"Crime and Punishment": problems.

Dostoevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment", the problems which we are concerned, is one of the most important examples of Russian literature, as it had been affected by the global life's questions and problems.The reader is revealed the complex world of searching, inner feelings, aspirations heroes who are agonizing struggle against environmental injustice and with ourselves.Describe their spiritual fall and the subsequent rebirth of the novel "Crime and Punishment."Problems of this work causes a lot to think about.Amazing depth disclosure of conflicts and human characters affects the novel.In it Dostoyevsky described the lofty ideas and aspirations.All this and still care about a lot of readers.

main issues raised in the work

Telling the story of a lost soul, transformed later, the writer does not simply describe a complex path that was a hero, the way errors anguish and remorse.Fyodor Dostoevsky (his portrait is presented in the article) takes us through the controversial and difficult to find answ

ers to moral questions are close to all, but at the same time such complex.

Why are people worthy - intelligent, noble, honest, kind - should die in poverty, while being subjected to humiliation by the stupid, cruel, vile, worthless people who live in wealth and luxury?What trespass poor children?After all, they have to suffer and suffer from disease and starvation.What justifies the existence of such an order in the world and how can it be changed?What is the destiny of man?Why is there a division between "right to have" that may violate moral principles, and "loathsome creature", which is prohibited?All these issues are raised by the author of the novel "Crime and Punishment."The issue of his largely revealed by the example of the life path of Rodion Raskolnikov.

path of Rodion Raskolnikov

Rodion Raskolnikov, the hero of Dostoevsky, who does not want to lead a miserable existence among the so-called "loathsome creature" is not able to change anything in the world, is trying himself to attribute to the category of Napoleon, who can do anything, who despise actinglaws and may set their own.However, this route is not so simple.Revealing the story of Raskolnikov committed the crime, and punishment will follow him, Dostoevsky regard to certain general features of the spiritual and social life, moral and ethical issues facing humanity.

role of dreams in the product

Not only the tragedy of striking events of the novel, but also the ultimate truthfulness.With this excitement and compassion in the hearts of readers cause laceration of the hero, his contradictions and moral hesitation.Speaking of them, Dostoevsky resorted to the use of various literary devices, contributing to a deeper penetration into the inner world of the hero, lets you see the most important of that inherent in it.The motive dreams Rodion Raskolnikov plays a special role.Recall, for example, a bad dream that this hero had seen the day before the murder.Rodion had a kid who looks like a downtrodden horse brutally beaten.The owner of a dull anger scores in animal death.And in the soul of Raskolnikov, as in the soul of each of us there is a protest against this unjustified killing, cruelty outrage and sympathy for the pain of others.

Cruelty in real life

Thus, Raskolnikov actually has a sensitive, kind soul.But the behavior of the horse owner typically in the novel "Crime and Punishment."Problems of this episode is, of course, not only to animal abuse.After all, just as cruel, unjust and rough lives of many people who have to endure harassment from the masters of life.These cruel people humiliate, oppress them, may even kill, if they wish.And indeed kill - mentally, if not physically.After all, that is the existence of poor people like Sonya Marmeladova, Rodion family, if not a slow death?Raskolnikov awoke, terrified not primarily murder scene horses and conceived his plan.Nature Rodion rebels.However, in his mind he continues to live this idea.And the desire to make it a reality is reinforced by the heavy impression that a hero has a family history Marmeladov.

Raskolnikov watching the death of the family, which has reached an extreme degree of humiliation Soni, who is forced to sell the body to feed his brother and sisters.Then vague idea Rodion that the lender must be killed, transformed into a detailed theory of the favorites and meekly obey.

Raskolnikov decided to realize our plans

Raskolnikov himself refers to the "favorites" and eager to prove it to themselves and others.Probably, the internal struggle of the hero, and could have ended differently.Maybe he would not have dared yet to carry out his cruel plan.However, it was then that he learns about another injustice - the plight of his mother, as well as its readiness to become a sister of the victim - to marry an unloved husband.Rodion is frightening future Dunya, resembling in many ways the fate of Sony.He can not let that happen to his sister, and therefore decides to implement his plan.

detrimental effects of crime

Problems novel "Crime and Punishment" is even more profound after committing the crime Rodion.After killing the old woman, Raskolnikov is forced to take the life and Lizaveta, there is neither the innocent.Thus, one murder does not do - it entails more.This idea is one of the most important ideas of Dostoevsky.The author wanted to show that the inhumanity and cruelty in a single event, no matter how it was caused, creates a new inhumanity.It carries dire consequences not only for the crime committed, but also for its environment.The world is changing, the main pillars are crumbling.Writer opens with it still in front of the hero path leading to salvation, even though it is through suffering.

Awakening Conscience hero

all its principles, feelings, thoughts make overestimate Raskolnikov transferred them torment.As a result of this judgment is awakened conscience Rodion.Dostoevsky here shows how the spiritual sphere of man.

Shutting himself out of the spiritual life is a crime laws of existence - is problematic novel "Crime and Punishment."With Rodion Raskolnikov it is what is happening.Committed a crime, he becomes alienated from the world of society, alone in torture and suffering.It broke as a person is a crime.

basic idea works

Other characters in the novel "Crime and Punishment" allow the author to reveal the deeper problems of the work.Dostoevsky the basic idea of ​​putting it in the investigator Porfiry, Raskolnikov, who calls: "Be sun - and you will see."In other words, only in personalized, high, good, you can rise in the world.Sonia feels the same.Unfortunately, this girl had to own sad experience to see this.

summarize eternal questions and moral quest, the author gives the hero, and with it all of us to realize the need to live the life of the present and not think of as a person approved only through the kindness and love through service to others and to the ideals of humanity and justice.This is the meaning of the novel "Crime and Punishment."Never lose relevance ideals of spiritual harmony and true humanity.And today we close the author raised problems.In the novel "Crime and Punishment" is a very important idea, which can warn the reader of mistakes in life, and direct it to the right path.