Seton-Thompson, "Royal Analostanka."

The wonderful world of animal life - is one of the main themes to which he devoted his small works of Ernest Thompson Seton."Royal Analostanka" - a story about a cat, born and bred in the slums.He is fond of the story and the difficult fate of homeless animals for many years has attracted considerable interest among readers of different generations.

1 chapter.Rescue and loneliness

Skrimpensky lane resounded with cries merchant liver.Every day he gave a treat cats whose owners make timely payments for food.Aside waited for homeless animals, which sometimes manage to take away the prey from lucky.Among them was unremarkable gray cat.So begins the story "King Analostanka" Seton-Thompson.

Returning to the box for her former home, gray cat saw a huge black cat eats its young.Mother managed to save only one of them.

A few days later the cat, pick up in search of food on the boat, turned away from their homes.And her little descendant, born in the slums, was all alone.

2-3 chapter.Independent livi

Without waiting for his mother, gray kitten went in search of food.It was not an easy task, since the garbage cans were close sometimes managed to find just the potato peel.Once the kitten fed nourishing negro, who worked in the shop seller birds Japanese Mali.But more had to hide, especially from vicious dogs.Within two months of the hero of the story "King Analostanka" studied all the surroundings and learned to avoid danger.The real salvation for him was a new fishery - he learned to open the tightly closed or damaged lids on cans of milk - they are left on the porch of regular customers seller.

4-5 chapter.Happiness of motherhood

By August, the kitten has turned into a big cat with a beautiful light gray wool.Black, like tiger stripes and white spots gave her incredible elegance.

Once near the shelter of our heroine started a fight two big cat: the familiar black and yellow came out to meet him.Last she triumphed and won the heart of beauty.And in early October in a box cats were kittens.Mother felt incredible happiness.One day after a successful outing she well-fed and contented, was returning home.Suddenly it appeared in front of her small brown creature.The cat took his mouse in a box and carried their young.It was a rabbit, which became a member of the family.

Happiness ended at the moment when the Japanese discovered near the shop and ordered the Negro kittens to kill them.Returns to his box, his mother kept in the teeth of a dead rat.It saved her life - this cat is always needed.Then negro he crept up to the box that held the cat and rabbit, and carried them into the shop.So the heroine of the story "King Analostanka" for the first time was in captivity.During the four days spent in a cell of her hair and fluffed otmylas.The Japanese decided that the cat can be sold, and left it at home.

6 chapter.The victory at the exhibition

Mali was cunning and earned that hid stolen pedigreed cats and dogs.Now he is interested in the purchase of animals on fur.The Japanese began to experiment with slum cat.He handled the wool means of parasites, laundered and put on the street.The cold weather and good feeding did the trick.Very soon, the cat turned into an incredibly beautiful furry animal with unusual coloring of fur.Japanese and Negro came up to her name - Royal Analostanka - and a good pedigree.Delovistost Negro, presented the master butler, coupled with great looks and skillfully prepared certificate provided the cat part and win in the exhibition.

7-8 chapter.Living with people

Royal Analostanka was sold for a hundred dollars in a luxury home.Having grown up in the slums, she was never able to get used to a new lifestyle.She caressed and tasty food.A horrible behavior blamed on aristocratic origins, eccentricity, and the impracticality of education.With great difficulty, the cat managed to escape from the hated house.However, she returned briefly to the slums: Japanese and Negro have caught it and returned the award on Fifth Avenue.

the spring cat was taken to the country.It was a long and unpleasant journey that details the Seton Topson.Royal Analostanka immediately fell in love with the kitchen, which has always stood garbage, and the woman, cook, smelled native slums.Although the cat was fed ad libitum, she felt unhappy and wanted to return home.Soon a case turned up.Master's son tied to the tail of the beautiful bank, why was hit claws.Hearing the howl, the mother of the boys launched into a cat book, and she began to run.Hidden in the attic, the Royal Analostanka wait for the night, then went to a distant road.

9-10 chapter.Homecoming

Many dangers lie in wait in the way of it.This vicious dog, and pose a threat to the boys, and unprecedented two-eyed monster (one of them drove her to the cottage).And almost constant hunger.During the day it is usually hidden, and embarks on a journey by night.Not once had to go back, including a ferry.Finally she found a place in which was during his first escape.A little more - and it will be in your own yard and climb into his box.So it is possible to describe briefly the journey of the heroine.

Royal Analostanka was stunned.Instead of the usual buildings and smells she discovered the ruins and piles of garbage.How was she to know that here decided to build a bridge?

cat found shelter in one of the neighboring blocks.Passed September.Once in search of food the animal to get to the bucket, hoping to find there slop.Suddenly, the cat found on the handle of the familiar fingerprints.And then I heard the voice of the Negro.He threw a piece of meat to the animal, which was immediately seized the cat and carried to safety.

11-12 head.Everything is arranged

Summary "Royal Analostanki" completes the story of the beginning of the new life of a cat.Now she came to the door, where he lived a Negro and whenever was hungry, she received food.One day, after a hearty weeks, the cat found near fresh rat and decided to hide it.At this point, from the familiar door with a black man came homeowner.He admired the cat-piper, and he agreed in part to pay for her food.And the Negro did not skimp.Now Royal Analostanke battered by Seller liver biggest piece.Although the cat so not once caught a rat, a Negro collecting dead rodents and whenever ustarivaet all so that they catch the eye home owners.Besides, he does not just sell his beautiful (and the cat is still looked luxurious and outshone all the rest of his relatives) in the full confidence that very soon she will be back.After all, despite all the honors rendered and imposed an aristocratic title in her heart she always remained a resident hruschob.

This is a summary of the "Royal Analostanki" - one of the best works of Ernest Thompson Seton.