The story of "The Science of Hatred": summary (MA Sholokhov)

The theme of this article is written in the war story "The Science of Hatred" (summary).

Sholokhov critics favor of this work, first published in the newspaper "Pravda" of 05.22.1942 Very much inferior to his true skill level of classic, clearly manifested in the "Quiet Flows the Don".

Accordingly, we have to highlight its weaknesses.No it to disclose the identity of dialectics, no "second bottom."

difference in the style of writing the above two different genre works of one author strikes.It is so great, if they created two different people.

Because of that Nobel Prize for Literature to writer Mikhail Sholokhov in his later works did not manage to rise to the level of "Quiet Flows the Don", gossips accuse him of forgery, claiming that the real author of the famous novel is at allnot him.This brings to mind lines of Pushkin: "The artist-barbarian brush carotid painting genius of Blacks?»

Offer David Ortenberg, which Sholokhov could not refuse

Unfortunately such a pejorative conclusion does no

t refute the simple in its composition the story "The Science of Hatred" Sholokhov.Summary of the product is reduced to the uncivilized and persistent calls "Kill the Germans!".The whole composition is constructed so that the reader will certainly come to that conclusion himself.Why Classics agreed to create a similar product?Let's start with the fact that Mikhail unwillingly began writing the story, conceived in the genre of reportage.

astute reader feels that the author of "Quiet Flows the Don" wrote "Science of Hatred" is not as desired.The guess confirmed historical fact: the chief editor of the newspaper "Pravda" in the war years, David Ortenberg, offered Sholokhov journalistic work in the Great Patriotic War.Classic before desperate maneuver to save the image of Gregory Melehova went on about the propaganda.

Study plot

NKVD-shnogo interrogation protocol was born the idea of ​​the story, "The Science of Hatred" Sholokhov.Summary of it is the testimony of political instructor Ferdman Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich.A prototype of the hero of the story was taken prisoner of 09.21.1941, 09.26.1941 fled the city and returned to the location of the Red Army 21.11.1941 After a brief investigation, the political instructor continued service.Officers of the Special Department took into account the nationality of escape from captivity.Since the Nazis shot Jews, he had no motivation intention to surrender.

Indications Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich testified about the atrocities of the Germans.They did not take prisoner officers.When he saw the captive officer's stripes, they were immediately shot.He also managed to quietly disrupt their insignia from his jacket.

According Ferdman, convoyed prisoners kept in the open air and fed millet and sunflower.In a concentration camp there were about 20 000 accidents stomachs could not stand, they died.Dead on the orders of overseers were thrown over the fence.

propaganda cliches in the story and the beginning of the narrative

history of captivity and escape the officer formed the basis for the story, "The Science of Hatred" Sholokhov.Summary of the product differs from the original event.The composition of the story rather traditional.He on behalf of whom the narrator, came to the front-line units, where is Lieutenant Gromov mobilized to the front of a mechanic Siberian plants.As you can see, Sholokhov changed nationality of the protagonist in favor of propaganda clichés.The narrator pointed out that at the sight of the prisoners in the eyes of the officer lit a fire of hatred.

He met with the lieutenant, having learned that he was in captivity.Twice they meet to talk and Lieutenant Gromov tells his story.Note that he personally Sholokhov Ferdmanom Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich not communicated.

According to legend, Michael, Gromov was married, had two children.His family also lived the father of a disabled.With patriotic instruction accompanied him to the front home.He came to send a warrior in the way, and Secretary of the Communist.Typically, business and official, he escorted the fighters at the front, and was deeply moved.

Lieutenant Gromov comes to the front

from July 1941, Lieutenant Gerasimov involved in the fighting.The Red Army retreats, but the unit where is the protagonist manages to capture 15 Germans.On the humane treatment of prisoners by the mouth of the Red Army lieutenant tells us the story of Sholokhov's "The Science of Hatred".Summary of the work in the future based on the principle of antithesis "humanity - inhumanity."First we hear from the personnel of the phrase that the Germans and Soviet prisoners of war and civilians treated differently.

