"Notes brownie": all the parts in brief

XXI century - the time of nanotechnology, space exploration and scientific progress.Everything that surrounds us, has committed an unprecedented leap in its development.After all, 10 years ago, few could have imagined that, through a mobile phone, you can watch movies.Now it is no surprise.The Internet is increasingly replacing conventional reality.No one is surprised by earnings in the network, shopping and booking of air tickets online.

In the early 2000s the Internet spread blogs.Notable here is the fact that the information that puts a person ("Notes of the houses," for example), is available to all users.People peek at such sites, study content, discuss and disseminate it.

From blogger to journalists and writers

Recently, blogs have become so popular that the government of Russia, for example, proposed to equate them to the media.It was too important and interesting topics addressed in recent years on such sites.Moreover, sometimes one or another author exposes his life to danger real hard,

laying in the Network "urgent" information.

But often bloggers just to entertain the audience by posting on the Web their humorous stories, often not very decent content.This can only say that "the words of a song you can not throw," and if the author really talented, his writings attract readers (one of them - "Notes Brownie" - a very funny story).In defense of the most notorious too foul-mouthed, you can only say that the great Russian poet Barkov, Pushkin and Lermontov sometimes allow such liberties with his poems.And how do you phrase Faina Ranevskaya: "Better to be a good man, swear, than a quiet-mannered creature"?

But as a rule, bloggers do not fall very much to "yamschitsky style", and slipped the sharp phrases only added smiles.Besides, we all understand the difference between the obscenities and refined "banter" with which this or that author wants to express his thoughts.Even those people who do not follow such creativity, at least once, digging the web, find links to the most odious works of this genre: "Masyanya", "cat Kebab Notes" or "Notes Brownie."

Funny around us

Today we recall the successful "blogernuyu smeshilku", very popular among the youth.Outset: a book whose author is Osip Senkovsky ("Notes Brownie"), it does not have any relation.Yes tune name, but no more.Considered our creation consists of almost 30 individual parts, presented in the form of a diary of a magical creature that lives in the house at the very ordinary girl.

Each piece is conventionally divided into separate days, described houses, the protagonist of this opus.The houses have friends and associates of minor mischief that they are preparing her mistress.Moreover, the author tries to show the structure, and their relationships with all offenses, quarrels, and the joys of the little creatures.

Probably worth noting that the work of "Notes of houses," all parts of which appear spontaneously, like mushrooms after the rain, read quickly and easily.By the time the article "Notes" can be substantially longer.We consider the first 16, which, according to many readers, are the most successful.

Relationship with household

So, what starts "Notes Brownie"?The first part explains the reasons for the little imp take up the pen.He steals a notebook at the mistress.At the same time it becomes clear to the reader that he - being not young, but she has lived for at least 150 years.Houses frankly boring.All of his existence in the apartment passed in the struggle for interesting and new experience.

becomes clear that he is very chistoploten does not like, for example, the dirty dishes.To live with him conditional "hostess" is not lazy and well-kept house, leaving behind a mountain of dirty dishes, cups, spoons and other cutlery, houses steals her earrings.

the course of the narrative it becomes clear that the houses have a friend - the master's cat.As you know, these animals see any evil spirits, so both of our heroes are actively entertained.They play together, jump and run.And of course, all this happens at night, when the hostess trying to sleep.Friends create a lot of noise, but traditionally goes to a cat.After all, people do not believe in goblins.It is clear that the cat is quite offended on the mistress, and houses;because in games involving two, but one has to take the rap.Cat locked in the closet, and Brownie goes into the kitchen and out of anger long rattles dishes.Mistress in despair.

Furthermore, she appealed for help to the priest, who had long walks around the apartment with a censer, expelling evil spirits.However, this is only laugh homes.He is not afraid of priests.Unlike the vacuum cleaner, which friends are hiding under the bed.

expel evil spirits in any way

Notes houses, all parts of which are told about everything going on with the mistress, and tell about the appearance of her suitor.Brownie the cat met a stranger and not very good.The main character even asked a friend of mischief related to damage of shoes stranger.Ivory protested, but then agreed.The result was again penalized and very upset with homes that all this time, just have fun.But the attack did not produce the desired effect.Boyfriend still comes to the beloved and stay the night.

