Luca: characteristics ("The Lower Depths").

Gorky's play "The Lower Depths" in the early XX made a huge impression on the audience.Without embellishment was exposed world of men, having fallen to the last degree of misery to the very "bottom" of life in the world of gamblers, prostitutes, thieves, and murderers of all stripes.Maxim Gorky play "The Lower Depths" infiltrated a protest against the social foundations of capitalist society and call for calm, equitable and just life.

Getting the theme "Luka response" ("The Lower Depths"), it should be noted that people living in the cheapest flophouse-like dark and dirty basement became ugly victims of cruel and unjust order of society, when a man thrown outof normal life begins to live in the wolf laws and becomes a powerless and pathetic creature.

Luka characteristic

«At the bottom" - a play, which brought together a number of different characters.One of the residents of the rooming house - old Luke, who has become the most controversial and contradictory character of the play.It is associat

ed with the main philosophical question of this work: "Which is better - compassion and" false sublime and comforting "or truth?".Do I have so imbued with compassion, then to use lies as a saving tool?

«People" and "Man»

Delving into the theme of "Luka response" ("The Lower Depths"), it should be noted that this figure is the only person who really sympathizes with the inhabitants of the rooming house.He also notes that there are "people", and is "man.""People" is by nature very weak and helpless, they are constantly in need of support and strength of the other, and they can serve as a powerful incentive faith and hope."Man" - on the contrary, strong-willed people.It is those who do not need no pity, no compassion, no soothing lie.It is such a hero Satin, who believes that a person, first of all must be respected, and the only pity humiliates him, although he Satin is a great gambler, who lives deliberately lies and deceit.

play "The Lower Depths".Luca Luca

Mite dying wife Anna says that she should not be afraid of death, and that she will soon be well in heaven with God.The actor, he gives hope to the city, where alcoholics are treated free of charge, however, he forgot the name of the city, but promised to be sure to remember.

In the play "The Lower Depths" Luke all affectionate, kind and merciful.Privately, he specifically says nothing, only joking that he was "crushed a lot, because he is soft."He does not have good and bad people in all he finds something good and bright, and every comforts and guides.Nastya prostitute he says that if you believe that you have been true love, then she was.

Luka in the play "The Lower Depths" thief ash and Natasha advised to go to Siberia for a free life, where they will be much easier to start all over again.

Accident rooming house residents could do nothing more once believe him, that though sounded implausible, but gave faith as a ray of sunshine in the darkness.

white lie or bitter, but the truth?

Luka in the play "The Lower Depths" his philosophy somehow calls for Christian humility, patience and sensitivity to others.One of the characters, he says, "What do you want the truth?".After all, it can become for you like a blow on the head with an ax.

good that brings the hero awakens in man the rooming house even doomed, and a desire to live better.But when the old man disappears, it collapses and the whole life of many people this accursed place.

In conclusion, the theme "Luka response" ("The Lower Depths"), it should be noted that in this eternal question is no single answer, but Gorky himself believes that truth is better than compassion.The author expresses full confidence that will help save humanity only the truth and a correct understanding of the importance of human compassion.