Relations between Oblomov and Olga in the novel IA Goncharov "Oblomov"

novel "Oblomov" is the most prominent work of Ivan Goncharov.The author worked on it for over 10 years.The storyline works "Oblomov" - a love story of Ilya Ilyich Olga Elias.About such people often say that they are made of different tests.However, it often happens that lives collide completely opposite people.Let's try to understand what these two characters, and analyze why so relationships formed Oblomov and Olga.

Lifestyle Ilya Ilyich Oblomov

life rather just be called inactive.He is not much interested, did not go out, I do not read books.Favorite pastime hero - in a dressing gown lying on the couch.He just does not see the point of activity, Oblomov likes to dream.

came to visit his friend, Andrei Ivanovich Stolz - the opposite of the protagonist.He is trying to make changes in his life.Relations between Oblomov and Olga began thanks to him.

Meeting with Olga

So Stolz tries to stir up Oblomov.Together they go on a visit, Stolz makes him read, meet interesting girl, who was Olga Elias.

This acquaintance protagonist awakens strong feelings.He explained the girl in love.Oblomov and Olga, the relationship that seemingly could not start at all, nevertheless began to meet.She finds love Ilya Ilyich its debt.She wants to change it, to make live differently.

changes in the life of Oblomov

life of the protagonist really changed.He starts to quite active.Ilya Ilich is now rising at seven in the morning, reading.On the face appear ink disappears completely fatigue.

Love Olga Oblomov makes manifest the best qualities.As noted by Goncharov, Ilya Ilyich, in some way, "I caught up with life."

However, the solution of practical issues still bothers him.He was not interested to engage in the construction of houses in Oblomovka to carry out the road to the village.Moreover, the relationship between Oblomov and Olga generate it diffidence in yourself.Then he comes to understand that Olga did not like it.It is demanding, persistent, severe, exacting.Feast of Love has become a duty, even in the service.

relationship Oblomov and Olga ends, he again puts on the robe and leads former way of life.

Olga Elias and Agatha Pshenitsyna

In his novel Goncharov wrote about two women who loved Oblomov.First, Olga Elias, active, educated.She sings well, interested in art, literature and science.With its high spiritual qualities, she was able to understand the nobility of soul Oblomov.However, Olga sees flaws in the nature of Ilya Ilyich.She did not like his passivity, inactivity, laziness.She loves most, his noble mission, which is going to happen because of the spiritual revival of the protagonist.The girl is not devoid of vanity.She is a pleasant thought that she would be the cause of his "awakening".

It is because of the fact that this love was a lot of desire to remake the other, separated Oblomov and Olga.Relationships based on the demands and claims to another person, are doomed to failure.

completely opposite Olga was Agatha Matveevna Pshenitsyna - the second woman, who loved Oblomov.It is, of course, did not possess the Elias erudition and did not understand his mind, did not see the spiritual wealth.Agatha Matveevna tasty fed him and just make life comfortable Ilya Ilyich.

Female ideal Oblomov

mismatch girl ideals Ilya Ilyich - another reason that could not be together Olga Elias and Oblomov.The relationship of these characters were based on reverence for the beauty and ambition to transform a loved one.

no secret that in love we often look for those ideals that have been learned by us in childhood.Olga encourages demanding Oblomov act, to think, and he is looking for harmony and peace, which can provide a lovely woman.

Olga Elias and Oblomov, the relationship that will not last long acquainted, as we remember, through a mutual friend Andrew Stolz.This girl bursts into his life, and for some time to pluck out of the world of dreams and idle.

Agafea Matveevna - owner of the apartment, which took Oblomov, appears in his life once is unusual, almost imperceptibly.The main character likes to talk a bit with it, he notes its economic, even temper.However, it does not cause his soul is no excitement.

Unlike Olga Agatha Matveevna not trying to elevate Oblomov to his ideal, she considers him a man better breed than herself.As is well known, it is important for men to be loved for what it is, without trying to alter.Agatha Matveevna Oblomov becomes the personification of feminine virtue.

relationship Oblomov and Olga Elias built on her idea of ​​happiness.Agatha Matveevna thought only of the comfort and convenience of Ilya Ilyich.Oblomov Olga constantly forced to act, for the sake of it, he had to step over themselves.Agatha Matveevna, on the contrary, trying to get rid of the protagonist of the hassle.She even laid his property to Oblomov not give up your favorite habits.

relationship Oblomov and Olga Elijah were not possible because of the inconsistency of these two characters.Goncharov brings us to an understanding of what Agatha Matveevna embodied the ideal woman of the protagonist.He married this good, hard-working woman.Life with Olga did not bring happiness to him or her, because their goals are completely different.

Life with Agafya Matveyevna was for Oblomov epitome of family happiness: calm, satiety, comfort.With her Ilya Ilyich if came back to the happy days of his childhood, filled with love and care mama.