Mass literature: genres of books

Genres books professionally literary studies.They are dialectically evolved since the time of Aristotle.Most contemporary genres of books belong to the so-called popular literature.Its development is determined by market demand.In addition, all the artistic genres of literature refers to three genera: the epic, dramatic and lyrical.But sometimes the genre referred to several sorts of literature.For example, and lyrical, and epic.Therefore, some literary scholars distinguish the fourth type of literature: lyric-epic.

This concept is characterized by its own features: substantial and formal.Based on the form of the work, genres of books, you can imagine a kind of sequence.

works of short fiction

story - the leading genre works of short fiction narrative character, uniting several subgenres (sometimes isolated as independent).The name "story" is preferable to small stories with a strong author's style, and the conflict resolved in this work.Essay called art-documentary story describing the environment

of the human habitat with real people and events.Usually, stories are grouped under their publication in the cycle.

Essay - the product of a small narrative prose, indicating the author's opinion with respect to certain events or personalities.This work presents a reflection, reasoning and conclusions of the author.Some critics equate essay sketches, others isolated in a separate genre.

novels and stories

novel - a detailed prose (usually) a work that reveals the dialectics of the personality of the hero overcoming various challenges them, the formation of personality in the long period.Genres of books-novels are quite diverse both in the national aspect (Russian, English, French, German novel), and in the subject area (psychological, love, romance).There is a genre of epic novel when several are combined into a cycle of novels.

Tale, epic work, showing the features of the development of personality, given to an intermediate position between short stories and novels.A simple statement in the story is centered around the image of the hero.

Dramatic works

The play is a work of playwright and designed for her performances in a theater (classic or in TV or radio theater).Sub-genre of the play is a comedy, tragedy, drama.For drama typical household plot and style inherent in everyday life.Comedy different humorous or satirical styling, inside it there are sub-genres: farce, interlude, operetta, parody, sketch, farce.

tragedy - pathetic work that drew the sharpening of internal contradictions, leading to a tragic end;it is designed to evoke a sense of compassion.

Poetry (lyric) works

works with poetic form are grouped together in a collection of poems by the authors.

  • poem - epic, written in the form of poems.
  • Oda - solemn, pathetic poem.
  • fable - a poem with hrakterom instructive.
  • Ballad - romantic work in verse form.
  • Stanzas - poem, each line of which shall be independent meaning.
  • Elegy expresses sadness complaint.
  • Epigram - satirical poem.

Instead of conclusion

Speaking of subspecies of genres, we mean a classification of content.The above classification of genres may be interpreted as the base, but the dogmatic approach is not welcomed in literary criticism.The post-industrial era has left its mark on the literary process, including a mix of genres.

The article shows the most numerous in the popular genres of literature books.List of themselves works in the context of genre does not provide for obvious reasons.Presentation of the most famous, rating books may be subject to a whole series.

How novice reader to decide what genre he most like?We recommend him to read three or four books in the ratings every genre and thus decide on their own preferences.