The story of "Smile" Bradbury: summary and analysis

When one of the respected New York edition set this science fiction writers the question of why humanity has not yet reached a contact with other worlds, the answer was abrupt and unexpected.

"Yes, because we are - idiots!" - Said the dumbfounded journalist Ray Bradbury.What brought the patience of a man who can rightly be called the first anti-globalization before the advent of the world of this political movement?The reason, according to the classics - in the inferiority of the vector of the modern scientific and technological revolution.The writer of all his works appeals to humanity, proving their subjects that soulless technocratic society has no future.

partly true, figuratively this question is answered story "Smile" Bradbury.Summary of the work, written in the style of symbolism, is the subject of this article.

story, describing all the work of the great American

He had something to say to people.No exception - and the story of "Smile" Bradbury.Summary of the work can not be expressed

in one - two sentences, as he wrote his classic highly artistic.This story makes readers think ...

author of a work, the depth of the thoughts that affects many policies very carefully studied and listened to all the creatures of the STR and gave a profound description of their appropriateness, that surprised even scientists ...

Some connoisseurs of his talentargue that Ray Bradbury - not a casual visitor in this world.His intuition was extraordinary.He had inherited the gift from someone.According to family legend, his ancestor, Mary Bradbury once burned at the stake.

Perhaps he was given a lot to reach the mind, and he carried with him the crown of thorns, the special mission of warning humanity.No exception is the story of "Smile" (Bradbury).Summary immerses the reader in postinformational, the postwar era.

Laconic - feature creative style Bradbury

true master of the pen, Bradbury's only one phrase, short fragments accented conveys to the reader that it is possible to state the paragraphs and pages.His whole story is put on only three pages of printed text (there is nothing to cut), and thus it carries a meaning that would fit the whole story.In the extremely awkward position puts the creative manner of those of his writings summary.

Ray Bradbury, "Smile" ... It is worth it to hear fans of his work, and they will present themselves completely destroyed urban and industrial infrastructure, people living by the laws of primitive society, subsistence economy.A bit strange looks in a town cowardly police.

hopelessness of human existence

People voluntarily chosen animal life is like in what year they live: in 2061 and 3000. Each of the new day as twins similar to the previous and subsequent.Heavy peasant labor they get their daily bread.About them voluntarily caught out of time, you feel in a vacuum, in desperation, tells readers to "Smile" (Bradbury).Summary of the story contains an important author thought: they hate the war-ravaged civilization, which brought them only disaster.

This capacious thesis hidden key to explaining just terrible life.Their clothes are made of burlap, their hands covered with pimples, they work hard, growing their own food in their gardens.

But this is only the entourage of the story, a statement of the post-apocalyptic reality.More surprising: civilization is fundamentally they are not reversed.On the contrary, we know from the story that the people themselves, on their own to find a plant that "tried to produce aircraft", defeated him.The same fate befell the printing house and found an ammunition dump.

Attacking osatanevshih citizens and surviving cars, smashing and breaking them.

Degradation people

This phenomenon generated by their injured shattered civilization consciousness, says Ray Bradbury ("Smile").

Summary accommodate short phrases characters, fragments that show the reader their emotional, cognitive and cultural impoverishment.Their intelligence purposefully and methodically destroyed by someone.Such people will not dig to the bottom, they just somewhere to hear someone dropped by an explanation.

They live as if by inertia, however, some recovery in their existence making market days, and "holidays".They are waiting.

Scarce market days

On bazaar days in the story almost writes nothing Bradbury ("Smile").Analysis of the story, however, gives reason to believe that the market trade in the impoverished city is also very pathetic.The reader comes to this conclusion based on the description of the street sale of coffee.This is a primitive substitute made from some berries.It is cooked on a fire in a rusty pan, boiling brew has disgusting appearance.However, the drink, according to the author's remarks, "very few people can afford."This gives us an opportunity to talk about what the people are poor enough to trade was complete.

Wild celebrations

considering the market days, go to the "holidays", the effect of which more specifically describes the Ray Bradbury ("Smile").Summary of the story tells us that the survivors after the war people this word does not mean the familiar, rejuvenating rest.

"Holidays" in the ruined city is organized to stir up all the bad things that are in them.People are "having fun", burning books, smash the remaining cars, smashing and breaking all around.The picture of the Sabbath is even more relief, more ugly by the fact that a dispassionate, everyday speech to describe it enjoys Ray Bradbury ("Smile").Summary of the story contains a description of the demoralized lumpen people have forgotten how to love the world around them, their city.Primal hatred, the object of which were the circumstances of their broken lives, spread to all around him.

spark of hope

Most of them just live for today.However, Grigsby passerby conversation with his friend suddenly felt a glimmer of hope.Without it, which I found later the subject of implementation, perhaps, would not the world a classic story of "Smile" Bradbury.Summary works presents the hitherto war-shattered buildings, mangled by bombs pavement acquires another meaning of the phrase, dropped by an unnamed interlocutor mentioned above Grigsby.

Under the protective mask of indifference (not allocated) and vulgarity felt the movement of the soul of this man.He did not lose hope.The man believes in the imminent appearance of a man of genius who can "patch up" all that is destroyed.But a new civilization, in his opinion, should not repeat the mistakes of the previous civilization.The support it must have a sense of beauty, to then develop a harmonious society.

And this man, the future creator of a new civilization, we really presents the "Smile", a story by Ray Bradbury.Summary of the product shows that this is a welcome beacon, in essence, a child.But first it is still unknown even to him.

Saved smile - the beginning of a new civilization

ragged boy Tom awoke in the morning, in time to take a turn for the holiday."Fun", given by the crowd, was to execution of the painting.The victim of barbarism was to become the great Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.To inflame the crowd, after rumor that a picture - a fake.

masterpiece was enclosed with a rope stretched on four brass poles.First of all passed, and spit in each canvas.However, when it was the turn of Tom, he stopped in front of the canvas as a vkopany."She's beautiful!" - And could only utter a boy.But he pushed away, and all went on as usual.Then the horse police announced that the film will be devoted to destruction.

About demoniac so overjoyed by the news of the crowd tells Ray Douglas Bradbury ("Smile").Summary of the story contains a scene of terrible violence on the canvas.Even the police fled, frightened unleashed a wave of hatred.Tom felt that the crowd pushed him right on the frame, and managed to grab a piece of canvas, while kicks and pushes are not tossed it away.

Instead of conclusion

already evening.Firmly holding in his hand a piece of painting, crying, the boy ran home.He lived in a suburban village in a ruined farmhouse near the silo.In the darkness, he slipped into the destroyed farm building where his family had settled to live, squeezed through a narrow door, and lay down next to his brother.He jokingly kicked him since the day before he had worked all day in the garden.Father and mother grunted and slept.When the moon rose and its light fell on the blanket, Tom opened his fist, which hitherto held pressed to his chest, and carefully considered piece of cloth.He could see the smile of Mona Lisa ...

boy smiled and hid it.Now his new life was shining kind, loving, eternal and unique smile.And the whole world seemed silent around him ... This peaceful scene ends with the story of Bradbury's "Smile".The analysis and conclusions of his readers really humanistic and deep.This is a real literature.