"A Doll's House": a summary.

consider the play, Ibsen created in 1879.We describe its summary."A Doll's House" - is a work in question.The action of the play takes place in Norway, Ibsen today.Cheaply furnished and comfortable apartment Torvald Helmer, a lawyer, and Nora, his wife, appears before us in the play "A Doll's House."Summary of the heads of the work begins as follows.

Preparing for Christmas

From the street the house is part of Nora, which brings a lot of boxes with them.It presents for Torvald and children on the Christmas tree.Husband lovingly fussing around his wife, accusing her - his butterfly, squirrel, lark, doll, bird - in extravagance.But, Nora argues that this Christmas they will not hurt a little extravagance, because Helmer in the new year begins to perform the duties of director of the bank, and they will not save on everything, as in previous years.

what to do for Nora Helmer?

Nora and after the birth of 3 children is a beauty.Helmer, look after it is removed to his office.Fru Linde, Nora's old fr

iend, enters the living room.She's just a ship.I have not seen a woman - nearly 8 years, and during that time a friend buried her husband, with whom marriage was childless.And Nora, seemingly carefree flutters through life.But it is not.In the first year of marriage when her husband left the ministry, he was forced, in addition to his main job, to take home and business papers until late at night to sit on them.As a result, Helmer ill.Doctors reported that a southern climate can save him.As a family, they spent a year in Italy.Quite a large amount needed for the trip, Nora allegedly took from his father.But in fact, it helped a gentleman.Nora received a receipt of their loan and now pays regular interest, secretly from her husband prirabatyvaya.

plans Fru Linde from the play "A Doll's House"

Summary of actions consistently reveals the events work.Ibsen further says that Fru Linde wants to re-settle in their city.Helmer, probably it will be able to arrange a bank at home.He is currently staffing the office and talks to Krogstad, his attorney, who wanted to dismiss.Place so relieved.It turns out that Fru Linde bit familiar with Krogstad.

Dismissal Krogstad

Helmer really dismiss it.This event continues a summary of the play "A Doll's House."Nora's husband does not like people whose reputation is tarnished.Krogstad at one time (Helmer studied with him) committed fraud.He forged the signature of the document on the money.However, the court was able to escape, to get out of a difficult situation.Vice unpunished, according to Helmer, is sowing the seeds of decay around.People like Krogstad should be prohibited to have children.After all, they will grow with the teacher only criminals.

Please Krogstad

However, it turns out that the fraud committed and Nora.Borrowed the letter which gave her the money to Italy Krogstad she forged the signature of his father, to whom appeal could not, as it was in the time when death.The document, in fact, dated the day when he could not sign the father of Nora, as was already dead by then.Krogstad, chased away from work and asks Nora that she stood up for him, because he has proven himself in the bank.Now all his cards upset the appointment of a new director.

Threats former attorney

not only for the dark past Helmer wants to fire him, but also for what he called his "you" several times by force of habit.Nora asks her husband for Krogstad, but her husband does not take it seriously, refuses.Then Nora threatens to expose Krogstad.He says he will tell Helmer, where she got the money for the trip to Italy.Her husband finds out, moreover, about the fraud committed by it.And this time nothing from not having achieved Nora, Krogstad blackmails both spouses.Helmer he sends a letter containing a direct threat - if vyplyvet out the story with forgery of his wife, he did not hold the post of director of the bank.

history with Dr. Ranque

continues to describe the summary."A Doll's House" is approaching the finale, which is quite interesting.Nora rushes about seeking a way out.At first she flirts with Dr. Ranko family friend.He secretly in love with it, but is doomed to die - the doctor hereditary syphilis.For Nora Rank ready for anything.He offers her the money, but it turns out that Krogstad wants otherwise.Tragically ends of Dr. Rank.Helmer receive in the mail a postcard from him with a black cross, which means that Rank at home locked and do not take anyone else: he will die there without scaring their friends view.

What can we do to Nora?The exposure and disgrace frighten her, it's better to commit suicide!However, Krogstad has warned that it is pointless to commit suicide, because her memory will be disgraced in this case.

Help that came from Fru Linde

With aid comes an unexpected direction - from Fru Linde, Nora's friend.She explained at a crucial time with Krogstad.The fact that they are linked in the past love, but Fru Linde married someone else, because her arms were two younger brothers and old mother, while Krogstad financial situation was precarious.Fru Linde is now free: her husband and mother died, and his brother to his feet.Now she is ready to marry Krogstad.He was glad that his life is gradually improving.He finally finds and faithful man, and love.Krogstad refuses blackmail.However, it is too late - it is a letter in the mailbox Helmer.And Krogstad decides the way Nora finds out what Helmer, with its prejudices and hypocritical morality, is in reality.

Behavior Helmer after reading the letter

reading the letter, the husband of Nora almost no beats in hysterics from the righteous anger that engulfed him.We briefly describe his thoughts and emotions, making summary."A Doll's House", it must be said - a product with a very intense conflict.

Helmer indignant.His wife - a criminal?It is because of her hard work achieved so welfare of the family breaks!They did not get rid of Krogstad requirements until the end of days!Nora's husband decides that he will not allow his wife to spoil the children.They will now be given to the care of a nanny.Helmer just for the sake of respect for decorum, allow his wife to stay at home, but they will now live separately.

decision Nora

Messenger at this time brings a letter from Krogstad, the character of the play "A Doll's House."Summary him the following: it is said that one of their demands and refuses to return a loan letter.Instantly mood changes Helmer.Everything will be as before!However, Nora, whom he used to be considered a rubber stamp, suddenly rises.She decides to leave home.To it used to be treated as a chrysalis, which is pleasant to caress.Nora knew it before, but she loved her husband and therefore forgave him.But now it's different.Nora hoped for a miracle, that is a loving husband, Helmer will take over her guilt.Now she does not love her husband as before it did not like Helmer.They are - other people's.And it continues to live means to commit adultery, to sell themselves for money and convenience.

Nora Helmer staggering decision to leave the "doll house".Summary of the play does not dwell on the feelings of the characters.However, we note that Helmer pretty smart to understand that feelings and words of its severity.He hoped that the husband would change his mind, and they ever reunite.Helmer is ready to do everything to make it happen.However, the final decision Nora.

This concludes the drama "A Doll's House", a summary of which you have just read.We recommend to read the text in the original - the product of the volume is small.It features pieces of art can not convey its summary."A Doll's House" is definitely worth it to read it in the original.