Themes, motifs, images of lyric poets of the 18th century: creativity and University Radishcheva

In the 18th century Russian poetry begins a new stage of development.It was at this time makes itself the individuality of the author.Until the 18th century verse does not reflect the personality of the poet.About the lyrics as the embodiment of the subjective feelings of the author is difficult to talk.

poetic personality

Old Russian literature was often anonymous.Its author is a monk-scribes.They comply strictly with the canons.So many texts that were created before the 18th century, is very similar to each other.The authors did not try to stand out and gain individuality.

Lyric as a kind of literature, involving the disclosure of the inner world of the writer, in these conditions, there was no place.Therefore, it is work of masters of the 18th century is considered the heyday of Russian poetic art.The founders of this trend is the Antioch Kantemir and Vasily Trediakovskii.

Discoverers personality in literature

themes, motifs, images of lyric poets of the 18th century are still relevant toda

y.The terms of the priorities outlined Antiochus Kantemir.His poems reflect a deep and complex emotional experiences.For example, in the work "On the hope of God," the poet speaks of the insecurity and impermanence of human life.At the same time he urged to turn to the Creator and to entrust themselves to his care.

love theme already present in the writings of the early conversion Trediakovsky.The product of "Riding in the island of love" (author - Talleman) demonstrates the allegorical thinking poet.Each state of love transmitted by the name of a particular locality.The island has a passion tacitly Castle, Lake Despair Cave of Cruelty.

New literature centralized Russian state

themes, motifs, images of lyric poets of the 18th century were a response to the activities of Peter the First.It approved an absolute imperial power.But his reign was the motto of enlightenment.The quest for rationality and the liberalization of public life in Russia have been linked to similar trends in Europe.However, these positive developments have evolved at the same time with the other - dark and destructive.The massive peasant war Pugachev was the apotheosis of the many revolts against the absolute power of the landlords over their serfs.

themes, motifs, images of lyric poets of the 18th century were a reflection of the basic processes of social development.High style and rhythmic harmony of poetry Cantemir Trediakovsky, Lomonosov often combined with dark moods and feelings of anxiety.

Russian classicism

Formation of Russia as a nation state required the emergence of a new literature.The writers of the 18th century focused primarily on the achievements of European art.In Germany and France dominated classicism.It is this style and was reflected in Russian literature.

themes, motifs, images of lyric poets of the 18th century were based on rigorous aesthetic canons, developed the art of classicism.It is this style perfectly replied cultural needs of a centralized state.The basic idea of ​​classical literature is the priority of civic duty above personal feelings.

works of Lomonosov and Radishcheva

Russian poetry of the 18th century was deeply national.Vasily Trediakovskii implement reforms versification.It was the transition from foreign to Russian language syllabic structure to the syllabic-tonic.

themes, motifs, images of lyric poets of the 18th century Lomonosov reflected particularly bright and original.In his work, he relied on the reform Trediakovsky.One of the most famous lyrical works Lomonosov is a "Conversation with Anacreon."The author has chosen the form of dialogue between the two writers - the ancient Greek and modern Russian poet.Anacreon sings about the love of a beautiful maiden.Contemporary University is also able to admire the beauty of women.However, he was more attracted to the description of heroic deeds and greatness homeland.Lomonosov was not only a brilliant scientist.He also became the greatest figure of Russian literature.

themes, motifs, images of lyric poets of the 18th century Radischev embodied in his personal manner.The political and philosophical views of the writer reflected in his main work entitled "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow."Attitudes Radishcheva evident in his lyrics."Song of the historic" - a poem, created in the last decade of the 18th century.Writer reflects its various episodes of ancient history.Radischev positions the idea of ​​the incompatibility of true freedom and absolute power.All the rulers, according to the author, are the tyrants.

Radischev refers to the folk roots in the poem "Bova".This product characteristic combination of high and low styles.Characteristic signs of poetic classicism present in the poem with frank folk speech phrases.For example, Radischev uses words such as "sorrow", "bitter tears".This feature works.

These are the themes, motifs, images of lyric poets of the 18th century.9th grade - a time when students should be able to substantiate their own opinion about the literary essay.Teens learn to see the moral and universal basis of outstanding works of art.Russian poetry of the 18th century is ideally suited for this.