the first place it is different from the other inhabitants of the city: educated, graduated from the Academy, dressed in the European manner.But this is only the outer side, and what's inside?In the course of the story it turns out that it depends on the Wild in the same way as Tikhon of Kabanihi.Boris will and beskharakteren.He says he keeps his only legacy, which deprived his sister would be Bride.But all this seems to excuse too meekly he demolishes all the humiliations uncle.Boris genuinely falls in love with Katherine, but he does not care that this love will ruin a married woman.He, like Tikhon, worried only about themselves.In words, both sympathize with the main character of the hero, but they lack the strength of mind to help her, to protect.