Study Sholokhov ideas of hatred for the enemy

further part where is the lieutenant went on the offensive.Frankly, it is not typical for 1941.The author's fiction is obvious.

Gromov talks about what he saw the corpse pyatiklassnitsy, contemporaries of his daughter, raped and murdered by the Nazis.Beside miserable lying geography textbook.Shook his sight and the place of execution of Soviet soldiers, which was a pile of chopped meat with them, next to which were savagely killed caps.Lieutenant understands that the fight against bad people, osatanevshih sadists.The writer, loved by the people, concentrated, trying to evoke in the reader a feeling of hatred towards the Germans.


further the plot of the story explains why he gave the name of Mikhail Sholokhov "The Science of Hatred".Gromov himself passes through the circles of hell German captivity.His wounded in the battle, and he falls into the hands of the invaders.Those Soviet POWs, first shot the Jews among them.Then they were motorcyclists with machine guns massacred stragglers from the column of prisoners.

Over Red Army prisoners abused primitive and constantly.They were suffering from thirst, drink water mixed with mud because of her last tanks.

When toward the column of prisoners of war was a Nazi tank column, the head tank "accidentally" crushed several people marching at the head of a marching order.The guards at the same time not only prevented the incident, but also laughed at what happened.

Finally this mortal stage ended and the convoy arrived at the concentration camp.Despite the approach of autumn, the prisoners were kept even in the barracks.They were not equipped Accommodations, people just slept on the ground, in the mud.They were fed poorly, the entire diet consisted of a handful of cereals and boiled water.The prisoners were constantly beaten with sticks, rifle butts.


wounds began to fester Gerasimov, and he went to the barracks for wounded.All medical care is limited by the fact that the bandage was removed, and the wound dusted with ash.About the inhuman conditions of detention of prisoners tells in his story Sholokhov ("The Science of Hatred").Summary him, according to the author, it is possible to express a single idea: the enemy must be destroyed.The logic is simple.It is consonant with the phrase the Orthodox saint, Alexander Nevsky.He is known to belong to the words: "Who is the sword will come to us, he will die by the sword!»

When exhausted, sleeping on the ground in October, the prisoners began to send for the construction of earthworks, Lieutenant Gerasimov made a desperate escape.He was killed with a shovel escort and armed with his gun and disappeared in the forest.Exhausted, almost gaunt lieutenant walked, with the understanding that to go to the villages is dangerous.The next day he was found and rescued by partisans.

image lieutenant

surprising modern human reaction Lieutenant Gerasimov its salvation.He has no other emotion but hatred.And his desire is only one - the "return to the ranks of the fighters for the homeland" and "to take revenge until the end."Agree, it is difficult even to compare this man with Gregory Melehova!

As a whole we can estimate a story that wrote regimental commissar and later Colonel Mikhail Sholokhov ("The Science of Hatred")?Summary set forth us, he discovers that his artistic qualities, unfortunately, several orders of magnitude inferior to "The Don Stories".

However, the writer has approved the publication of "himself" Stalin.At the same time leader of the people he wanted to create a new writer's novels "in the same vein."And the writer actually followed the recommendations.In 1943-1944 gg.He published chapters of the novel "They Fought for Their Motherland", which continues to try to make the main idea - the hatred of enemies.What came of it?Despite attempts to make the writer in him the elements of vitality by humor, favorite book for readers of the novel did not.


This story has an illustration of what happens if opportunistic even wrote a book a classic Sholokhov ("The Science of Hatred").Summary brifli library does exist in the Internet.However, its availability and accessibility for the reader not to be correlated with the artistic value of the story.

Most likely, we can conclude that literature can not do "custom" and "in time", as in this case, the product is unlikely to greatly interest the reader.

In short, here is a story written at the time Sholokhov ("The Science of Hatred").Summary and analysis of this work were presented to us in this article.