The story "The division of property": a summary.

Children's literature undoubtedly has its own characteristics.After all, its readers - the most sincere, the most dedicated.

not surprising that in Tsarist Russia Lydia Charskaya rated reading of the third, right after Pushkin and Gogol.However, in the Soviet period literature for young readers has not been forgotten.Many original and talented poets and writers filled the inner world of children touching characters.They are well known to most of us: Nikolai Nosov, Andrey Rybakov, Paul Bazhov, Roots Chukovsky, Agnes Barto, Sergei Mikhalkov.

They are popular.The memory of adults have for many years is not only skillfully built the story of stories, novels, poems, prochitanogo childhood.It is noteworthy that the works written for children, do not become obsolete today.

familiar: the novel "Dividing the Estate"

This article presents the readers of one of the beloved by generations of children the story, we will offer you the summary of it (Aleksin, "Dividing the Estate").It is a good example of fa

scinating books for girls.The writing style of the author - confidence, juicy, sincere, it is somewhat similar manner Lydia Chara.Author is definitely talented.Writer Aleksin does not leave the reader indifferent.His work captures attracts.

a pleasure - even describe its summary.Aleksin, "division of property" describes the story of a girl Faith, something like Forrest Gump.It is not easy to come to this world, and with a heavy stigma of birth trauma.Its prospects in life were initially problematic.The girl could very well just be a patient of a specialized orphanage.However, such a bleak prospect prevented the love and patience of a loved one, the grandmother.


We highly artistic, though clearly inferior in the style of the author, yet modestly tried to make notes of kindness and humanity so earnestly writer shown in the presented our summary.Aleksin "division of property" has created a multi-layered, rich.

In depth content and impressions received from his reading of the reader, the work is on a par with the novels.How pathetically Aleksin describes the subtle nuances of the soul of the child and adults!So I could write, perhaps, Turgenev.Fine-matter - the human soul.Not every writer can write about it.Aleksin succeeded.

In addition, the story gives the impression nebudnichnosti, hill ... We just have to emphasize the global humanistic point made by the author.It harmoniously decorate this summary.

Aleksin "division of property," he wrote, seemingly for the sole purpose.He was trying to convey to millions of readers the idea that childhood every child have to be decorated with love ones.

natural man - his main characteristic

girl Faith, let's face it, the parents are out of luck.Although superficially it seems - the family as a family.There are Mom and Dad.Both work.Child provide.Take care that the consequences of birth traumas regularly monitor the best doctors.However Aleksin all the force of his talent he shows his readers that all this - not that ... It skillfully brings us to the idea that the education of children enough to be their biological father or mother.It is important to have a soul, radiating around them in a family atmosphere of love, patience and care.And this quality for a variety of reasons, no mother of the Faith, nor the father ...

Tell me more about the girl's parents.Mom - Sophia V. - works inspection on protection of the environment.She - a typical career woman, and even consistency tighten office romance.It is a serious work, and the family - lightly.If only things were apparently decently.She broke out of selfishness husband's artistic talent.It held that the painter, need the support of a spouse (wife).Since Pope Faith his mentors celebrated their creative style, career was assured.Should only go through 2-3 years of deprivation, lack of money.Sophia Vasilyevna would have to inspire her husband to create another masterpiece, to comfort him when failures.But his wife wanted to earnings immediately.Because she is enjoying a strong character, she persuaded her husband not to be creative, and simply copy the paintings for sale.It did not touch her that way with the work was finished.And then, when turned up more profitable work guide, Pope Faith was on her.

grandmother was the "mother Asya"

about how life-giving child a ray of light was the grandmother in a family where the parents live together only by habit, earnestly wrote Aleksin ("division of property").Summary of the story can not be set out on the chronology of events.

After all, we see before us is almost recovered the girl, cute, smart, good, living by the laws of the soul, who knows how to be grateful and tried his best to save his family, which is destroying her father and mother.And to make it a small miracle, I raised the "living soul" in the poor soil impenetrable selfishness of parents by her grandmother.

girl appreciates it, so my dad's mom calls Anissya not grandmother, and "mother Asya."Touching talks about her grandmother girl Aleksin ("division of property").Summary of the story, in its essence, is a statement of spiritual feat mother the girl's father.

Life feat

difficult life may be hardened woman did her callous.Twenty Anissya husband was killed at the front.She raised a dad Faith.Grandma was able to see in it the most important thing, to which he had a tendency - to be an artist.About an organic, natural intelligence of a woman born into a peasant family, tells "The division of property."Summary contains a sad statement of how the pope of the Faith, formerly bright and well-built man, turned into mediocrity, becoming henpecked.The teachers saw in him the makings of a powerful talent, his own style, which he, a man devoid of willpower, then ruined, persuaded by his wife.

about how at one time my grandmother put himself on the altar of caring for their child's future, tells us "section of the property."Summary of the story includes mention of how not having equipped his personal life, she took the hard work overtime nurses providing the boy is not worse than the better-off families.However, talent, cultivate so hard, faded ... One of the many sad stories of the death of the genius of life holds a summary of the story "The division of property."

