"Captain Daredevil": summary.

Captain Daredevil - a character who is more than a century encouraged the younger generation with their courage, acumen and leadership qualities.Millionaire, made a fortune during the gold rush, Jean Grandier left his home and went to faraway Africa to liberate this land from the British conquerors.

Legendary captain

With this wonderful hero introduced us to the famous author of adventure books - French writer Louis Bussenar.Captain Daredevil - a legendary character, almost dreamlike.It is hard to imagine that he has a real prototype.Millionaire, made a fortune in fifteen years.The legendary commander of the scouts.A talented commander and a fiery leader.All of these are connected to the incarnation Jean Grande.

Being an active participant in the Franco-Prussian War, the physician Louis Bussenar knew the specifics of the heavy life and fierce battles.The author skillfully plays on the pages of their books battlefield tours and life in the rear.Although since the events took place more than a cent

ury, courage, a sense of justice and exploits of heroes and now excite readers.

Facets of courage

This is a great book, and today almost every schoolchild is desirable to know its summary.Captain Daredevil - a beautiful image that encourages youths.Much attention is paid writer create a multi-faceted personality of Jean Grande.First we meet the legendary captain in his battle incarnation.In the first chapter of the novel, he takes a little party out of the fire of the British.The author emphasizes the courage of the hero and his ability to make unconventional decisions in difficult situations.Captain detachment hides in the bushes and makes move on all fours.

already in the next chapter Bussenar reveals the other side of the individual grants, immersing readers in the events that occurred much earlier battles of the Boer War.We learn the story of Jean, who found their wealth in the icy polar hell mine.At the Klondike gold fields hero realizes that his life is now the main incentive will be to find adventure.From a modern point of view, such a position can be called adrenaline addiction.But should it do?After all, we face a classic Bildungsroman.

Stealth and administrative talent

Consider the features of the product Bussenar and its summary.Captain Daredevil - a hero of historical adventure novel.In it the writer faithfully reproduces many of the details of the work of the colonial authorities.For example, in the second chapter, the author tells with humor about how young Grandier moved into the rebellious Pretoria a few boxes of weapons, bribing petty official.

pays a lot of attention Bussenar organizational talent Jean.He amassed his unit, which was about a hundred people in a few months.This group was international, was composed of borax, French, Germans, Italians, Spaniards and Arabs.All of them fought fiercely, but strictly obey orders.Friction within the team was not observed, but communicating through an interpreter.Jean was a talented leader.Soldiers have repeatedly demonstrated their unconditional devotion to him.

vicissitudes of war

hardest part in the analysis of the book - to retell her summary.Captain Daredevil - a very unusual character.He is a volunteer, and every one who goes into battle on their own dreams of heroic deeds.Then Bussenar reveals the secret of all generals.In war, battles are rare.The daily life of a soldier - it's like, forced marches, sieges of cities and patrols.When the volunteers knew it, they covered the terrible disappointment.So it was with a detachment of Jean Grande.However, his good fortune did not miss them.

The sudden attack of the British squad was saved only by the resourcefulness commander.After that, Jean was appointed head of the Boer general intelligence.When tragic circumstances Grandier met a farmer David Potter, who saved the life of the young Frenchman.Patriot and implacable fighter for independence, the drill was executed by the British in the eyes of his family.Jean Grandier vowed revenge on the murderers.

how to fight the British and the Boers?

This storyline determines the composition of the novel and its summary.Captain Daredevil - a master of intelligence.He always delivered Boer commanders the most accurate information.The English army was much more modest forces of local residents.Therefore, the Boers had to use non-standard methods of war.

described in detail Bussenar battle between the troops of General George White and the rebels.The English army was fighting all the laws of tactics, as the Boers had to invent new ways of fighting literally under fire.Much attention the author gives the description of the positions of rebel troops, apparently admiring their forethought and secrecy.The first line of defense of the Boers had been broken.And when intoxicated by the easy success of the British went ahead, their horses tangled in a tight wire all over the field.The imperial troops were defeated in this battle.The Boers won, but suffered heavy losses.

Some features of military medicine

author of the novel is a physician Louis Bussenar."Captain Daredevil", a summary of which we are now considering - a chain of adventures of the protagonist.However, the author pays much attention to the medical aspects of war.The prototype of the Boer surgeon Dr. Tromp himself is Bussenar Louis.This talkative doctor often tells his listeners and readers of the novel about the specific field of medicine.The author expertly describes the process of sterilization of surgical instruments, extracting bullets stuck in the man, and the impact of various types of weapons on the nature of injury.

mercy and generosity

can only admire the writer's love for mankind, adhering to humane views, even in war.Through the words of Dr. Tromp Bussenar says that the enemy is better put out of action, they kill.It calls for creating a high-tech weapon that can cause damage to a minimum.Master word hotly rebukes scorched earth and the extermination of civilians.Very touching author describes the friendship of Jean Grande young English lieutenant, is the son of the sworn enemy of the young Frenchman.

rebel army and its shortcomings

about battles and maneuvers, intelligence and tactics with skill says Louis Bussenar."Captain Daredevil", a summary of which constantly rotates around the outstanding personality of the protagonist, tells the story of bravery and wit Boer rebels.The author also notes shortcomings in the organization of the army.Rebel troops are not trained to discipline them virtually no orders are executed poorly, such as boring as patrol and patrolling generally ignored.The writer emphasizes the peculiar organization of the rebel army, something resembling a family.This implies both positive and negative traits of the Boer forces.For example, a young Paul Potter, obsessed with vengeance, shoots the murderer of his father the Duke of Richmond.However, he does not think that the British in retaliation subjected to torture prisoners of war of the Boers.Family ties are in the foreground.

According Bussenar Captain Daredevil was a noble and decent young men.The young Frenchman, like borax, politely handled taken prisoner enemies, even bitter enemies.But when he Grandier was captured by the British, he was in very different circumstances.Imperial soldiers abused prisoners, not recognizing their human dignity.This further strengthened the confidence that Jean is fighting for a just cause.


In "Captain Daredevil" the main characters are very young, almost a boy.They are a difficult way of life.The tragic circumstances allow them to gain strength and soul find their own world view.All this makes the work of a typical novel Bussenar education.Adventure Jean Grandier simply unimaginable.He not only dresses up as a woman to escape from persecution, but also spends some time in the guise of working maid in the house of a lonely old lady.In that suit young Frenchman returns to his team of scouts.

How often the desire to convey the depth of tragic events is transformed into a long-winded and short retelling?Captain Daredevil - one of the brightest examples of courage and ingenuity manifested in severe circumstances.He serves as a role model.The younger generation at all times to find Janet Grandier virtual companion and friend.His image was transferred to the silver screen.The young Frenchman was the epitome of youth, audacity and justice.

Originally interprets the personality of the young hero writer Valeri Medvedev ("Captain Daredevil").Summary of the short stories often comes down to this character - Dime Kolchanova who, like Jean Grande passes their way of growing up.