Brownie solves itself to deal with this problem and trying to strangle a dream hostess.She wakes up in terror, and complain to his beloved.Cavalier promises to protect the girl, causing laughter among the houses.Expressing its extreme hostility and the attacks on the man.This is partly why the hostess once again take measures to combat the evil forces.This time, she turned to psychics.Experts came to the conclusion that the apartment lived the spirit of the late grandfather, which causes another laugh homes.

Seeing visit psychics to nothing lead, the owner decides to make friends with houses.To do this, she puts him a saucer of milk under the stove, thinking that he's asleep.Finally comes the reconciliation with the cat.A few nights without a break friends hiding in the closet.Hostess confused and looking for a pet, believing that he had escaped.

Moving and groom

exhausted and saddened by the unfortunate girl decides to sell the apartment.Brownie hopes that this will not happen.But soon colonized by new people, and it becomes boring.Most of all he misses his cat.They are trying to communicate via carrier pigeon.No longer able to endure the boredom and separation, houses associated with his counterpart from the new master apartment.He agrees to the exchange.Soon friends reunited.Interestingly, the cat initially tried not to show much joy, but then said that, too, was missing.The life of a couple again went on as usual.

Meanwhile, the hostess comes another suitor.Brownie planning new mischief.While the stranger is asleep, he tries to strangle him.New Cavalier does not respond to strangulation and small troubles, he aggressively courting a girl.Notes Brownie (part 9 tells us that "fancy man" married to the same owner) are continuing a short note about what and otherworldly forces are allergic.For roses, for example, that brings into the house gentleman.One day, being in despair, houses stealing car keys groom, who stays overnight.Cat sarcastically commented this case, saying that his friend does not know how to think strategically.

But the case - time fun - an hour.It is necessary and with the cat to play hide and seek.And now he is hiding in earnest.Now Brownie concerned quest.He was very surprised to find a cat in the washing machine, and recognizes even some degree of fantasy joker.

Zinaida Zakharovna

After Brownie accidentally submitted the necessary key invited plumbing, the owner once again reminded of religion.Again came the priest waving a censer and a long, walking around the apartment, which greatly amused "evil."The hostess also was the only sleep with the lights on, which is periodically turned off the Brownie.

Somehow unnoticed come birthday cat.Friends very nice marked this great moment: rolling on the curtains, scattered utensils, drinking valerian and otherwise misbehave.

Life went on as usual, and soon the cat and Brownie learned that they will visit.The fact that the owner of a very long time waiting for his mother Zinaida Zakharovna.Brownie met her "bread and salt": immediately sprinkled bread crumbs in the bed and salted tea.On top of that come already half-forgotten boyfriend probably acquainted with the future mother.It could not stand even a cat, and yet has done in his shoes.For that he was punished by one, and his mother, and daughter.

evening, while playing a cork from a champagne friends did not notice Zinaida Zakharovna and she stepped on the cork, strongly hit her head on the cabinet.From that moment pranksters decided to call it exclusively Zinedine Zidane.Notes of the houses (20 of the tells us nothing of getting married soon Zinaida Zakharovna) continued retelling started a "war" with his mother housewife.Zidane told my daughter that the saucer of milk for houses - prejudices;and it disappeared.Brownie took it as a declaration of war.The same night, tried to strangle Zinadina, but she only snored more.Despite all the tricks, all the mistress mother did not leave.

cat from the deep yearning decided to stop eating "Kitekat."However, it only lasted for a couple of days.Finally Zinaida Zakharovna began to go home.Cote yet fulfilled the promise of a secret houses and shat in her galoshes, but Zidane did not notice;and I left.A bowl of milk back in place, life gradually began to enter normal.

dog in the house

Notes Brownie (part 5) continuing what mistress wants to get a dog.This sudden news causes a cat in the wild confusion.For days, he disappeared in the storeroom, exercising close it from the inside.Brownie, for a laugh, strongly Kindle concealed cat fear.

And X day has come.They brought the dog.The dog appeared from the rock "pocket".Cat, while still in the closet, is interested in the houses that there is a beast.A friend from harm says that brought wolfhound.Cat, citing urgent business, spent the night in the closet.But murder will not hide and carefully got out of the shelter came sufferer did to the dog.

who feared more - is unclear.But under the cries Brownie the cat chased the animal throughout the apartment.A little later, a little reflection, still decided to call a truce.The dog turns out to be called Hulk.