Anatoly Aleksin is sympathetic to the image of "mother Asi."And how else!After all, such people, the source of love and patience, the world holds.Carry the world of goodness and light, take care of the family and help them - this credo was the grandmother of the Faith, following the example of her older sister.About

sister grandmother

That sincerity is often a common feature of a kind, pathetically tells us "division of property" A. Alexina.Summary accommodates scraps of information about how the sister Manya raised "mother Asya", replacing the dead mother and father.Big heart had two elderly women.

older sister grandmother until her death (she lived in the village) is sent to the city of endless jars of conservation, vegetables.She often wrote letters to their loved ones.Dad and Mom Vera regularly took all this, but that's never been seriously ill grandmother to visit Manu.Small, seemingly detail, but what lies behind it callousness!

be or seem

not only emotionally but also spiritual emptiness reflects a summary of the story "division of property" (Aleksin).Their analysis produced by the author, very clear to readers.The subjects of this antithesis, on the one hand, is the belief, my grandmother and her sister, Manya, and on the other - mom, dad and fellow mom.The first live, coordinating their actions with their conscience.The second act, based on the principle "only seem decent people."As you can see, there is the problem of Hamlet format "to be or to appear?".

What consequences resulting one and another position in life?Extended response contains in itself a summary of the story "The division of property."Aleksin shows as in the first case, people do not just survive in a difficult situation, but also to develop and become better educated, higher, purer.

In another case, family ties are broken.People are lonely, vulnerable and die.It is not news that the man, whether good bad, turned into an outcast, weak in life's challenges.

about the tragic fate of stretching to relatives, but never Reaching a lonely grandmother sclerosis patient with pain Mani wrote Aleksin ("division of property").Summary of the main characters story with striking clarity show the typical tragedy of loneliness different people in the world today.

Caring grandmother saving faith caused by birth trauma, it would seem inevitable loneliness.

But the family of her parents collapsing because of their selfishness.

Problems Vera's family

mom humiliates his father for a long time and did not respect him.With it, in turn, openly flirts one of its unprincipled and mercenary personnel, whose name is Anton Aleksandrovich.Faith ironically calls his mother's companion in the struggle for the environment.This man is capable of meanness.He even tries to give gifts to faith, but a smart girl refuses them.

She regrets her father, who got used to the role and henpecked loser and helplessly floating in the river of life.

Court of division of property (hence the name of the story) carries the risk of family breakdown.But the girl Vera, who had to know the good and therefore healed, is wiser than their parents.It eliminates the process by refusing to stay with any of them, saying that he would leave with that part of the property, which would go to my grandmother.

Mom as a negative character

agree not often found in the literature as a negative character speaks the mother of the main character.Summary of the novel "Dividing the Estate" introduces us precisely such a situation.Moreover, the image created by Alexina, can not be considered atypical.Such deformation of the person are not uncommon in modern life.

How often we hear the stamp "business woman"!Mama Vera is just such a lady with a no-nonsense qualities: cold female beauty, simple, elegant business wear, complete logic and streamlined phrases, incredible capacity for work ...

Anthology one of typecasting like image shows the image of Vera's mother Anatoly Aleksin ("SectionProperty ").Summary of the story contains a warning to our business pretty ladies: do not play too thoughtlessly enduring the cold logic of communication at work on the relationship with its native people.

analyze the situation.At the request of Grandma Vera's mother quit her job to care for a sick girl.Although birth trauma examined and diagnosed the doctors treated only faith grandmother.She told the girl to move, constantly communicating with her, comforted in the failures and difficulties.

Ingratitude daughter-in-law to

In order to keep this free nanny near the daughter, mother Vera even upset the emerging marriage of his mother in law.She persuaded her not to marry a man who fell in love with anise seventeen carried that feeling throughout his life.

about ingratitude of its business and heartless daughter tells the story of "division of property" AG Alexina.Summary works contain visual evidence of how heartless degenerates into cruelty.

Mama Vera jealous mother in law due to the fact that her daughter was more tied.

soulless woman kicked out of his home benefactress!Healing the daughter-in-law was not needed pragmatic woman.Grandma went to the house of his dead sister.It is unlikely that her tortured soul wants something other than death.Capricious daughter-in his rhetoric hides a sneaky plan, flawless.

optimistic forecast

Son leaves the woman, it seems, has no voice in family decisions.Really all and end?

However, hope is still there, that the unworthy action will not take place.Faith will not obey anyone's decision that runs counter to its senses and conscience.It is not in vain Aleksin chose this name for her character.

She contrary exhortations mother reacts violently to the absence of his beloved grandmother, and said that immediately goes to her.


can not live in a family and do not spend their native warmth!Story Alexina leaves his readers indifferent.

It affects a lot of pressing issues: education and health of children, the status of each individual family member in the family relationships between generations, rational and emotional motivations.The story is also relevant in that it offers the only recipe for the harmonization of family and community: neighbors to give warmth, kindness in nurturing souls.