Feature Karataeva Plato's novel "War and Peace"

On the pages of the novel "War and Peace", even seemingly minor characters appear accidental.Feature Karataeva Plato takes in the work of Leo Tolstoy important.Let's try to remember what it was this character.

meeting Pierre Pierre Plato Karataev

Feature Plato Karataeva in the great work of Leo Tolstoy begins from the moment of his acquaintance with Pierre.This meeting comes at a difficult Bezukhova life span, he managed to avoid punishment, but saw the death of other people.The main character has lost faith in the possibility of improvement in the world and God.To overcome this critical moment of life comes from Pierre helps people "Platosha."

People philosopher

Plato Karataev whose characteristic is the topic of this article - is the person who was able to attach Pierre Pierre to top national and wisdom of ordinary people.He - a true philosopher.It is no coincidence Tolstoy gave Karataev name Plato.His speech is full of popular introductions, this ordinary, seemingly wise soldier breathes


meeting with Plato Karataev Pierre was for one of the most important in life.Even after many years already aging Bezuhov evaluate their actions and thoughts on the principles that he learned for himself dealing with this casual acquaintance.

"round" the beginning

Feature Plato Karataeva which develops in our view, is very unusual because of the author's figurative speech.Tolstoy mentions the "round" and argue movement of the philosopher.Plato Karataeva hands folded as if he was going to hug something.Sinks into the soul of his kind brown eyes and a nice smile.Throughout his appearance, in his movements there was something soothing and pleasant.Karataev Plato was a member of a large number of military campaigns, but was captured, refused everything "soldier" and returned to the warehouse of the native people.

Why exactly roundness movements Tolstoy gives his hero?Perhaps Tolstoy emphasizes that the peaceful nature of Plato Karataeva.Modern psychologists say that the circle usually prefer to draw soft, charming, flexible people who are mobile and relaxed at the same time.Circle - a symbol of harmony.It is not known if he knew about this great author of the novel, but intuitively he certainly felt it.Feature Plato Karataeva - absolute confirmation of the wisdom of Tolstoy's life.

It Platosha

It can tell a lot about this hero, as Plato Karataev."War and Peace" - characteristic of the psychological world of characters, as in the novel Tolstoy very much attention to the peculiarities of the language and behavior of those whom want to talk in more detail.

first words with which our hero turned to Bezukhov, filled with simplicity and affection.It Plato Karataeva melodious, it is riddled with proverb and introductions.His words do not simply reflect their own thoughts but also express folk wisdom."An hour to suffer and live a century" - as Plato said Karataev.

features of this character is impossible without mention of his story about the merchant, who was sentenced to hard labor for someone else's crime.

It Karataeva Plato, his remarks - a reflection of the ideas of the Christian faith, humility, justice.

about the meaning of life

Feature Karataeva Plato's novel "War and Peace" is given by the author in order to show a different type of person, not like Pierre Pierre and Andrei Bolkonsky.This simple soldiers, unlike the aforementioned protagonists do not think about the meaning of life, he just lives.Plato Karataev no fear of death, he believes that his life disposes of a higher power.This character looks at life not as something separate, but as a part of the whole.Karataevskoy essence of nature - this is the love he feels for anything in the world.

In conclusion, we should say that Tolstoy, creating an image of Plato Karataeva, I wanted to show how important a person is not in itself, but as a member of society, which carries out the general objectives.Only by participating in public life, it is possible to realize their dreams.Only in this way can achieve harmony.All this was made clear after meeting with Pierre Plato Karataev.In accordance with this idea, I want to add that this national hero, of course, interesting to us in itself.However, more importantly, what role he played in the life of Pierre Bezukhov.Through this meeting, the main character was able to find inner peace and harmony with the world and people.

image Karataeva Plato - is the beginning of the people's mind, infinite harmony, which is given only through faith in God, in his will in everything that happens in life.This character loves all around, even the French, which was captured.Through conversations with the "popular philosopher" Pierre Pierre comes to understand that the meaning of life is to live, recognizing the divine principle of what is happening in the world.

So we characterize Plato Karataeva.It comes from the people who has managed to bring to the life of the protagonist, Pierre Bezukhov, understanding the wisdom of ordinary people.