Poem AS

Peru Alexander Pushkin belongs to many fine works, some of which are included in the school curriculum, so familiar to us from childhood.One of these creations have become famous poet "Demons".The product is based on folk motifs, reflecting the mood of Pushkin during boldins.It is the analysis of the poem "The Possessed" is the theme of this article.


In 1830, Alexander begins preparations for the wedding, and for this it was necessary to visit the family estate Boldin, where he was to settle matters relating to the entry into the inheritance.But because of the outbreak of a cholera epidemic in Moscow poet forced to spend several months in the estate.Later, this period of Pushkin was named boldins.At this time, the writer creates a lot of lyrical and philosophical works, one of which is and "The Possessed."

Pushkin poem steeped in folklore motifs, much-loved poet.At the center of the story - a trip in a snowstorm, which is accompanied by the appearance of demons, goblins and other mythic

al creatures.

plot, theme and idea

Pushkin always lively and with great interest in stories in which the present evil spirits and other folklore elements, considering them part of the national culture.So, the people go to the history in which the demons churning travelers off the road, trying to fool them and drive around.It is similar to the bike took as the basis for his poem, Pushkin.However, by analyzing the poem "The Possessed", keep in mind that the poet was an educated man, and it is doubtful that he seriously believed such stories.Any natural phenomenon can always find a logical explanation.Why, then, Pushkin took it as a basis for this mythical story, and even the name of a fictional poem called evil?

The explanation is very simple.The image of the demons, of course, allegorical, it symbolizes the people in whose hands power is concentrated on Russia.A traveler, wandering in a blizzard - the Russian people, who find a way to prevent the well-being, freedom and happiness.

analysis of Pushkin's poem "The Possessed" is interesting because the work itself can be interpreted from two perspectives: the political and philosophical.Political directly related to the problem of serfdom.Russian people can not get to the happiness and freedom, because "devils", that is, the powers that be do not want to give up free labor and do not want to give people freedom, which may adversely affect their situation.From this perspective, the devils - the Russian government, which fools confuse, intimidate and humiliate ordinary people.The lines of the poem the analogy with secular balls, which continued even during the cholera outbreak in Moscow: "devils spun miscellaneous".

From a philosophical point of view, have gone astray traveler can be anyone, as demons - his own passions and vices which hinder him find the way to your goal.This interpretation is inherently similar to the previous one, as the "demons" in power have made "demons" in the human soul.The people themselves are allowed to do so, nurtured his tormentors and continues meekly endure all their whims.


Compositional analysis of the poem "Demons" enables us to conclude that the main plot technique is repetition.For the same quatrain sounds at the beginning, middle and end of the work:

Rushing clouds hovering clouds;

Invisible moon Snow Covers


dull sky, night cloudy.

This suggests that the composition of our poem ring.Moreover, an exemplary passage also built on repetition, "the clouds - the clouds", "dull - turbid."And the rest of the text of the work plurality of repeating words and phrases: "dregs", "circles", "bell din-din-din", "storm", "month" and "moon."

Receiving repeat present at the syntactic level: contextual synonyms, similar in structure to the proposal.For example: "Brownie whether buried?Witch eh marriage issue? »

main plot element of the poem is a conversation and master driver.It begins replica of the master, followed by a monologue coachman, then it breaks off and resumes at the end of the work.From the conversation, it is clear that they both see the same thing.Therefore, a simple man and a representative of the nobility are equally affected by carousing demons (the imperial power and its own weaknesses).In this episode, it lies the idea that the Russian people - is not only the serfs, but the nobility, the upper class.And, of course, only Pushkin could venture on such a comparison.

Key images

analysis of Pushkin's poem "The Possessed" (fictional presentation of folklore are not uncommon in the work of poets and writers) is not possible without a description of mainly symbolic significance of which is that helps to reveal the theme of the whole work.

As mentioned above, mainly in the poem - the image of demons.It is these spirits set the rhythm of the poem - the whirlwind, senseless circling, inability to find the right path.

Another meaningful way - a snowstorm.By itself, it is in tune with the song and ring circling demons.Snowstorm causes confusion, increases confusion and chaos going on.It surrounds travelers and confuses them.

poetic dimensions

Structural analysis of the poem "The Possessed" makes it possible to determine the size of the poem - chetyrehstopnym ferrets.Pushkin knowingly chose this size, as its dynamism and rhythm creates an even greater feeling of whirling snowstorm.

also therefore often resorts to the use of alliteration, that is tone-painting.


multifaceted, richly symbolic images and subtexts poem ASPushkin's "The Possessed" (analysis of the poems of the great Russian poet, in particular we have considered, will help to further explore the curriculum).The poet managed to fully convey the confusion and perplexity traveler caught in a blizzard and not knowing how to get out of it.