What snuff and what it is used

Many things that used to be familiar and known to all, is now obsolete.Some of the words designating them are forgotten, others stay in art and works of art, often causing confusion among the people.For example, after reading a fairy tale V. Odoevskogo all children are asked about what a snuffbox?Who is this little thing can be found only in a museum or private collections.But a half-century ago, snuff boxes were subject to ordinary people of different classes.They were simple and expensive and in great demand.

Why a snuffbox

In the 16th century in Europe there was a fashion snuff.Not everyone can tolerate the smoke of incense, and because it brought at this time from America in large numbers, he found another use.Fashion for sniffing tobacco introduced, most likely, Catherine de Medici.It is believed that she was sent to an exotic plant for the treatment of migraine.From France, the habit spread throughout Europe.And soon in Russia, it became known that such a snuffbox.After snuff had to be stored

somewhere.And there were small boxes with a lid, then considered a sign of nobility.They were made of expensive materials and decorated with carvings and precious stones.Already in the XVIII century the fashion for wearing snuff spread throughout Europe.People treated each other snuff, it was necessary according to the rules of etiquette.Snuff boxes began to do different.Soon they, except for the storage of tobacco, steel, and perform other functions.Everyone knew what a snuffbox.After all, at the time this thing has become famous and desired.

What were snuff

1. They differ in material from which they were made.For their manufacture used gold, silver, tortoise shell, porcelain, bark and other substances.

2. Everyone tried to be the most beautiful snuffbox.Therefore, special manufactory decorated them with carvings, precious stones, embossed ornaments and miniatures.The famous Russian snuffbox decorated with views of cities.

3. Were these boxes and various forms: in the form of shells, fruits, animals, baskets, envelopes or vials.Sometimes when you look at these little things can not answer the question, what is the snuffbox.Photos of these boxes describes them as exquisite works of art.

Why use snuff

Author tale of a boy traveling in the music box introduced modern readers with the functions exercised by these boxes.After snuff have proliferated, they were used for other purposes, not just for storing tobacco.They put the letters, small gifts.To do this, snuff boxes were made in the form of a mail package.And for fans of different types of tobacco appeared casket with several compartments.There were even some that have caps on both sides, for example, to treat familiar less expensive tobacco.At the beginning of the XIX century have become widespread musical snuff - casket in which music was played after opening the lid.Most snuff gave each other, it was a sign of courtesy and good manners.

story Odoevskogo "town in snuffbox"

This work has gained great popularity at the time and was highly appreciated by critics.Even now, a tale read with interest and is included in the school curriculum.Thanks to modern children know what a snuffbox.And while the work of young readers are familiar not only with the object itself, but with the mechanics, because snuffbox was music.Therefore, the author does not focuses on the basic functions of the subject.He is important to introduce children to the device of this mechanism.Therefore, the story of "The City in the snuffbox" is so popular for over a hundred years.