The apple never falls far from the tree.

keeps many secrets folk wisdom.In proverbs and sayings can be a large number of values.And if so, then they have to study large and small.Our - the minimum size, it is dedicated to the adage "An apple does not fall far from the tree."

Where are the proverbs

Proverbs and Sayings - the result of many years or even centuries of observing people for everything that happens around: the weather, the behavior of animals and insects, plants.One by one people watched, remembering and comparing.

Folk art is remarkable in that it is long enough to keep only the most imaginative and bright sayings.There remains a long tongue only that close and clear, it can be seen every day.Naturally, the fall apples people could watch every year, hence the saying "An apple does not fall far from the tree."

Source sayings

plants invented many ways to multiply their offspring fly through the air, are transferred birds and animals floating in the water in search of a suitable piece of land.And the apple did not bother:

it benefits fall near the parent tree, right under his crown and a short distance around.With luck, if any apple, torn by the wind, hit the slope and rolled a little further.So, from one small seed, which is included by accident, can form impenetrable thicket of apple trees.This feature once people have noticed and turned into a proverb: "An apple does not fall far from the tree."

However, so multiply many fruit trees such as plums, cherries, apricots.Not only fruit: walnuts, oaks, lindens.Why is there a saying in connection with the apple tree?One can only assume that it is cultivated trees are found mostly in the homeland of our famous aphorism.It looked at the apple season after season nameless unknown author incorruptible sample of folk wisdom.After all, this thought is rightly included in the gold fund called "proverbs and sayings."Of course, this phrase also has a certain poetry and even some rhythm.Such a comparison with cherry or apricot unlikely to come to us from time immemorial, and, frankly, not the south we have a country to be associated with apricots.This saying comes in, as it is now fashionable to say, into the body text with the title "Russian proverb," ​​so it would be strange to have a symbol of something other than Apple.

value sayings

How propagate fruit, such as apple trees, not bad and not good.Just in the process of evolution at some point it was the most effective way to continue to race.And what does the saying, "An apple does not fall far from the tree?"The answer is mostly, unfortunately, negative.These words speak about children, students, followers who repeat and exacerbate the errors and shortcomings of their parents, teachers, mentors.Also saying is a bit didactic in nature: one who uses it, as it emphasizes that in a different way and could not be.And if children do not continue the negative course of action, it would cause a rather surprise and disbelief.People are, which says that, not only cast a shadow on his reputation, but also confirm that the negative features and nasty deeds - a family trait or feature of the school.

Examples of use sayings

usage examples of this saying is not just a lot, they can not be counted.Everything bad that is repeated in children and students are usually taken to illustrate this expression.

Son Losers bad student?"Like father Like Son".Children of alcoholic drink?Same.The daughter of a woman of easy virtue is already pregnant at sixteen?Again, "an apple from the tree."And as this expression is used when the scientist who copied your article word for word, it only taught his players, no longer giving them anything.

But despite a harmless method of propagation of apple, this expression is rarely used in a positive sense.Apprentice musician reached peaks that have remained inaccessible to the teacher?We say: "The student has surpassed the teacher."Children made a more successful career than the parents?"Well done," - praised the surrounding and more can not comment on it.