Kuligina image in the play "Thunderstorm" Alexander Ostrovsky

ANOstrovsky created in 1859, the play "Thunderstorm" - a work which have been affected by the fracture difficult questions of social life, changing social attitudes.Alexander penetrated into the essence of the contradictions of his time.He created the colorful characters of petty tyrants, described their customs and way of life.Two way speak in opposition to tyranny - it Kuligin and Katerina.Our article is devoted to the first of them."The image Kuligina in the play" Thunderstorm "- a theme that interests us.Portrait of ANOstrovsky presented below.

Brief description Kuligina

Kuligin - self-taught mechanic, tradesman.In a conversation with Kudryashov (first action), it appears to the reader poetic nature lovers.This hero admires the Volga, opened a miracle calls him an unusual appearance.The image in the play AN KuliginaOstrovsky's "Thunderstorm" may be supplemented by the following parts.Dreamer at heart, yet this character realizes the injustice of the existing order, in which the rough power of

money and power is everything.He tells Boris that in this city, "the brutal manners."After all, who has the money, he seeks to enslave the poor, in order to further amass a capital in his writings.The hero himself does not like that.Feature image Kuligina in the drama "Thunderstorm" is just the opposite.He dreams of well-being for all people committed to doing good deeds.We now represent more detail Kuligina image in the play "Thunderstorm".

Kuligina conversation with Boris

Boris encounters we are interested in the character for an evening stroll in the third act.Kuligin again admires nature, silence air.However, at the same time laments the fact that the city has not yet made the boulevard, and people do not walk in Kalinowo: all locked gates.But it is not theft, and to see others as they tyrannize family.Many of these castles, says Kuligin, "drinking" and "dark debauchery."Hero outraged foundations of "the dark kingdom", but immediately after the angry voice says, "Well, God be with them!" As if departing from the spoken words.

remains almost mute his protest he expressed only in the objections.Image Kuligina in Ostrovsky's play "Thunderstorm" is characterized by the fact that this character is not ready for an open call, like Catherine.Kuligin exclaims to the offer to write poetry, which he does Boris, his "living will swallow", and laments the fact that he and so goes for his speech.

request to the Wild

is necessary to pay tribute to Kuligin because he persistently and also courtesy of the Wild requests to give money for materials.They need it to install on the Boulevard sundial "for the common good."

Kuligin unfortunately stumbles only on the ignorance and rudeness on the part of that person.Then the hero tries to at least a thunderous taps coax Savely Prokovich as a frequent occurrence in the city are the thunderstorms.Failing to achieve success in this business, Kuligin can no longer do anything, except, waved his hand and leave.

Kuligin - a man of science

interest to us is the hero is a man of science, with respect to the related nature, subtly conscious of her beauty.He becomes the fourth act monologue with the crowd, trying to explain it to people, that we should not be afraid of storms or any other natural phenomena.It is necessary to admire them, to admire.However, residents do not want to listen to him.They live by the old traditions continue to believe that this is God's punishment that the storm - it will certainly trouble.

knowledge of people who show Kuligin

Kuligina image in the play "Thunderstorm" is characterized by the fact that the hero is a good judge of character.He is able to empathize and give sensible, correct advice.These qualities showed the hero, in particular, in a conversation with Tikhon.He tells him that the enemy we must forgive, and to live by his own mind.

It is this hero pulled out of the water dead and Catherine brought her Kabanov, saying that her body may take, but the soul does not belong to them.She is now before a judge, who is much more merciful than Kabanova.Kuligin after these words runs.This character is going through what happened to his grief and unable to share it with the people who are to blame for the suicide of the girl.

White Crow

Kalinowo we are interested in character - a white crow.Image Kuligina in Ostrovsky's play "Thunderstorm" is characterized by the fact that this character thinking differs significantly from the way of thinking of other people.Others he and aspirations, and values.Kuligin aware that the foundations of the "dark kingdom" unfair, trying to deal with them, seeking to make better the lives of ordinary people.

we are interested in the hero dreams of social reorganization Kalinov.And probably find it material support and like-minded people, he managed to significantly improve the city.The desire for the welfare of the people, perhaps the prettiest feature, component, along with other image Kuligina in the play "Thunderstorm".