Cat leaning on a clear physical superiority, took patronage over the Hulk.Army orders started to call themselves and makes it as "fellow Veterans."Hulk does not object.In addition, all three agreed on a serious dislike for boyfriend hostess.The dog even once bitten by the groom's legs, for which he received a significant kick.But the Hulk was not reassured: night bit the gentleman shoelaces;punished somehow got a cat.

Hike the street

It's time to leave, and the hostess had left, taking with him the Hulk and leaving the cat in the care of a neighbor.Notes houses, 6 of which begins with a description of the first hike buddies on the street, talk about how friends hosted in the apartment.

Brownie frankly bored because of the lack of subjects in the face of constant harassment and the hostess boyfriend.After thinking, he decides to offer the cat a little trip to a walk in a nearby courtyard.He resisted for a long time and come up with all sorts of excuses, but then curiosity wins, and he agrees.

Out on the street, and a cat, and Brownie amazed at how big the world appeared.How many can be seen by selecting from the close little room hostess!But the world was somewhat hostile.They landed yard cats, and only by sheer luck managed to avoid a drubbing friends.After spending the night in the heating main pipes, they return home.

Soon to be expected soon hostess.Brownie decides to meet her scattered belongings, because still think a cat.Upon returning the girls found out that she soon marries boyfriend.It is very unnerving to all three equally.One gets the headquarters for the counter "fancy man."

Courtship, New Year and weddings

groom himself does not risk to make an offer, knowing it could end badly.Such an assumption is expressed in the continuation of the story "Notes Brownie."7 begins with the visit of the matchmakers.But the resistance movement was ready.Brownie was sitting at the table next to the hostess and mimic different sounds indecent indigestion.Unregistered users are not confused.Then the cat decided to go for broke and scratched his legs.For that, as usual, I was punished.Only a dog Hulk said thoughtfully, it makes no sense to resist external circumstances, if they are stronger than you.

Around the left, that the wedding be.Hostess vengeance ready for it, and the trio was expecting the imminent arrival Zinadina Zidane.The bride brought a wedding dress.All three liked it, and the cat even wept with emotion and permanently locked himself in a closet.

New Year turmoil engulfed all.Not only people, but also the heroic trio were preparing for the holiday.And the New Year!The bridegroom came, houses shake brought them a bottle of champagne and cork from it landed "fancy man" right in the forehead.Considering it is a good omen, unruly trio had a ball, accompanying the New Year.That's what the note in detail narrate houses (8 part).After a couple of days everything is so much fun celebrating Christmas with Zinaida Zakharovna arrived, and then the old New Year.But

January - a month long.Therefore, the hostess had time yet to get married.Prevent this does not work, and Brownie decided to at least have fun - wearing bowler hat and went to the restaurant where the wedding walked.The most notable event was the news about the move to a country house, which is built for the bridegroom of her family.


Notes Brownie (part 11) continues the story of the whole family moving into a new home and getting to know him.Every inhabitant and found a place and activity.Thus, intellectual Hulk spends time in front of the fireplace, thinking about everything, the cat settles house and catches flies and Brownie puts things in order, and "builds" hosts.

Closer to spring Brownie gets news from the pigeon post.Anonymous letter, but her invitation to "arrow" with the locals.Having to guard cat Brownie goes into the woods.This landmark meeting devoted an entire chapter in the cycle "Notes Brownie."12 pieces offers us new heroes - the Goblin and his slave-beasts.Both the representative of the evil forces have agreed to be friends and do not interfere with each other.

Valentine's Day scrapbook houses (13 part) touching describe a greeting card, which has signed a cat: "Beloved evil from the animal world."Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for spring.Cat Unlearning a couple of songs from houses and enjoys coming March 1st.

Spring Entertainment

Artwork "Notes of houses," all parts of which are quite entertaining, tied to the calendar.Therefore, they are especially interesting to read.For example, during the May holidays the family hosts picnics and houses in his diary offers to rename this holiday Shashlyk Savior.The way the citizens have a rest on the nature, causes laughter in real life, but in terms of "bad people" - it's just hilarious!

But these stories tell us about the life of the country and the possible wedding Zinaida Zakharovna and forester Kuzmich.Notes of the houses (20 of the somewhat later) tells about new adventures of the naughty restless.

In general, if you want a cheerful mood and unobtrusive reading, you know what and where to look.We add only that this year's "Diary Brownie" materialized in this book.