"The Hobbit, or There and Back Again": summary.

author of the book is an English writer J. R. R. Tolkien, also known a number of other works, which together make up one big universe, "Lord of the Rings", "The Silmarillion," "Children of Hurin", and many others.Despite the fact that they were written in the early 20th century, still has not lost its relevance.They are read many to this day."The Hobbit" ("round trip") - only a small part of a huge legendarium that affects its size.Sometimes it is hard to imagine that all this could invent one person.

"The Hobbit, or There and Back Again": summary

book tells the story of how the little creature - a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins - peaceful and quiet lives in his burrow in the Shire, in the village called the Shire.Once to visit him comes a powerful mage named Gandalf the Grey (which is one of the key figures of the universe Tolkien).He saw a young hobbit craving for adventure and travel.Between them they struck up a friendship.And once the threshold Bilbo comes squad gnomes, who heads the fugitive kin

g Thorin Oakenshield.Gandalf convinced the Dwarves without the knowledge of Bilbo take it in their campaign.The goal was to return the lost kingdom of the Dwarves of Erebor, which captured the evil dragon Smaug.

first Bilbo was outraged, and flatly refused to take part in this business.Surprisingly, however, he agreed and assumed the role of scout and spy.The heroes are sent on a dangerous path.First they went through the mountains, where they nearly ate goblins who there was a kingdom.They are attacked by evil creatures - orcs.After that they are saved from the giant wolves - wargs.Go through the forest, where they await giant spiders.However, thanks to his ability and ingenuity magician Bilbo squad always get out of any trouble.Heroes even escape from the prison of forest elves, where they were imprisoned for crossing the border without permission elven.

Wandering the caves in the mountains, the hobbit is a small ring, which did not hesitate hides in his pocket.Bilbo meets a strange creature - Gollum, which leads the wild life and feeds on fish and carrion.It wants to kill and eat Bilbo, but instead the characters play in the puzzle, and if you win Hobbit, Gollum will show him the way out of the cave.Bilbo wins, and is detected, the ring is able to do all invisible.Gollum previously owned it, so I think that Bilbo's ring stolen, and tries to find him.But Bilbo already invisible, and found a way out.

That detachment and objective.Bilbo enters Erebor, which is in the Lonely Mountain, but the dragon wakes up, finding a spy (in fact on Bilbo's ring was) coming out of the mountains and attack the nearest town - the Lake.However, one of its residents - Archer Bard - kills Smaug, getting a big boom in his place on the unprotected abdomen.At this time, the Dwarves penetrate in Erebor and return it to itself, appropriating all the treasures stored there.

But residents want to receive compensation for damages, so go to the gates of Erebor, hoping to take some of the treasure itself.There also fit squad and elves.Torin, seeing this, summons all the dwarves, who once lived in Erebor and survived the attack on the dragon kingdom.They build defenses and preparing for battle.But it starts in another way - to mount fits a large army of orcs, who learned of the death of the dragon, also wanted to take away the wealth itself.Humans, elves and dwarves are united against the new threats and repel the attacks of the orcs, but is killed in battle Thorin.

Bilbo after the event receives a portion of the treasures returned with Gandalf home and continue to live the same life.He wrote a book about his adventures, which later will be called Scarlet.

So it is possible to transmit a summary."The Hobbit, or There and Back Again" - a book of dynamic, rich set of events that change each other as in a kaleidoscope, but discomfort when reading does not arise, as the author failed to harmoniously bring them together.

value of the product

At its core, the first part of a series of works of Tolkien's invented world of Middle-earth is precisely "The Hobbit, or There and Back."The book was successfully filmed by director Peter Jackson, who withdrew earlier trilogy of Tolkien's other work - "The Lord of the Rings."The film, which also made a trilogy, has been successful and has collected millions of dollars at the box office.What is the secret of such popularity, it would seem normal fantasy, which are now a dime a dozen?

What good book?

Summary ("The Hobbit, or There and Back Again"), of course, does not describe all the charms of the book.Tolkien draws the reader's attention to many things.Firstly, it is an inexhaustible optimism.The book is easy and pleasant to read, it is impregnated with a positive, and therefore, despite the turmoil of heroes, is the confidence that everything will be fine.Secondly, the characters were quite interesting, and each of them can be regarded almost as a mother.Third, Tolkien managed to create a unique and extraordinary world, where so much of the mysterious and unknown, that sometimes goosebumps.

In fact, Tolkien gave a start to a whole generation of young writers, artists and other arts, which is largely inspired by his works.Therefore, the contribution of the writer in the development of modern literature and art in general is difficult to overestimate.

Tolkien universe, of course, can not give a complete picture of the works of the author's summary."The Hobbit, or There and Back Again" - is only part of a diverse and multi-faceted world created by Tolkien, and one book for a complete understanding of the events will not be enough.Therefore it is necessary to read and other works, the more they are written at a very high level.In Tolkien's world are so many places, regions, creatures and wonders that he will appeal to both novice and people familiar with the genre of fantasy more thoroughly.

Heroes book

main character is Bilbo, Gandalf the magician and the king of the dwarves Thorin Oakenshield.The characters are quite different in many ways they do such an interesting book "The Hobbit, or There and Back."Briefly explain each character:

  • Bilbo - simple, but clever, resourceful and loyal.He never for the entire trip did not disappoint squad, for which he valued Torin, though at first it was a misunderstanding between them.
  • Gandalf - the classic image of the wise wizard.He is good, but it is just and severe, always comes to the rescue.Besides, he knows a lot about the world that has repeatedly saved posse.
  • Torin, as befits a king, even a fugitive, authorities, strict, fair.He is brave, for which he won the respect of his people, to the same - the only heir to the royal dynasty of Erebor.

Results Summary ("The Hobbit, or There and Back Again"), presented in the article reports the main events of the book.We recommend that each reader to pay attention to this masterpiece of literature.