"The Minor".

Denis Fonvizin wrote the comedy "The Minor" in the era of autocracy.The author ridicules the system of upbringing and education, applied in noble families, and creates images of ignorant landowners.

meaning of the word "ignoramus»

So, try to understand what the word "ignoramus."The meaning of the name of comedy is difficult to determine, without understanding its meaning.Initially, they called the young nobles, who had not yet reached adulthood and entered the civil service.The second value comes after the release of the comedy Fonvizin.The word "ignoramus" became known as the near young man dropout.The protagonist of the comedy, Mitrofanushka, is the personification of a young man, steeped in ignorance and stupidity.

Having an idea about the meaning of this word, the meaning of the name of comedy Fonvizin "The Minor" will be much easier to understand.

issues raised in the comedy

name of the work is characteristic of an era and raises the problem of the education of young nobles and denounces

morals prevailing among this class.

Fonvizin took a very bold and original artistic means for writing the play "The Minor".The meaning of the name of comedy helps us to see the problems of society at the time.

All scenes are filled with works of ruthless and biting satire denouncing lifestyle Prost and Skotinin.

By contrast, the author cites the positive dialogue representatives of aristocratic society, and Pravdina Starodum, statements which involve including questions relating to morals in the country.

So, the first problem that worries Fonvizina - is the sorry state of the moral fabric of society.After replicas Starodum Pravdina and the author expresses the idea that the full power of the landowners over the serfs and the lack of proper example by high society have led to a complete arbitrariness.As a result - the representatives of the nobility have forgotten their responsibilities and honor of the class, that almost led to the degeneration of the class.

It deals with the problem of degradation of the representatives of the nobility in the play "The Minor".The meaning of the name of comedy opens more fully if you know the flaws of society at that time.

second problem that raises the author - it's a matter of education.His very Fonvisin it discussed in detail in the product "Oaf."The meaning of the name of comedy is largely due to the gaps in this field.Sarcasm Fonvizin, whom he depicts a scene examination Mitrofanushka, a sentence Skotinin education and Prost.

This problem is so much concerned about the author on the grounds that it is a leading member of society.Too bad that a young nobleman whose duty - Service to the Fatherland, brought up in the absence of moral principles with complete indifference to the interests of the parent company.The hero comedy, Mitrofan, had no other desire than to drive pigeons, eat and get married.

Court life is an example for this kind of education, because the nobles had long forgotten what the ministry in favor of the state.

idea of ​​comedy

meaning of the name Fonvizin comedy "The Minor" will become clearer if we turn to the idea that laid the author in his work.Denis Ivanovich wanted to show that the "ignoramus" will remain forever, "ignoramus" and will never change, will not develop morally and spiritually.

Mitrofanushka - a satirical character who represents the young generation of that time.Later this name became a household word, but still worth finding out what is the true meaning of the name Mitrofan.

meaning of the name of the protagonist

Mitrofan name literally translates into Russian as, "Is your mother", which means that it is similar.And there is.The boy's mother - the leader in the family, that it tends to be like it.Mitrofanushka not devoid of natural intelligence, cleverness, but uses these qualities only in their own interests.He's a sissy.Mitrofanushka spoiled, cantankerous, moody.

meaning of the name of the play "The Minor" offers even more after realizing that the name chosen by the author is not accidental.

urgency of the problem of education

To understand how urgent is the problem of education, which raises Fonvizin in his work, you need to understand what is happening in today's society.

course, the school today are not always able to awaken the child's interest in learning.In addition, many parents seek to educate, because we need to show, often denouncing this understanding to the child.

The result is that in our time the problems identified by the author comedy "The Minor" has not lost its relevance.

comedy What can teach a child

above outlined the basic points that Fonvizin wanted to convey to the readers in the play "The Minor".Characteristics of the comedy can not be complete without a designation of what this work can teach a child.

Mitrofanushka an example, which makes fun of the author, a student of eighth grade can come to understand how important it is to learn to be independent and responsible.

relevance of this comedy is manifested in the fact that it is often put in the theater.Audiences of all ages love watching her laugh and, of course, make the necessary conclusions.